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The Right Ways to Incorporate Automotive OEM Style Videos in Email Marketing

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The Right Ways to Incorporate Automotive OEM Style Videos in Email Marketing

Email marketing and video content go hand-in-hand. It’s like the peanut butter and jelly of dealership advertising. Despite the importance, many people are still confused about how to use videos in email marketing, especially when it comes to OEM Style Videos.

We will take a look at this innovative automotive video marketing concept and discuss ways to implement the tool into your email marketing. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you can make minor changes that will create a huge impact.

What are Automotive OEM Style Videos?

Our innovative video ad implements cutting-edge technology to showcase the latest features and aspects of your vehicles. With these videos, you can incorporate more information into any social media channel and your website.

Why is Video Email Marketing Important for Automotive Dealerships?

It’s estimated that 320 billion emails will be sent daily in 2021. This seems to be the preferred method of communication for most people. When customers are looking for a new or used car, you have the potential to stand out among the competition, if you implement video advertising.

In fact, just using the word “video” in your email subject line could increase the open rate by nearly twenty percent according to one study. It might also reduce your unsubscribe rate by 25%. Knowing that video is so effective, how do you get started?

We have some tips to help you out.

1. Create a Powerful Landing Page and CTA

Some people assume it’s best to incorporate the video email marketing right into your message. However, some email clients don’t allow for embedded video, which is why you might also consider having a video thumbnail image that leads the customer to the video itself.

Plus, you want your email subscribers to do more than simply read your email. You want them to take action. That’s why you want to set up a powerful landing page that hosts the video and carefully craft the CTA.

If you need help with this, consider talking to an automotive marketing consultant.

2. Use Automotive OEM Style Videos to Market an Event

If you are planning to host an event for your customers, consider adding video marketing to promote the date. Whether you are hosting a local car clinic or offering a happy hour, you can showcase your favorite vehicles in the message.

As you send the invitation, intrigue them with a quick glimpse at one of your flagship vehicles in the process. People love to have an escape and these videos give them the chance to daydream.

3. Personalize the Emails

It’s tempting to send out generic emails, but that’s not going to help you build a relationship. Instead, you need to take the time and personalize the emails, especially when a video is included. You want your customers to feel cared about. You can only do this when you take the time to connect.

Have your sales team put together a custom email that appeals to the type of vehicle they would be looking for. If someone just bought a car, you wouldn’t want to send an email with another new car model included. That’s why you need to properly categorize your customers, and possibly implement a tool, such as In-Market Buyers.

4. Integrate Your Dealerships Social Media Channels

One of your best sales avenues is your social media marketing strategy. With every communication you send, video included or not; it’s essential that you make it easy for your customers to share. Integrate your buttons into every message, especially if you want the OEM Style Video to go viral with your audience.

You can take this a step further and post the video marketing on your social media pages as well. After all, our unique video marketing tool for car dealerships isn’t just good for email. It’s also valuable to use with YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

5. Upsell your Loyal Car Buyers with OEM Style Videos

While you are nurturing your current customer base, you can easily upsell them down the road with a new vehicle purchase. The OEM Style Videos help keep the latest inventory in front of their faces. In these emails, you can also incorporate the latest deals and financing offers, which breakdown the monthly payments.

While trying to acquire new customers is a vital aspect of car dealership marketing, you will get most of your business from your existing clients, as long as you nurture your relationship. However, don’t just send out promotional emails.

You want to provide plenty of valuable information that has nothing to do with sales. After all, if the customers only receive marketing promotions, they will stop paying attention. Instead, teach them about their vehicles and send out the occasional publicity communication. Then, when these advertisements arrive, the customers will be paying more attention.

Email Marketing is Only One Step

We are proud that you are considering enhancing your email marketing campaigns, but this is just the start of what you must do. Integrating a comprehensive marketing plan that includes video, SEO and social media is essential if you want to get ahead of your competition.

Working with an automotive marketer, you will see the steps that gain more traffic. However, you can’t just work with anyone. Instead, you need a qualified partner by your side.

Talk to Us About Your Automotive OEM Style Videos & Dealership Marketing

At AimLogic, we pride ourselves at being the experts in the car dealership marketing field. We only work with car dealerships, so we know the ins and outs of the business. Where your typical marketer is going to need to experiment to see what works, we already know what brings success.

Our expert staff can look at where you are in your dealership and show you the steps needed to increase your ROI. We offer a variety of cutting-edge solutions that the next marketer doesn’t have access to. If you are hoping to gain an advantage, we can help you.

Contact us for your consultation. We don’t lump our clients into one package, but rather, listen to your needs and customize a solution. With our experience by your side, there’s no reason to worry about a lack of car sales again.