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Instagram Marketing for Car Dealerships: Tips and Ideas

Instagram Ads for Dealerships

Instagram Marketing for Car Dealerships: Tips and Ideas

With 107 million users and a projected 126 million by 2023, Instagram cannot be ignored in your dealership marketing strategy. More car sales are starting online, and you need to be ready to meet the consumer where they are. Instagram revolutionizes the way you connect with car buyers. In fact, the platform is especially geared for automotive sales, which is why you must understand Instagram marketing for car dealerships.

We will show you how to sell a car on Instagram and how to increase your traffic. Follow the examples shown to you if you want to achieve success.

Instagram Demographics That Matter

Before you get started with advertising on Instagram, there are some vital statistics you want to know.

64% of 18-29-year-olds currently use Instagram. This platform is ideal for connecting with the younger generation. Furthermore, 42% of adults who make more than $75,000 now use Instagram. On top of that, more than five million active Instagram users list one of their top passions as auto.

With this information in hand, it’s easy to see how you will increase sales with Instagram marketing for car dealerships.

We will look at a few real marketing strategies currently implemented by existing dealerships so you can see exactly what to do. Once you reproduce and customize these ideas to fit your needs, you will see the power of Instagram at work.

Instagram Marketing for Car Dealership Ideas

Professional automotive marketers know how to research an audience and align the solutions to reach that community. With the right automotive marketing strategy in place, you can become more recognizable and memorable to your target audience.

You want to utilize every avenue of Instagram to reach your goals. This includes live streams, Stories and regular feed. It’s vital for your posts to show up in your consumers’ feeds, through promotions and organically as well.

Here are a few ways for you to advertise and some examples.

1. Create an Adventure

If your target audience is looking for fun off-road, you want to give them a taste of what’s to come. ToyotaUSA understands the concept by showcasing what the Tundra can handle. Consider sharing photos and videos from current customers pushing their vehicles to the limit.

2. Take a Road Trip

Browse for user photos of their vehicles on a road trip. You can showcase the cars with breathtaking landscape views and highlight people discussing how comfortable the vehicle is. These are great posts to share and market.

3. Visit the Car Shows

Your customers want to see the latest offerings from the automaker. Make sure you visit the car shows and post about everything new and exciting. Take videos and do walk-arounds for more views. You can also visit local car shows if your brand is among the top vehicles being driven. Connect with locals and consider taking one of your cars to the show.

4. Highlight Performance and Features

More than fifty percent of users want to see the car’s performance when watching a video. Your dealership can highlight the performance aspects of a vehicle through Instagram. Don’t forget to tell them about the speed, horsepower and fuel efficiency as well. Answer the questions that your customers would have.

5. Showcase Real-World Sales

Not only can you highlight customer testimonials through Instagram, but you can showcase the sales you’ve made. AutoShowSales promotes every sale made on Instagram. This practice shows a regular person buying vehicles, which increases the trust value.

6. Show Off Driving Ability

Instagram users want to experience driving the vehicle for themselves. You can offer virtual test drives or take it a step further as Volvo did. When the XC60 was released, Volvo wanted people to understand what it would be like to drive the vehicle in major markets, such as San Francisco and New York City. That’s when the automaker created the virtual test drive, labeled Thumb Drive. It was an ingenious way to market the new model.

7. New Car Ownership

It’s not a small decision to purchase a new car. Buyers take plenty of time debating over the options and deciding what’s best for them. Consequently, you must add content discussing every step of the journey. Start by showcasing the features and specs of a model. Then, move on to discussing options or color choices. From there, you can highlight financing specials to close the deal.

8. Take Time with the Pictures

Your vehicles need to look their best on your Instagram page. If you don’t know how to take high-quality photos and video, find someone that does. People want visual stimulation that comes from these media sources. Consider implementing Cinemagraphic Ads or OEM Style Video Ads to increase diversity and appeal to new consumers.

9. Give Back

Your customers want to do business with a dealership that cares about the community. As a result, you must be active in your local area and the needs around you. Create a series of posts about the good you do. AutoNation showcases its commitment to Drive Out Cancer through its Instagram page. Because of this, other consumers that believe in the same cause will choose this dealership for future vehicle needs.

Instagram Hashtags for Car Sales

Now that you have some ideas on how to use Instagram marketing for car dealerships, you must make sure you use the appropriate hashtags. Here are a few that bring a lot of success to other dealers.

  • #carlifestyle
  • #carsofinstagram
  • #carspotting
  • #carstagram
  • #instacars
  • #supercars

Likewise, your brand might also have a hashtag that you will want to use. For example, Mercedes-Benz promotes #mbfanphoto, while Porsche uses #PorscheMoment.

Get Started With Instagram Marketing Today

In short, you don’t want to wait another minute to connect with your consumers using Instagram. It doesn’t take a lot of skill; you just need to get started. Inaction is the worst thing you could do, as your competition pulls ahead.

At AimLogic, we understand the importance of curating unique content that converts. If you want a professional on your side, reach out to our experienced team for some guidance. We can show you how to increase leads, traffic and sales.