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NADA 2020 Automotive Marketing: Increase Car Sales

2020 automotive convention

NADA 2020 Automotive Marketing: Increase Car Sales

NADA 2020 isn’t just intended for dealership owners. The annual automotive event offers education, networking opportunities and business solutions to every team member. If you are a manager or working with advertising solutions, you can achieve additional success for your dealership by coming to this event. If you visit for nothing else, consider the NADA 2020 automotive marketing solutions you will learn about.

We recommend the NADA show for managers of every department. While visiting, you will learn some practical solutions to your biggest problems, including those related to advertising. In addition, you can attend events centered around legal updates, sales management and digital marketing.

Let’s take a look at who should attend, what education you can expect and the advertising solutions that are available.

Who Should Attend NADA 2020 Automotive Marketing?

We recommend the event for these key dealership staff members.

  • General managers
  • CRM managers
  • Sales managers
  • BDC managers
  • Marketing directors
  • Pre-owned managers
  • e-Commerce and internet sales managers
  • Fixed-operations managers
  • Social media managers
  • Finance and insurance managers

There will be keynote speakers, presentations and exhibits geared toward every one of the departments. Most importantly, you can learn a lot of new marketing techniques and tricks to propel your sales further.

Here are some things to expect during the 2020 NADA Show in Las Vegas.

Dealership Manager Education

Dealers must send the managers to the event, simply to learn more and bring back new solutions to the team. There will be over a hundred education sessions and workshops happening this year. You can learn about the latest trends, new legal updates and industry regulations that affect you. When you leave the NADA event, you will be equipped with the best practices to run your dealership smoothly.

As digital marketing continues to rise, you want to have the right response. If you don’t understand how to implement a new automotive marketing strategy, you need to catch up. Your competition is already using these innovative ideas and you don’t want to be left in the dust.

With some education, you will be selling more cars this year. Managers can learn how to maximize the dealership’s digital presence to increase online traffic.

It’s vital that you learn how to implement a multi-channel outreach to your customers. With the experts on hand, you gain the skills needed to be successful.


While a focus on digital marketing is vital, you don’t want to neglect the connections you can make at NADA 2020. This year, there are more opportunities than ever before to meet new people. Not only will this help your dealership, but also your career.

Spend time at the NADA Exchange to talk one-on-one with your peers. These roundtable discussions provide the ideal setting to brainstorm and grow. Listen to others in the industry to hear what is providing success. Then, you will be able to go back to your dealership and implement these practices.

During the NADA Expo, you can meet up with advertising representatives, as well as other industries that benefit you. These professionals can show you digital advertising tricks and offer some guidance.

Furthermore, you can connect with the auto manufacturers during the NADA Franchise Meetings. Learn about the latest updates that will affect your dealership.

Start Marketing Now

While the NADA 2020 Show is vital to moving your team forward, you don’t need to wait to get started. Eighty-six percent of car buyers are doing research online, and you could be missing out. It’s time to take inventory of your marketing practices to determine what is and isn’t working.

It’s time to shift your attention to your website and targeted mobile ads. You must give precedence to ads that target based on location and behavior. The more steps you take to maximize your online presence, the more foot traffic you will naturally receive.

You want to reach the consumer at every step through the car-buying journey. According to Adtaxi, that includes the following steps.

  • 32% of shoppers visit aggregate site
  • 30% of shoppers visit search engines
  • 24% of shoppers visit the dealership website
  • 14% of shoppers visit the manufacturer’s website

That means that the majority of online research is happening on social media and YouTube. While you need to focus on your own website and ranking high in search engines, you can’t neglect your social media marketing for dealerships.

Sure, the deals are all closed on the showroom floor, but that’s not where they start. If you plan to sell cars in 2020, you must drive more foot traffic. With 76 percent of location searches ending up with a business visit, you can’t afford to miss out.

Now is the time to get started.

NADA 2020 Will Teach You More

Don’t neglect to spend time during the 2020 NADA event learning more about automotive digital advertising. The industry continues to change and grow, so you want to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. As with anything, if you stop learning, you will fall behind.

Take a look at the exhibitors at the NADA show to find the companies you want to connect with. It helps to map out your plan so you don’t waste any time.

Hire an Automotive Marketing Professional

At AimLogic, we are prepared to help you get started right now. We can be creating a solution for you while you enjoy the events in Las Vegas. Our team of professionals works solely with dealerships, just like yours.

At the event, you will likely meet a lot of advertising firms that don’t specialize in car sales. These companies can’t provide the same support you will receive from our team members. We aren’t looking to make you our guinea pig, because we’ve already succeeded at creating automotive digital marketing solutions that work.

If you iron out your digital advertising needs now, you can spend the NADA show concentrating on other vital aspects of running your dealership. Together, we can curate a plan that takes you to new levels. Talk to our team today for a consultation before you leave for Las Vegas.

We have unique solutions, such as OEM Style Video Ads and Conquest Retargeting Ads, that will help to set you apart in your region.