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Top 6 Google My Business Optimization Tactics for Auto Dealers

Google My Business Automotive

Top 6 Google My Business Optimization Tactics for Auto Dealers

Hyperlocal searches are vital for doing business in your city. About 50 percent of people conducting a local search will visit the location that same day. In addition, more than three-quarters of people searching for something local from their phone will also visit the business that day. That’s why you need to know how to optimize Google My Business so you can gain more foot traffic. If you don’t, your competition will.

We will explain what Google My Business is, how to set it up and optimize it to sell more cars.

What Is Google My Business?

If you don’t know how to use Google My Business for automotive, you are missing out on this free platform. Even if you don’t currently have a strong web presence, you can maximize Google My Business for car dealerships.

Your GMB account will provide customers with quick access to your business name, hours and location. It also includes some monitoring tools and allows you the chance to communicate with your customers. We will review a few Google My Business basics as well as share some optimization tips to help you gain more leverage.

Before You Get Started

Before you read our GMB tips, make sure that everything in your account is accurate. Google has strict guidelines about offering false information. Not only will misleading information hurt your reputation, but it can also damage your ranking with the search engine.

Tip #1: Claim Your Full Business Name

It doesn’t matter how short or long it is; you want to post your full business name with the GMB page. This helps to establish your business’s legitimacy and also provides more brand awareness. Furthermore, it will improve the GMB page’s efficacy.

If you own Big John’s Auto Sales, your customers might know you as Big John, but that’s not how you should list your business. If you do, new customers might be turned off, or not know what you are selling in the first place.

Tip #2: Provides Lots of Information

If you can provide a lot of data about your business, you will pull ahead. The more you provide, the better. Google My Business is heavily focused on providing the best user experience. As an auto marketing solution, you need to fill in every section you can. Just make sure it is all accurate.

Tip #3: Optimize that Information

Once everything is inputted, it’s time to optimize the content. You want everything provided to be high-quality and engaging. You should also fact-check everything listed. Make sure the phone number and operating hours are correct, or you will have some irritated customers to deal with.

Tip #4: Utilize the Photos

Just like with your social media marketing solutions, you want to use high-quality photos with your GMB account. Make sure you include pictures of the dealership, service department and vehicles. You can even implement a Virtual Tour that showcases the inside of your showroom.

The more your customers can see before visiting, the more likely they are to stop by. Make it easy for them to know what to expect by highlighting every department, and possibly even your staff. If you need any assistance figuring out how to upload the photos, Google My Business support is quite helpful.

Tip #5: Use Your Keywords

If you want to boost the rankings, you must use your relevant keywords and search phrases. Not only will this GMB copy help to drive additional traffic, but it also creates a cohesive message across all of the platforms. Just don’t overdo it or you will suffer from a poor ranking and likely annoy your audience.

Tip #6: Watch Your Reputation

As with any platform, your reviews can make or break you. GMB uses reviews to gauge reliability and customer experience. If you want to show up in more search results, you will want to guard the reviews carefully.

If yours are carefully curated, you will help customers decide where to shop. Otherwise, you are simply throwing away foot traffic.

With a negative review, you want to respond promptly and look for solutions to fix the problem. Your attention can make all of the difference. Even with a positive review, it’s vital to respond and thank the customer for their time.

To take this to another level, consider implementing a review program that encourages customers to leave a comment for you.

You can’t auto-pilot your GMB page. While it’s easy to set up, you don’t want to forget about it. Check in with the page frequently, or hire someone to deal with your reputation directly. Make sure that your customers see that you are regularly active and attentive. A few minutes each day can make a big difference about the level of trustworthiness that the potential customer sees.

Get Started With Google My Business

It’s simple to start your page. It’s time to create your listing. Just follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Google account. Only use the one you want to be associated with your dealership.
  2. Click “MANAGE NOW” from the GMB page.
  3. Carefully type in the name of your dealership — reference tip #1 from above.
  4. Type your address and choose your service area.
  5. Choose the most appropriate business category.
  6. Enter all of your contact information.
  7. Verify the dealership through the various methods Google offers.

You are ready to optimize GMB for your car dealership. All that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy the increase in foot traffic.

Utilize a Marketing Professional

With so many changes occurring in automotive digital marketing, it only makes sense to have an expert on your side. Now is the time to hire an automotive marketing consultant to gain an edge over your competition. At AimLogic, we implement innovative technologies that help you to stand out. Consider utilizing our OEM Style Video Ads or Cinemagraphic Ads to increase car sales.

Our team of experts is prepared to find the digital advertising solution that meets your goals. Contact us today for your evaluation and we will show you the difference it makes to have a dedicated team on your side. We will implement the best strategy designed to increase leads, sales and ROI.