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The Importance of Setting Marketing Goals for Your Auto Dealership

Automotive Marketing Goals 2020

The Importance of Setting Marketing Goals for Your Auto Dealership

The job of managing and operating a car dealership is no easy task. As the leader, you have to be the go-between among salespeople, managers and customers every day. You also have to stay on top of the inventory and watch the bottom line. Because the automotive market never remains the same, it’s vital that you set marketing goals that show how you are doing.

Coming up with these goals might not seem important in light of the big picture, but you are operating blindly without them. Still, it’s no easy task to create these goals, but the process can be both challenging and exciting.

As the leader, it’s time to step up to the plate and start setting marketing goals.

Setting Marketing Goals: Automotive Marketing Basics

When you create goals, you ensure that everyone in the dealership is on the same page. These specific milestones also keep you on track as you make essential decisions. Regularly sit with your team and discuss the current goals. Talk about ways to reach these steps and discuss the rewards of doing so.

In the end, you will have a team that’s excited about getting the job done. However, you need to first know how to make these new goals. If you have never done this before, you might not know where to start and how to communicate with your team.

Here are a few steps that should make the goal-setting process easier for you.

Evaluate Initial Car Dealership Principles & Goals

What was your dealership’s initial focus? Since the car dealership was established, what has changed?

As an example, your location might have begun with a strong focus on new car sales, but as used car sales rise, you might need to re-evaluate your goals. It might be the perfect time to refocus your major objectives.

This doesn’t mean that you need to completely get rid of your original focus and goals. Instead, you need to adjust what your dealership strives toward. You can offer a great mix of new car deals while supplying more needs to your used car buyers. It’s about creating the delicate mixture of goals that perfectly hit the mark.

Collaborate & Communicate for More Car Sales

Once you’ve determined what direction the dealership needs to take, it’s your responsibility to communicate these new needs to your staff. Prepare in advance what information you are going to share and have the data to back up your decision. Explain what this change will mean for the dealership, and ultimately, for your team.

When you supply a motivating presentation, your staff will walk away eager and excited to help. Make sure there is plenty of time during the meeting for questions and further suggestions. During this time, listen carefully and show that you care about the feedback. You might also have some staff members that feel more comfortable approaching you afterward to discuss concerns. Let them know that is perfectly acceptable and have an open door policy.

Check-in on Automotive Marketing Goals

As you move forward with the new changes, have some one-on-one time with the integral players on the team. If there are specific team members that have a vital role in the plan, set aside time to check in with them.

With each meeting you have, you will hear a different point of view of how things are going and what can be changed. Be willing to change goals and tweak the strategy as the need arises.

You can also help each team member set individual goals that help them work toward the bigger picture. As a leader, it’s your job to encourage and keep everyone motivated.

Automotive Marketing Goals: Dos and Don’ts

There are five vital aspects to remember as you set your goals and walk through the implementation stage.

DO: Set Goals per Department

If your primary goal is to sell more used cars, you need to figure out what that looks like across every department. Set goals for each department and make it clear what you expect.

For example, how can the service department help? They can express to anyone facing a major car repair how much more money they can save by financing a reliable, used car. That’s a simple step that might increase the overall sales.

DON’T: Make the Goal Unattainable

No one on your team is going to strive to meet a goal that seems unreachable. You must make challenging goals that require people to work hard, but it can’t be impossible to accomplish.

DO: Measure the Results

Create a centralized location where staff members can see the progress made toward reaching the goal. If you want to sell a hundred used cars, there should be a chart somewhere that is constantly updated to reveal where the team is in relation to the goal.

DON’T: Forget the Dealership Focus

It’s fun to create goals to work toward, but they should never contradict the purpose of your car dealership. Don’t go against your morals, ethics or mission statement to create more sales.

DO: Design an End Date

Every goal should have a set date when it must be accomplished by. If your team doesn’t meet it in time, gather together to find out what went wrong. When the goal is met, celebrate. Always reward your team and then move on to another goal.

More Car Sales Start with Strategic Dealership Marketing Goals

Every dealership wants to have more car sales to brag about. It’s what your dealership was designed to do; sell cars. The trouble is, many dealerships don’t know how to create actionable steps that transform into profit.

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