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A Simple Guide to Building Out an OEM Video Marketing Car Dealership Strategy

Auto Dealer Marketing Strategy

A Simple Guide to Building Out an OEM Video Marketing Car Dealership Strategy

Have you ever seen an ad that captured your attention and caused you to ponder on the message for hours later? That’s what you hope to establish with your car dealership marketing. However, you must also remain compliant with OEM standards while advertising. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide on creating an OEM video marketing strategy for your car dealership.

Follow our steps when creating any new advertising campaign.

Understanding Brand Identity For Your Franchise Dealership

Before you create any digital advertising plan, you must determine who you are first. Take a moment and ask yourself and your team these questions.

  • Who is our audience?
  • What is the main benefit of the product/service we provide?
  • How can others believe in this benefit?

Automotive OEM Video Marketing in the Customer’s Journey

Throughout any advertising plan, you will reach customers at various stages of the journey. Here are a few you might encounter.

  • Awareness: This is when the customer learns about what you have to offer.
  • Consideration: The customer starts doing more research into your products.
  • Adoption: Your customer purchases something and starts using it.
  • Advocacy: The customer becomes your fan and tells others about you.

By understanding the brand identity and the different stages of the journey, you are better equipped to meet your clients where they are.

4 Steps to Adding OEM Video Marketing to Your Dealership Advertising

Now, we are ready to embark on the four-step process of incorporating OEM video marketing into your advertising strategy.

1. Is Video Important in Your OEM Marketing?

As you walked through your brand identity and looked at your audience, you probably determined if a video would be of importance. More than 40% of auto shoppers who watched a video went on to visit the dealership, according to Google.

However, video advertising isn’t always the answer. When you are trying to deliver car specifications and other technical data, you might not find that video is the appropriate solution. With this in mind, you want to use the OEM marketing to share video content and leave the technical aspects to other avenues.

2. Making OEM Media Work for Your Dealership

To meet the needs of your customers, you want to implement video advertising in a way that answers their questions and keeps them engaged. Consider creating a 3D animated video of a test drive or use virtual reality to get the point across.

The more ways you can share a particular message, the higher your chances are of connecting with your audience. Remember, there are many types of media you can implement. Consider these options:

  • Tutorials
  • Car features
  • How-to
  • Behind the scenes
  • Video testimonials

Media is also available in different sizes. What might require a 20-second video on one platform may cause you to create a three-minute video for another site.

In the awareness stage, you can use media to focus on the benefit of your product or service. This may only require a 30-second ad on YouTube that shows what makes your dealership special. In the Consideration phase, you want to give a more detailed video, including more relevant details.

3. Properly Placing the Dealership OEM Video Marketing Ad

This next step to automotive marketing gets more complex. Once you have chosen the appropriate video ad for your message and to reach your clients, now you must decide where to put it. Ideally, you will understand your audience, which allows you to have the insight needed to find your customers.

Plus, in advertising, you have the option between using an organic or paid ad. With a paid ad, you will spend money to highlight it on social media or in the search engines. The organic ad is one that gets shared and spread naturally through your followers.

As you decide where to place your ads, consider these elements.

  • Location that will create the largest impact
  • How to get people to the ad

You might determine that the ad will perform well on multiple platforms. That’s perfectly acceptable and generally a good practice. Whatever you decide to do, it’s essential that you track the success of each ad.

4. Monitor OEM Video Ad Performance

The final step you must take with any marketing campaign is to track it. You want to analyze the results to see what works and what doesn’t. Here are a couple of metrics to consider.

  • Impressions: This number shows the amount of times that the media was viewed. Every time the video is played, it creates an impression.
  • Engagement score: This amount shows how many times people clicked on the video or engaged with it. While impressions are good, the engagement score shows the value the ad offers. The higher the engagement value, the more people are getting from the video.

Once you have the analysis, you might decide to move the media to another location. Then, compare those results with the previous to see what works better. Trial and error are often how the best advertising campaigns are formed. Plus, you will be able to use the information to make better marketing choices in the future.

OEM Video Advertising for Today’s World

It’s hard to keep up with all of the changes happening in the digital marketing world, but we have continued to move with the trends. We know what gets results and can help you craft your campaign to increase car sales.

You want attention-grabbing ads that increase engagement and awareness. At AimLogic, that’s what we seek to provide. We have already spent the time brainstorming, designing and testing the campaigns that get results.

Before you hire an automotive marketing consultant, consider the benefit of using our team. We only work with dealerships, so we understand the ins and outs of the industry. Plus, our years of experience ensure that we know what produces sales. Sure, you could try and outline your own marketing strategy, but there will be a lot of failures in the process. We’ve already been there.

You can take advantage of our experience and get directly to what works. Talk to our team today about advertising solutions that fit your budget.