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Top Dealership Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Dealership Strategies for Marketing.

Top Dealership Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

95% of car shoppers do online research before making a decision. If you want to increase sales, you must employ the latest dealership marketing strategies. However, it can be challenging to know what steps to take if you aren’t familiar with automotive digital marketing.

One of the biggest obstacles you face is getting more leads. Car dealership marketing done right ensures that those you gain more leads and they make their way through your doors. To do this, you have to utilize the latest automotive marketing strategies.

We’ve put together seven tactics that will help you succeed. From ranking higher in the search engines to building trust, we have innovative ways that will help you stand out from the competition. Start by implementing one idea and slowly work to include them all. In no time, you will see an increase in foot traffic, website traffic and ultimately, sales.

1. Use Customer Reviews to Build Trust

Reviews can be one of the most effective dealership marketing tactics you have in your arsenal. The top automotive marketing companies know how important it is to have Good reviews from customers. These stellar comments need to be everywhere – on your social networks, Google, Yelp and on the dealership website.

Customers looking to purchase a vehicle want to see what others think. They will search through the online reviews to see what others experienced. In addition, they will be looking to see how you respond to your customers. Make sure you follow up with every negative comment promptly and thank those giving you positive feedback.

Consider the benefits of implementing user-generated content as well. When you get your customers involved, you create an energy that everyone wants to be a part of.

2. Rank at the Top of Search Engines

You can’t neglect SEO for car dealers or people will not find you. However, most dealerships are not experts in search engine optimization. To accomplish this task, you might find that you need help from an automotive marketing agency.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you get to the top of the search engines without spending a fortune.

  • Use keywords wisely.
  • Write compelling and informative content.
  • Use ad extensions.
  • Allocate your budget to campaigns that work.
  • Don’t neglect smaller search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing.

3. Adjust Your Dealership Marketing Budget

You can’t expect to set a dealership marketing campaign and keep the same budget all year. After all, there are certain times that sales are higher than others. In these busy times, you will need to adjust your car dealer marketing strategy to adapt to your online budget.

By planning ahead, it becomes easier to determine what automotive marketing services you need. If you need to, sit with your team and mark a calendar of the upcoming year. Put specialized campaigns around every significant sales period, such as Memorial Day and Christmas.

4. Target the Appropriate Audience

If you own a luxury BMW or Porsche dealership, you are going to target a different customer than the owner of a Jeep lot. Your prospective customer has different questions, needs, wants and concerns before they are willing to purchase a vehicle.

Your car dealership marketing solutions must meet the audience you are aiming to target. Consider the main things this audience cares about and then strategize the right message and delivery system to get that information in their hands.

Your dealership marketing can also be split into multiple campaigns to target several groups of people.

5. Create Unique Offers

What is the reason that a customer should purchase a car from you over the dealership down the road? You need to make sure that your potential audience knows the answer to this question. Among your car dealership marketing strategies, you must also convince these prospects to pick you first.

If you don’t have any obvious reasons, such as the best reviews or lowest prices, it’s time to start brainstorming. Consider offering free oil changes on new car purchases or offer another unique incentive.

6. Dealership Marketing with Call Features

Call tracking, call extensions, call-only campaigns and mobile-bid adjustments are just a few Google Ad features that you don’t want to neglect. Even though automotive social media is a top priority these days, you can’t overlook the value of phone calls.

To increase your call volume, consider these tactics.

  • Call tracking: When you track where your calls come from, you can learn more about the ROI.
  • Call extensions: The option to visit your site is available, but you can implement extensions for phone calls. You can even schedule these extensions to only show during regular business hours.
  • Mobile-bid adjustments: Google gives you the ability to adjust mobile bids to bring in more calls.
  • Call-only campaigns: You bid and pay to get a call instead of a visit to your dealership site.

7. Remarket

You don’t want to lose any leads from your automotive dealer marketing. Shoppers are doing a lot of comparisons and research. You must stay in front of them the entire time if you want to make a sale. Strategically offer reminders throughout the journey to keep them in the funnel.

With remarketing for car dealers, you can close more deals. Consider displaying ads to people that were recently on your website. These reminders keep you in front of the prospects and remind them you are still available.

Implement New Dealership Marketing Strategies Today

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the new automotive marketing trends, leaving you behind the curve when compared to your competition. Without help from the top automotive digital marketing agencies, you could quickly fall behind.

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