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Social Media Marketing Guide for Auto Dealers to Boost Sales in 2020

Social Media Marketing Guide 2020

Social Media Marketing Guide for Auto Dealers to Boost Sales in 2020

A recent Social Media Trends study found that car shoppers rank social media as more important than the dealership website when making a decision. It’s clear to see that social media marketing must be a priority if you want to have the consumers choose your dealership over the competition.

Your car dealership marketing strategies might simply include starting a Facebook page, but it’s time to do even more. You need to learn how to market a car dealership on Facebook and create a comprehensive automotive marketing strategy to reach more buyers.

We’ve put together some of our best automotive social media tips to help you improve your campaigns. We will look at each platform and offer some of our best social marketing tricks. Our social media marketing guide for 2020 will help you convert more shoppers into buyers.

Reach Customers on Facebook

69% of American adults use Facebook. If you want to find new customers, this is one platform you can’t neglect. Take time to create the best automotive social media campaigns to gain some attention. When you place ads with Facebook, there’s a lot of customization you receive access to.

Choose users from a specific geographic area, by vehicle type, consumer interests, gender and more. Investing in these ads provides an exceptional ROI.

Use Instagram to Reach Millennials

Millennials prefer Instagram over other social media networks. 60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29. 42% of these visitors use the site daily. If you want to reach these car buyers, you need to be where they are.

Instagram offers an excellent platform for sharing and talking about cars. Help your millennial customers imagine themselves in the vehicles you have. You could show one at the beach, camping or at a sporting event.

Driving Sales with Twitter

Twitter provides more than basic social media marketing opportunities. You can use this platform to target specific keywords, send direct messages and send ads to consumers with purchase intent. It’s also a fabulous way to remarket to shoppers that show interest.

While Twitter might not be the most popular platform, you don’t want to overlook the potential.

Video Marketing Skyrockets with YouTube

Automotive video ad marketing is simple with the help of YouTube. Nearly 75% of car shoppers say watching a video influences their purchase decision. You need to provide the information they are looking for in the form of a high-quality video.

Take it beyond the model itself, but also look at safety features, available options and connected devices. You can use video for a virtual test drive or walk around as well. With YouTube, you gain organic visibility, but you should also embed the content on your website so your customers can find it easily.

Social Strategies Should Include Pinterest

While it might seem that Pinterest is simply made for DIYers and hobbyists, you have a market on this social site as well. Because it contains such a large female audience, you can specifically target these consumers. It’s also a great platform for building an SEO presence because you share your landing page, pin blog posts and highlight pictures of your vehicle inventory. The more social signals you create, the more traffic your automotive website receives.

Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Auto Dealers

Now that we have touched on the various platforms and how each works in your social media marketing strategy, it’s time to share a few tips with you.

Tip #1: Tell a Story

Social media isn’t meant just for promotional purposes. To gain traction and earn trust, you want to tell a story. It’s your job to create a human connection with potential car shoppers.

When you tell your story, you interact on new levels with the audience. Look at your social media pages as a way to have a conversation. Humanize the brand and share valuable experiences. You can start by posting content about your staff members. You also want to highlight the support you give to local charities.

Tip #2: Talking to the Customer

It’s great to post mind-blowing content, tell stories and share pictures, but there’s more to social marketing. You want to interact with your followers. Make sure you respond to the comments and thank those sharing your content.

If there are questions, you want to answer them quickly. In addition, you should never ignore a complaint but handle it professionally instead. Your customers expect a quick response and it will help you build even more loyalty.

Tip #3: Don’t Neglect Promotions

Even though we believe that social media platforms aren’t solely for advertising, you don’t want to ignore promotions and discounts. Create a fun contest that engages consumers and promotes hype. You can also give platform-exclusive discounts that encourage more followers to participate. Make sure you are rewarding followers from every platform.

Tip #4: Pay Attention to Reviews

Ask your customers to share their reviews on social platforms. DealRater claims that shoppers are 90% more likely to go to your website and 5.3 times more likely to visit your dealership after reading positive reviews.

Social media makes it easier than ever to see how a dealership performs. Again, make sure you aren’t ignoring the negative reviews, but are making every effort to change the perception. Your prompt attention to the matters will show that you care about the customer experience.

Tip #5: Remain Committed

There might be times when you feel like your social media marketing strategy isn’t working. If you have metrics in place to measure success, you can alleviate your fears by seeing the results. Continue to strive toward more leads, brand visibility and sales through your efforts.

As you build the social media follower base, you will find new ways to interact and engage. Don’t lose steam and avoid posting. This will only backfire later.

When you implement the best social media advertising campaigns, you will end up with more website traffic and shoppers at the dealership. Then, it’s up to your sales team to land the deal. Overall, it doesn’t take much effort to boost revenue and sell more vehicles.

Hire a Professional for Social Media Marketing

Digital advertising is changing the way people shop for cars. If you don’t have the experience needed to handle these changes, you will quickly fall behind the competition. You must have a team on your side that understands the ins and outs of the industry.

Contact AimLogic today to hear about our innovative solutions for your car dealership. We work with small and large dealers to ensure their goals are always met. Once you see the success we can bring, you will wish you hired us sooner. Let’s create a plan to sell more cars together.