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Lead Nurturing Tactics Through Dealership Digital Marketing

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Lead Nurturing Tactics Through Dealership Digital Marketing

Lead nurturing refers to building relationships with individuals that aren’t ready to buy now but might become a customer in the future. Your job is to educate the person, build awareness of your products and gain trust. With the right dealership dealer marketing tactics in place, nurturing leads has never been easier.

We look at a few statistics you must know and then talk about the seven tactics that will get you ahead.

Lead Nurturing Statistics You Must Know

  • According to Gleanster, lead nurturing turn into sales from 15-20% of customers that are “not yet ready to purchase.”
  • The report also shows that nearly 75% of the top-performing companies use some form of automated lead nurturing.
  • DemandGen Report shows that lead nurturing email campaigns receive four to ten times the response compared to a standalone message.

7 Tactics to Nurture Leads Through Digital Marketing

Here are seven ways you can participate in lead nurturing with your existing digital marketing strategy.

1. Leverage the Targeted Content

You can’t nurture your leads the same way your competitor does. Research shows that you must nurture leads with highly targeted content to improve the results.

Once you understand who your buyers are, you can create targeted content that nurtures those personas. Whether you are looking to target interests, objectives or goals, you will appeal to their personality.

2. Advertise Through Multiple Channels

While it’s wise to target your leads through email marketing, there are many other options available to you. Today, your audience is everywhere. You want to appeal to them on multiple fronts.

Consider the options that are available to you. Through social media, direct sales outreach, dynamic website content, paid retargeting and email marketing, you create an all-around solid campaign that gets results.

There are so many tactics available to you, but it could go wrong very quickly. If you don’t have every campaign working cohesively, you are going to miss the boat.

3. Make Contact Multiple Times

Throughout the car-buying journey, you want to make multiple contacts with your consumer. It could take several marketing efforts before you make the customer aware of who you are. To fully convert them into a customer, you must be in front of them at all times.

This goes hand-in-hand with using multiple avenues to reach them. Along the way, attempt to answer their questions and concerns. You can do this through your content marketing and social media posts. Additionally, you want to provide tools, such as interactive calculators that provide more information.

4. Lead Nurturing Through Follow-Up

Your customer is busy. They don’t want to wait for you to get back to them. In the time they spend waiting, they will move onto a different dealership. If you aren’t acting quickly to follow-up, you will lose the sale.

With automated lead nurturing, you can reach a larger group of prospects. However, you must follow-up on this campaign with a phone call or email. It’s the best way to convert the leads into sales. If you contact a lead immediately following initial contact, your chance of creating a conversion is far higher.

5. Create Personalized Emails

If you choose to use email as the preferred method of contact, don’t send out a generic message. Instead, take the time needed to personalize your email. Customers are more apt to respond to an email that seems personalized to them.

Additionally, this method allows you to build trust and establish a strong relationship with the clients.

Personalizing emails is a simple way to nurture your leads. When a website visitor performs a certain action, send them a triggered email to follow-up. You can set your system to respond when the person clicks on a link, visits a certain page or becomes highly engaged with your website.

Combining the power of personalized marketing with a behavioral triggered email, you are able to deliver the perfect message to the precise person, right on time.

6. Lead Scoring is a Must

If you haven’t used lead scoring yet, it’s time to get on board. This methodology ranks prospects based on a scale that represents the value each lead brings to the organization.

You can use lead scoring with most marketing automation platforms. It assigns a numeric value to website browsing behavior, social media interactions and conversion events. What you are left with is a score that determines which leads should be followed up with immediately. These are the prospects you want to nurture more than others.

However, that doesn’t give you the green light to ignore those customers that have a lower lead score. You just never know where a sale is going to come from.

7. Align All of the Dealership Marketing Strategies

When you are able to align your marketing and sales strategy, lead nurturing becomes easier than ever before. You will find higher customer retention rates and a more successful response.

To have your marketing and sales both contribute to your lead nurturing efforts, you must identify the points during the buying journey that the prospect will be transitioned from one team to another. To make this happen, you must be precise about the triggers you use, whether they are workflow enrollment, conversion events or through lead scoring.

Having your team share the expectations, goals and responsibility of this project makes for an additional chance of success. After all, working together as a team always boosts morale and motivation. Have the two teams hold each other accountable for converting the leads and nurturing them into a sale.

Lead Nurturing In Your Dealership Marketing

No one claims that it will be easy to convert a lead into a sale, but the reward is worth the effort. Once you get the process streamlined through your digital marketing strategy, you will sit back and enjoy the increased ROI.

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