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How Successful is Automotive Email Marketing for Car Dealers?

Automotive Email Marketing

How Successful is Automotive Email Marketing for Car Dealers?

Automotive email marketing continues to be one of the most effective strategies in the industry when done correctly. With almost 75% of adult consumers saying that email is the preferred method of communication, this is an automotive digital marketing solution you don’t want to overlook.

It’s also estimated that email marketing produces an average ROI of 3,800%. That means for every dollar invested, an average return is $38.

With this in mind, there’s no reason to prolong engaging in OEM marketing any longer.

Why Automotive Email Marketing is So Successful

While email marketing works well for any industry, those in the automotive field seem to receive a lot of benefits. Several reasons contribute to these statistics.

Dealers Know Their Location

Data-driven marketing works best when a specified location is inputted. By using geographic information and zip codes, automotive digital marketing works as it should. As a result, it becomes simple to pinpoint the appropriate prospects.

Dealers Know Their Demographic

There’s a different demographic looking for an off-road truck versus an energy-efficient hybrid. Knowing who you are selling to helps you target the right people. For instance, if you plan to market off-road trucks, you look for people that enjoy hunting, ranching or construction. If you sell BMW models, you want to target people currently driving a Mercedes, Range Rover or Jaguar.

Consequently, there’s no limit to the ways you can manipulate your target demographic to reach the people that need you.

Dealers Know Income Levels

Let’s face it; buying a Porsche requires a different income level than a Hyundai. There’s no time sending ads to someone that can’t afford to purchase the cars. Adjusting income filters helps to create a successful automotive digital marketing campaign.

Still, many dealerships make big mistakes when it comes to sending out an email.

Avoid These Email Marketing Mistakes

If you want to achieve maximum amounts of success, you must tweak your content appropriately. To illustrate this, you want to avoid these common blunders.

  1. Your email sounds like a robot. Consumers want to talk to real people and they want to know that you care. Make sure it comes across as a human.
  2. You are too focused on selling vehicles. Customers want value and information. Send out emails that benefit their lives in some way. In return, you will sell vehicles.
  3. Content contains too many calls to action. There’s an appropriate place to ask them to take action; don’t include it in the entire email.
  4. The subject line seems spammy. This falls in line with the last mistake. Make sure you are providing valuable content – not just looking to sell something.
  5. You fail to target a specific audience. You need to catch the right consumer. Utilize your tools to find the appropriate prospects.

In conclusion, your email marketing can be insanely successful, if it is done correctly.

Take Your Automotive Digital Marketing to the Next Level

At AimLogic, we believe in creating innovative marketing solutions for dealerships. That’s why we focus solely on the needs of auto dealers just like you. Contact us today so we can create a digital marketing strategy that earns you more business.