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Ways to Differentiate Your Dealership From the Competition

Dealership Competition

Ways to Differentiate Your Dealership From the Competition

In the competitive dealership market, you must stand out. Otherwise, customers have no reason to choose you over the competition. Customers are actively searching third-party sites and getting the information that you should be providing to them. To become the best auto dealership in your area, you must be willing to try something new. It’s time to differentiate your dealership.

Hard work isn’t enough to multiply your sales. If that was all that you needed, you probably would have pulled ahead years ago. Instead, you need to have a major breakthrough. Consider the possibility of a better process that will bring the results you are hoping for.

Let’s examine some marketing possibilities for your auto dealership.

Today’s Digital Advertising & Your Dealership

Marketing continues to evolve and change. You can’t do today what you did yesterday and still succeed. Instead, you need to implement powerful and innovative ideas if you want to remain on top.

With the right digital marketing strategy, you outsell and maneuver around the competition every time.

To find the right advertising solutions, you must first ask yourself some questions.

  1. Why are people buying from another dealership instead of yours?
  2. What do the other dealerships provide that you don’t?

It might be difficult to face the answers to these questions, but it’s essential that you figure out what’s wrong so you can change it. Maybe the other dealerships are providing benefits that you don’t have. It’s also possible that the consumers don’t know about you because your branding isn’t cohesive.

Whatever the problem is, it’s vital you know that it can be repaired. Here are a few suggestions when you want to differentiate your dealership.

1. Focus on Online Reviews

Nearly 70 percent of car buyers are influenced by online reviews. That’s simply too many to ignore. To make sure your reputation is intact; you must monitor the reviews diligently. If you receive negative feedback, respond promptly and attempt to make it right.

In addition, take the time to encourage customers to leave a review.

2. Enhance the Mobile Shopping Experience

Your customers are out and about while looking for a car on their smartphone. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you might as well kiss that sale goodbye. Don’t think the customer is only doing research before visiting your lot, but also while on-site.

The car buyer uses the internet to perform initial research through making the final purchase. You have to have a site that gives them the information they want and it must load quickly. Invest some of your marketing budget into your website and watch how much it helps.

3. Connect with Email Marketing

When you construct email marketing strategies that engage your audience, you create a two-way conversation. You can’t send out generic emails and expect your customers to care. Instead, the content must be personalized. Then, you will see conversions like never before.

Consider talking about the style, model or color of the car that the buyer is interested in. Once the car sale is complete, make sure you send targeted emails that are relevant to that customer. Obviously, they don’t want more new car sale content. Instead, consider sending tips from the service department or a coupon for an oil change instead. Otherwise, those customers are simply going to unsubscribe and you will have lost communication entirely.

4. Social Media Marketing is Paramount

One in four car buyers used Twitter to find information on new cars. Facebook is even more popular, so no social media site can be ignored. You can connect with your car buyers on a personal level. Not only will you be in front of your audience, but you can share lots of engaging content.

Take time to post pictures of your car inventory, create conversations, monitor reviews and share your contact information. The more time you invest, the higher the rewards will be.

In addition to creating a social media presence, you can also target the audience with precise advertising. Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of starting a paid advertising campaign on social media. Facebook makes it easy and allows you to target a wide range of demographics. You can choose from geographic location, age, gender, income and more.

This allows you to target professionals looking for that luxury vehicle. Or, if you want to find moms looking for a minivan, you will know precisely who to look for.

5. Curate Online Video

If there is one area you absolutely cannot ignore, it is online video. Thankfully, you can post videos almost anywhere, including your own dealership website. Video might be the biggest way to differentiate your dealership from others.

You want to become the go-to source of information and video makes that happen. Over 60 percent of car shoppers using YouTube are influenced by what they see. The possibilities for your video marketing campaigns are endless.

Consider curating some of the following videos and posting them across all channels.

  • Test drives
  • Car features
  • Car options
  • Walkarounds
  • OEM Style Video Ads
  • Customer reviews
  • Tips from the service department
  • Meet the staff
  • Highlights of auto events
  • Behind the scenes

To consistently publish fresh content, sit with your staff and use a calendar to mark down ideas. You can write down corresponding vehicle release dates to curate new car content. Then, in the gaps, fill in the spaces with videos from the service or finance department. The goal is to have a continuous flow of content that keeps your customers engaged and interacting with the dealership.

Differentiate Your Dealership Today

With the right automotive marketing professionals by your side, you won’t need to worry about how to get new customers. At AimLogic, we strive to bring new clients to your dealership without much effort on your part. If you don’t have the time to handle your automotive digital marketing, or you simply don’t want to be bothered, we are ready to help you. Our team has worked with dealerships around the county to improve the bottom line. Now it’s your chance to pull ahead.

Contact us today for a consultation. Let us show you what makes us different.