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What is User Generated Content and Why Should Your Dealership Use It?

Automotive User Generated Content

What is User Generated Content and Why Should Your Dealership Use It?

User generated content (UGC) is a must for marketing in any industry, but even more valuable for car dealerships. With 85% of consumers stating that visual UGC is more valuable than brand videos or photos, this is one area of your dealership marketing efforts that can’t be ignored.

What is User Generated Content?

UGC taps into social proof. This is the idea that we trust what others are saying more than the brands. It’s what happens when a customer looks at reviews before making a decision to use a business or service. It’s also what’s behind the need for people to ask friends and family for recommendations.

User-generated content is information created by someone other than the brand, but it still talks about the company or organization. It’s vital to the existence of your dealership and cannot be ignored.

User-Generated Content with Automotive Marketing

The best dealership marketing campaigns came from user-generated content. Smart marketers understand that there are many levels of the car-buying process. During each stage of the customer’s journey, there must be UGC to pack the one-two punch you need to seal the deal.

We will discuss what UGC can do for your automotive dealership.

Benefit #1: Improve ROI

With every marketing strategy you implement, you are tracking the results and probably know what creates the best ROI right now, but you haven’t tried UGC yet. What we have found is that user-generated content continues to remain one of the most popular ways to get in front of the consumer. With some experimentation, you will see the ROI is improved over traditional marketing methods.

Plus, with the rise of automotive digital marketing, there’s no limit to the content you can find from customers.

Benefit #2: Showcase Your Brand Differently

With UGC, you can shift the entire focus of your brand and show it in a new light. With such a competitive industry, such as car sales, you have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. What a better way than by allowing other customers to speak for you.

Your audience will trust what’s coming from the customer and you won’t have to do anything but help deliver the message. Automotive marketing has never been so easy.

Benefit #3: Empower Consumers

It might just be a car to you, but it isn’t the same for the person buying it. This new vehicle gives them freedom and a new experience. You can talk about what the vehicle will do through your digital marketing strategy, but it won’t be the same as what actual drivers have to share.

Allowing a real person to share their story changes everything. As a marketer, you are permitting the consumer to find their voice and power. When they confidently share their story, it creates a domino effect that leads to more sales for you.

Brands Implementing User Generated Content for Automotive Marketing

Let’s take a look at how a few of the top brands have used the UGC concept to increase sales.

1. #FeelingTheStreet (Toyota)

Toyota wanted to reach out to younger drivers and create a lifelong enthusiast. To do this, the automaker collected UGC that showcased artists and street musicians in urban areas that were using Toyota vehicles to explore life.

Toyota reported a 440% increase among engagement with this valuable demographic. As the company utilizes the user-generated content to build engagement and earn more followers, it also prepared follow-up messages for when the audience was ready for something more.

Smart dealership marketing strategies are constantly changing and preparing for the next step.

2. Paris Motor Show (Toyota)

Sticking with Toyota, we can point to another marketing strategy that paid off in a big way. When Toyota was ready to promote the Lotus, it made sure to include the vehicle at the auto show so people could experience it.

During the initial debut with the vehicle, Toyota also displayed UGC of visitors and people who wanted to buy the car expressing satisfaction. The digital screens on display had embedded user generated content about the car. In fact, the customers’ reactions were used as a backdrop for the vehicles, which further increased engagement and created a lot of buzz.

3. Land Rover Stories (Land Rover)

Land Rover reached out to influencers that had a large audience to begin with. This strategy helped them to boost their reach even further. The advertising campaign that was shared revolved around stories about travel in the rugged vehicles provided by the company. Some of the stories included journeys through China, the Colorado mountains and Alaska.

With this UGC, Land Rover was able to increase engagement, boost the automaker’s reach and raise awareness for the capability of the vehicles. In the end, Land Rover acquired hundreds of thousands of new YouTube subscribers and saw four million fans on its Instagram page.

4. #VersaVid (Nissan)

Remember Vine? This video platform helped to carry out the #VersaVid marketing campaign. While the platform no longer exists, it’s still important to look at this innovative idea, which utilizes a six-second time limit and used it to the company’s advantage.

Vine users were invited to download and print the new Versa image and create animations from it. Then, the users took these two-dimensional vehicles and set out on unique adventures, from vacations to road trips and around the living room.

This marketing campaign became successful because of how fun it is. This strategy showed how important it is to remain fun and allows customers to be creative. In the end, there was so much user generated content to choose from, and Nissan was overflowing with new interest.

Modern Dealership Marketing Made Easy

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