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Mobile Marketing for Car Dealerships To Boost Sales

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Mobile Marketing for Car Dealerships To Boost Sales

Are your digital marketing strategies running stagnant? With 97% of consumers starting the car-buying journey online, you can’t neglect the available avenues open to make a connection. By 2025, nearly three-quarters of consumers will also access the web solely through their smartphones. This statistic proves that you must strategize your mobile marketing for car dealerships.

Aside from having a mobile-friendly website, there are other automotive marketing strategies you should be following. We will review some of the top mobile-friendly tips to enhance your marketing strategy for selling cars.

Skip the guessing game and choose to implement tactics that work. With these mobile marketing tips in place, you have nothing to do but succeed.

Marketing Tip #1: Mobile Social Media

Social media marketing is an area that all car dealerships should understand. If you want to make it easy for your consumers to find you, it’s vital that you advertise on every social media platform. Aside from posting informative tips and valuable contact information, make sure you also showcase your inventory.

Many people use smartphones to check social media regularly. In fact, more than half of American adults open a social media app on their smartphones a minimum of ten times per day.

With these apps, your target audience can quickly spread the word about a car they see. It’s also simple to share about exceptional service and refer friends. Consumers will also use Google Places to search for auto lots in the area, so you must be marketing on this platform as well. Don’t forget to incorporate your current promotions to finalize the deal.

Marketing Tip #2: Mobile PPC

Mobile Pay-Per-Click advertising is a marketing solution that works with any budget. When you utilize mobile PPC, you have the option to target your content to draw in a particular customer. Choose from people that are actively looking at cars for sale, or searching to find auto dealers in the area.

With PPC, you are only paying for impressions or clicks so that you can stretch your marketing budget to the extreme. Having the right marketing strategy in place ensures you target a specific keyword or demographic so your precious dollars aren’t wasted.

You will see an instant ROI when this is done correctly, no matter what your budget cap is.

Marketing Tip #3: Mobile Retargeting Ads

With retargeting ads, you can reach customers that you choose. Set the campaign to catch people that have been on your website or your competitors. It’s the ideal way to ensure that the dealer down the street doesn’t get your business.

By targeting customers that have already shown an interest in buying a car, you will see a higher success rate, which translates to more vehicle sales. The key is to work with a company that can place your ad in the right location and provide carefully crafted content.

Marketing Tip #4: SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing (short message service marketing) allows you to send text messages to consumers. You can utilize this advertising strategy in several ways. Consider sending out text blasts to share about incentives or specials you currently offer.

You can also keep a connection with customers after the sale. Send car care tips and keep the lines of communication open. Follow up to ask if the customer has any questions, or ask for a review. SMS messaging provides a cost-effective way to advertise and helps you to spread the word quickly.

Seventy-four percent of consumers report having zero unread text messages, in comparison to 17 percent saying the same about email. While email marketing is still essential, it’s clear to see where your marketing budget will go further.

Bonus Marketing Tip: Add Video

Seventy percent of car buyers using YouTube are influenced by the content that was viewed. With statistics like these, you can’t ignore the advantage that this mobile marketing for car dealerships tip brings to the table.

Aside from offering videos about cars on your lot, there are several other ways to use this media to build connections. Make sure you implement video on every digital platform you belong to. This includes Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter and Instagram.

From here, you want to curate unique content that engages the customer. Consider these options:

  • Meet and greet employees
  • Customer testimonials
  • Features of car
  • Current vehicle lineup
  • Test drives
  • Service content
  • Finance Q&A
  • Coverage of special events
  • Behind the scenes at the dealership

There’s no limit to the ways you can market video through your platforms. Remember to include your curated content on your website blog as well, for maximum exposure.

Mobile Marketing for Car Dealerships: One Piece of the Puzzle

Creating a multi-channel outreach strategy is the best way to succeed in your marketing efforts. Many dealerships will attempt to do this in-house, and we understand why. After all, budgets are tight and you don’t want to invest any more money on something you can do yourself. But, are you succeeding?

Is the employee or group of team members you are using helping or hurting your dealership? With the time that these staff members invest in your digital marketing, could they be doing something else to bring in sales? Often, your staff isn’t qualified to handle your marketing needs. Plus, with the turnover rate at most dealerships, you leave yourself vulnerable if that person moves on.

Instead of starting a trial-and-error plan with a team member, you must consider hiring a professional automotive marketing firm. Unlike broad-focused marketing companies, AimLogic only works with car dealerships. We understand the ins and outs of your industry, which guarantees we implement strategies that work.

When you work with our professional team, you know that our solutions will provide results. Whether you are looking at starting including OEM Video Style Ads or you want to target In-Market Buyers, you will find success with our plans. Once you see the number of sales our tactics bring, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Give your team a chance to focus on more pressing matters. Contact AimLogic today for a consultation and let us show you what will work.