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Top Automotive Marketing Services That Can Boost Your Car Sales

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Top Automotive Marketing Services That Can Boost Your Car Sales

The competition in your area is fierce, so how can you stand out to potential car buyers? The key is in the automotive marketing services you choose to employ. If you haven’t put forth a comprehensive automotive digital marketing strategy, you are going to miss out on valuable sales. It’s time for you to pull ahead of the other dealers in the area.

Follow our top tips for using automotive marketing strategies to boost your sales. We have some options you can implement today to immediately boost your ROI.

Partner With an Automotive Marketing Agency

Sometimes, it just becomes too much to do on your own. That’s when you hire one of the top automotive marketing companies to fill the gaps. Not only will a qualified team understand the unique challenges you face, but they also have specialized solutions for your industry. If you want to stand out, your dealership must focus on automotive SEO and marketing tactics.

Offer More Value

Who doesn’t love getting something for free? If you want to appeal to a new audience, consider creating a valuable offer. Providing something tangible is a great addition to any automotive marketing strategy.

Make sure the offer is something that people want and isn’t junk. Giving away free pens isn’t going to entice anyone to buy a car.

When someone comes in for a test drive, you might consider offering these perks:

  • Free car wash
  • Quick interior detailing
  • Free oil change
  • Tire inspection

Automotive Marketing Services Must Include Email Outreach

Email marketing is powerful and can’t be overlooked. The average car lot is sending out an email that says, “Buy me now – here’s why.” People aren’t enticed by these emails and it will not catch their attention. You need to think outside of the box to get results.

It’s time to engage with your audience. Spend time educating your customers and providing valuable information. You can highlight the vehicles you have and show off the features. Maybe consider doing a head-to-head comparison of your vehicle versus the competition.

You can offer content from every department to appeal to a variety of customers. For example, your service department could curate content about preventative maintenance and car repair. The finance department, on the other hand, can discuss interest rates and improving credit scores.

For a few weeks, skip sending out promotional emails and see the results you achieve. After you build credibility, you can mix in a few promotions, but don’t overdo it. The majority of your communication should be beneficial to the reader.

Launch a Community Event

When you do a standard sales event, you don’t appeal to your customers. These events are seen as predictable and boring. It’s time to do something different from the average “holiday sales event” or “tent sale.” Instead, consider getting more foot traffic by launching a community event.

Your sales team can meet new people and connect with the community through these events. The thought of a “no strings attached event” allows people to put down their guard and look around. While you might not make any immediate sales, you will build your reputation and customers will remember you when the time comes to buy.

Here are a few event ideas to consider.

  • Raise money for a local organization or charity. You might benefit veterans, animal adoption, local disease research or more.
  • Create a family day event. Rent a bounce house, have pony rides and give away special prizes.
  • Promote local food trucks. You could start a monthly food truck event where all of the local trucks are invited to sell their cuisine.
  • Have a local concert with some of the best bands in your region.
  • Promote a craft day. Simply invite local vendors and artists to sell their goods. These are especially successful during the holidays.

Automotive Marketing Services Do No Good Without a Solid Reputation

95% of car shoppers are using digital resources to do research. Part of this research includes looking at your customer reviews and reputation. If you haven’t treated your customers well or suffer from negative publicity, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put forth; you will continue to fail.

Yes, it’s vital to invest money in SEO for car dealers and car dealership marketing, but your reputation comes first. To counteract negative comments from disgruntled customers, consider implementing user-generated content.

In addition, you don’t want to ignore these bad reviews. Instead, be proactive and reach out to the customer publically. You can express your concern for their experience and offer to make it right for them. When others see your wiliness, you instantly boost your reputation by leaps and bounds.

Automotive Marketing Services an Agency Provides

There are many challenges you face running a car dealership. The best automotive digital marketing agencies can effectively tackle these obstacles. Hire a partner to help you:

  • Stay on top of the latest trends.
  • Implement the latest technological advances.
  • Reach car buyers where they are.
  • Provide an impressive ROI.
  • Provide reliable results despite consistently high employee turnover rates at the dealership.

The reality is, you can’t afford to do this on your own. Instead, it’s time to trust the skills and expertise of a qualified digital marketer.

AimLogic Provides Automotive Marketing Services That Produce Results

You don’t have to navigate the marketing world on your own. At AimLogic, we concentrate our expertise solely on supporting car dealerships. We provide innovative solutions that boost your website traffic and car sales. From our unique In-Market Buyers to Conquest Retargeting Ads, we know what works. There are no trial and error efforts happening with our team.

In addition, when you hire us to partner with you, there’s no more burden placed on your sales team. They can go back to focusing on closing the sales that increase your profit. Talk to us today about the solutions that meet your needs. We have an array of products and services that will take your bottom line to new levels. Are you prepared to blow the competition out of the water? Don’t wait another day.