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What the Top Automotive Marketing Companies Do For Your Dealership

Automotive Marketing Companies

What the Top Automotive Marketing Companies Do For Your Dealership

2020 is shaping up to bring many challenges to auto dealerships, but help is available. With the guidance of the top automotive marketing companies, you can achieve success no matter what the struggle is. We will talk about five marketing challenges facing dealerships right now and show you how digital marketing agencies are providing support.

Obstacle #1: Acquiring New Auto Vehicle Customers

To make money, you must sell cars. Without car sales, your dealership sinks. However, you can’t keep selling to the same people; you need new customers. Finding these clients can be challenging for dealerships without any marketing experience.

There’s a lot of competition you go up against every day, which is why you need the edge to attract new clients. Getting in front of new customers is the first struggle, but then you must also get their attention.

The solution is to attract car buyers with unique offerings and a different scheme than everyone else is using. You don’t want to look the same as every other dealership; you must stand out.

The best automotive marketing companies have innovative technologies that set you apart. While everyone is focusing on social media advertising and email campaigns, you can add something special to your message.

Obstacle #2: Bringing Relevant Traffic to Your dealership Site

Many marketers can bring you an increase in website traffic, but is it the audience you want? Spreading brand awareness has its place, but it’s not all to be considered. Instead, you must ensure that the traffic coming to your site is in the market to buy a car. Otherwise, the traffic does you no good.

Experienced automotive marketers understand how to drive relevant traffic, not just increase the statistics. Appealing to the right audience starts with deciding what the buyer profile looks like. Are you appealing to young professionals or do you hope to attract busy moms? Once you know what the ideal customer looks like, you must evaluate your current content. Does it appeal to this demographic or are you missing the boat?

With a professional by your side, you can curate a cohesive message that appeals to your target. You will also be able to track the results with advanced analytics that show your ROI.

Obstacle #3: Optimizing the Automotive Marketing Budget

With so many social media channels and opportunities to market, it’s difficult to decide where your advertising budget should go. In your position at the dealership, you might not have the time to evaluate your options and figure out what suits your needs the best.

You can’t be expected to measure each effort, analyze every goal and find the right solution to every problem. That’s where the best automotive marketing companies jump in. An expert automotive marketer knows how to match your expected ROI with your marketing budget.

An effective marketer knows how to gauge the value of the leads generated from each marketing effort. Whether you are looking for lead generation or you want to test out new avenues, your digital marketing team can give you the best strategies that will work within your budget constraints.

Obstacle #4: Staying On Top of Changing Automotive Trends

Not only does the digital advertising realm continue to change, but the automotive industry faces new challenges every day. While you are attempting to sell cars, you can’t possibly keep up with every change that’s occurring, nor have you read all of the marketing insights like a professional did.

An automotive marketing company is going to help you engage with your target audience on the best platform for your dealership. This team will research the ideal tactics and also knows how to make those connections.

In addition, you can’t just trust any digital marketing firm with your dealership needs. You need a group that understands the challenges and changes occurring within the automotive world. You want a dedicated automotive marketing firm to handle your toughest advertising problems.

Obstacles #5: Putting All Your Automotive Marketing Eggs in One Basket

There might be someone on your team that understands the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, so you run wild with that platform. While it’s great to have an experienced team member on-site, you can’t focus on just one avenue to increase car sales. You must implement a multi-channel approach to achieve success.

Car buyers are now spending 60% of their time online looking for a vehicle, and that number is going to continue skyrocketing. The trouble is that those people are not all looking in the same place. If you only focus on one digital avenue, you are missing a huge chunk of other car buyers that need your dealership.

A professional automotive marketer knows where you need to be to connect with your target audience. There should be a healthy balance occurring between social media and email marketing, among other platforms. The truth is, there’s no limit to the ways you can market your car lot, with the right help.

While it seems easier to let a team member manage your Twitter or Facebook account, it might not be the best way to spend your advertising budget. Instead, you want to have a professional take a look at what tactics you are using to ensure your steps are producing the ROI you demand.

Finding Automotive Marketing Companies That Produce Results

Everyone and their brother wants to be a marketing agency today. With the rise of social media and online platforms, you have to be on guard against companies that claim to know how to bring results. Instead, you need to find an automotive marketing company that understands the unique obstacles your dealership faces.

Ask these questions before hiring any automotive marketer:

  • How long have you been working for car dealerships?
  • Do you offer the same services to everyone or do you tailor the solutions to my concerns?
  • Do you outsource your work or do it in-house?
  • Can I see some of the results you’ve achieved for other dealerships?
  • How are results tracked?

At AimLogic, our team only works with car dealerships. All of our solutions are custom-tailored to your unique needs. We have helped dealerships, large and small, achieve the success they desired. Now, we are ready to help you. Contact us today to find out what makes us different.