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Questions to Ask When Interviewing Automotive Digital Marketing Agencies

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Questions to Ask When Interviewing Automotive Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital markets continue to evolve and change. As the trends shift, so do the consumer habits, which is why you need one of the top automotive digital marketing agencies on your team. With so many to choose from, how do you know that you are picking the best candidate? We’ve put together a few of the top questions that will help you find the automotive marketing agency that suits your needs.

#1: Can You Meet My Needs & Expectations?

You don’t ever want shop automotive marketing companies on a whim. You must give the interview process time to reveal if the pairing is a good fit. Get clear about your expectations and hopes to see if the organization has what you need to meet your goals.

These criteria should also include what your automotive digital marketing requirements are. Do you need a company to manage your social media accounts or simply craft some email campaigns? Get clear upfront to ensure you get precisely what you need.

#2: Can You Help in the Long Term?

Instead of looking at this partnership as a service, consider this group part of your team. You want to have complete openness and transparency, which is why you must ask if the company is available over the long-term. Upfront communication can resolve a lot of conflict down the road.

#3: What Type of Automotive Digital Marketing Agency are You?

You will find a variety of agencies when you are looking for car dealership marketing. Each one is geared toward a specific client. To ensure your automotive marketing strategies are met, you need to know what type of agency you are working with. Here are a few examples of different classifications.

  • Specialized or General: Some marketers are focused on one service in particular. For example, you might need website design. You won’t hire the same company for this as you would if you need SEO for car dealers.
  • Niche or Creative: Are you hoping for automotive marketing strategies that fit a specific niche or do you need complete creativity? Niche companies can offer rapid results, while the creative industries take longer but offer unique tactics.

#4: How Far is Your Reach?

You must consider who you want to reach. Most dealerships aren’t in the market to reach a worldwide audience. Instead, you need automotive marketing strategies that reach your local market. As you interview automotive digital marketing agencies, you need to work with a team that reaches the people you hope to target.

#5: What is Your Auto Industry Experience?

You can’t simply choose a digital marketing agency; you want someone with automotive experience. Ask for some of their references to see the other work they have done in your industry. Ideally, it helps to work with a team that has both small and large dealership experience.

#6: How Does Your Automotive Digital Marketing Agency Display Its Own Ideas?

Let’s say you are looking for a new website designer. You want to be able to see the work in action on the agency’s website. The same goes for automotive SEO. If you do an online search for digital agencies that specialize in SEO, that company should come up in the top search results themselves. After all, 3.5 billion searches happen yearly. You don’t want to attempt to compete in this market with a team that doesn’t know what they are doing.

Ask for examples of the work they have performed for their own company. You want to see the effort they put forth when the stakes are high. Of course, the work they have done for their own company should be the best of the best.

#7: What Packages Do You Offer?

As you interview automotive digital marketing agencies, you want to know what packages are available to you. You can choose options for one service or look for someone that offers a grouping of services. If you need multiple services performed, it might be better for your budget to choose a package.

#8: Do You Create Content?

Some agencies focus solely on maximizing the reach of your content, while others will also produce the information for you. Do you have a creative person on your staff that can handle the content creation or would you rather outsource it for the professionals to handle? You have options either way.

#9: How Do You Track the Results?

You want to know that your marketing strategy is working. Ask the company how they track results and when you will be able to see the increase in traffic. After all, there’s no reason to pay for services that aren’t going to make a difference.

Whether you are looking for someone to help with social media management or you are looking for an SEO boost, you want to see that the efforts are paying off. You could even use this question as a chance to see the results that other clients have received.

#10: When Can We Start Working With Your Automotive Digital Marketing Agencies?

Are you ready to get started with the team today? Ask them if they have the availability to start right away or if you will have to wait. With this information, you can determine the appropriate timeline to roll out your strategy.

Choose One of the Best Automotive Digital Marketing Agencies

Your dealership deserves the best, but that requires that you do your homework. We recommend evaluating what your needs are and then interviewing any potential agency. It may take a few tries to find the company that suits your needs.

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Let us show you what having a top marketing agency will do for your dealership. We help you boost foot traffic, increase web traffic and convert more shoppers into buyers.