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Smart Branding Tips That Will Set Your Dealership Apart

Automotive Dealership Branding Tips

Smart Branding Tips That Will Set Your Dealership Apart

If you are one of the 16,753 franchised dealers in the United States, you have to ask yourself, “What sets you apart from the other dealerships?”  The way you brand the dealership should be the very thing that sets you apart. Automotive dealership branding is the key element to standing out from the other dealers. To help you put your best foot forward, we will look at smart branding tips that will allow you to shine.

Why is Branding Important for Automotive Marketing?

Do you want more customers? Of course, you do! To attract this foot traffic and new prospects, you need to focus on branding.

You see, automotive branding is what helps people remember you when they are ready for a new vehicle. Likely, there are at least ten other dealerships in your area, but smart branding tips make it possible for you to be the one that’s remembered at the time of purchase.

You must consciously give thought to how you want your dealership to be seen through the eyes of someone else. From the moment the potential customer arrives at your showroom or to the service department, what is the feeling you want them to remember?

You must think about branding even when someone calls your dealership. It’s that important.

When you are creating (or recreating) your brand, these are some factors to consider.

  • What sets your dealership apart from others?
  • Do you want your brand associated with anything else?
  • What is the experience you hope prospective car-buyers have when visiting the showroom?

These are all important factors when considering how to brand your dealership. With the answer to these questions in mind, you can start working through our smart dealership branding tips.

Tip #1: Build a New Online Persona with Smart Branding

It is helpful to redesign your print materials and logo from time to time. This action helps to keep things fresh and allows you to change with the times. However, in those redesigns, there is one part of your online persona that you often fail to think about. Your website.

It’s wise to re-evaluate your website design at the same time. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Does my dealership website reflect who we are?
  • Can you see the quality of work that we perform?
  • When customers look at the dealership website, do they see a high level of professionalism?
  • Does our website make our customers feel valued?

Maybe your website already hits these critical marks. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to periodically take inventory, so to speak, about what your website says. If it’s time for an update, don’t put the task on the back burner. You could be missing out on vital automotive sales.

Tip #2: Use Photographs/Video with All Auto Dealership Marketing

This tip cannot be stressed enough. If you want to draw in more customers and stand out, you must use more photos and videos. Look over your website and social media pages to start. Is there plenty of media scattered throughout the pages? If not, it’s time to do something about it.

Start taking pictures and videos of everything. If you don’t have a team member on the staff that can take professional photos, then hire someone. You need pictures of the cars, your staff and the facility.

Whatever you do, avoid using stock photos. This is what other dealerships do and it doesn’t work. Everyone knows what the car looks like from the manufacturer. Now it’s time to reveal its beauty on your showroom floor.

Along with using OEM Style Video Ads and Cinemagraphic Ads, you want to ensure that your audience has access to every detail they are looking for. Post pictures of the current specials on your website and social media pages. You can do walk-around videos and show the features. It’s also a good idea to post a video of you taking the car for a test drive.

Don’t neglect the value of talking about your shop. You can snap pictures of the work that’s happening this week in the shop. Or, consider doing a behind the scenes video with your mechanics. When you upload this information to your social networking pages and your website, you help the car-buyer learn more about you.

In the end, you build trust and establish your brand.

Tip #3: Consistently Market Your Auto Dealership

After you put the time into implementing smart branding tips for your dealership, you want to market the business consistently. Remember to keep the brand uniform across all of your pages. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, Instagram or other sites, your brand should look the same.

Look at each site to ensure that your logo, design colors, photos and mission statement all look the same. If anything is off, fix it right away. By remaining consistent, you help your customers remember you when the time comes to buy a vehicle.

Plus, as your automotive marketing remains that same across several channels, you exhibit professionalism. Your followers will know that they can count on you when the time comes to purchase their next vehicle.

That’s when all of your hard work pays off and you begin to reap the benefits.

Help With Smart Branding Tips & Automotive Marketing

These are all tips and tactics that you can implement yourself. All you need is a little time and a lot of dedication.

However, if you want to take things to the next level or kick it up a notch, you want the help of a professional. AimLogic provides the perfect automotive marketing solutions for your dealership.

We know how to get results and drive more sales through our innovative strategies. Plus, we only work in the automotive industry. Our team can put together a comprehensive package that will fit your most significant needs, and we can work within your budget.

Currently, we work with some of the top auto repair shops, car dealerships and body shops in the country. If you want to be successful, as these companies are, it’s time to trust the team that knows how to produce results. Call today for your consultation.