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Target Consumers Looking to Buy a Vehicle Today

Automotive Digital Marketing

Target Consumers Looking to Buy a Vehicle Today

Today’s automotive consumer stays in the market longer than they ever did before. Some can take longer than two months to decide what vehicle they want to purchase. This longer shopping time means you have more opportunity to find the consumer. Then, you can convert their interest into a sale. The key is to target consumers before they are ready to buy.

We’ve put together five things you can do to turn those shoppers into buyers.

1. Digital Channel Investment

With more shoppers turning to digital channels to do research, you must invest some of your advertising budgets to these avenues. Don’t neglect your:

  • Dealership site
  • Blogs/forums
  • Social media accounts

With the help of a reputable automotive digital marketing agency, you receive the results you want from this investment.

2. Optimize Your Website

Your primary marketing platform is your dealership website. Consumers desire an interactive, user-friendly design. If it takes too long to load, consumers might abandon shopping with you at all. Make sure visitors can schedule test drives, save coupons and chat online. You also want your contact information, directions and location clearly listed.

3. Produce Videos

Nothing catchers a shoppers attention quite like video does. It’s the ideal way to engage with your clients. Videos do more than help your audience engage with you. According to Google, 56% of shoppers will buy a car from a 360-degree video without taking a test drive.

With the right videos, you can boost engagement and dealership inventory. We offer Cinema Graphic Social Advertisements which takes still photos and turns it into micro-video. This allows the vehicle to come to life right before your clients’ eyes.

We also produce OEM Style Videos. These look similar to TV ads, but they are customized with your dealership information. Because of the style, they look like they came straight from the automaker themselves. These have a lot of success on social media platforms and dealer websites.

4. Append Your Data

Make sure you collect necessary information from the new prospects engaging through your website. Then, you must follow up and continue to nurture that sale. With the appropriate lead records, you gain access to the gender, estimated income, lifestyle and occupation of your contacts. Don’t throw this valuable data away; it helps you convert the shopper into a customer.

5. Go Beyond the Data You Collect

It’s possible to take your marketing efforts a step further with AimLogic’s In-The-Market program. Our data identifies individuals actively looking to purchase a new vehicle within the next 30-120 days.

We utilize a specific radius around your dealership and the latest data science to find the perfect customers for you.  Our program doesn’t use your CRM or DMS system; it actively searches the market to find potential leads.

After all, if you don’t have the right target, your message won’t mean anything. Then, you have the chance to engage with them while they are in the buying cycle.

Our multi-channel approach provides consistent messaging, so customers remain engaged with your dealership. We use a variety of avenues, including email marketing and a digital strategy.

Target Consumers Like Never Before

With today’s automotive shoppers spending more time searching for the perfect vehicle, you have lots of opportunities to interact with them. They need guidance and help to make the right decision, and you have the knowledge they require.

If the client is looking at multiple manufacturers, they need a reason to choose the one at your dealership. With the right automotive digital services and a professional dealership marketing agency by your side, you can’t help but succeed.

Convert your target customers today and watch your return on investment skyrocket.