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How to Find an Automotive Marketing Agency

Automotive Digital Agency

How to Find an Automotive Marketing Agency

Digital marketing continues to evolve and grow. In addition, the consumer’s car shopping habits are also changing. With so many companies looking to increase your client base, how do you know what to look for in an automotive marketing agency?

Let’s face it; you have a lot of challenges to face in your daily operation. You deal with regular customer service issues and plenty of turnovers. If you don’t have the energy to invest in getting customers through the door, it’s time to bring in a digital marketer.

Automotive digital marketing is one of your best investments. It’s not the cost you want to look at, but rather the value. However, you can’t just pick anybody to perform your automotive digital services. You must take some vital first steps to make the right decision.

We’ve outlined a few steps to take when looking for help with your digital marketing strategy.

Step #1: Define Your Needs & Expectations

Picking an automotive marking agency should never be done on an impulse. You want to first be clear about your business objectives. If you aren’t sure what to include on this list, talk to some of the management team members for insight.

Step #2: Outline Marketing Requirements

You must know what tasks you want the marketing agency to handle. Not all digital marketers provide the same services. Work with your in-house marketing team to determine what is going to be outsourced to the new marketers.

Your list might include:

  • Website development & design
  • Content creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital advertising
  • Analytics

Step #3: Consider the Long Term

When you hire a digital marketing team, it’s common to think of it as an external partnership. Instead, you should consider that group as team members. These experts have become part of your company and they work for you.

You want complete transparency and openness, just as if they were your employees. That is to say, you should think of this relationship as a long-term decision for the best results.

Step #4: Picking an Agency Type

With the numerous options of marketing agencies available, you need to know what’s important to you. Finding the digital marketing agency that suits your needs and desires is critical, for optimal results.

General or Specialized: Do you want an agency that caters to one service, such as website creation, or are you looking for someone to handle it all? When you go with a company that does everything, it’s difficult for them to keep up with the latest trends and technology. That’s something to keep in mind if you desire to pull ahead of your competition.

Niche or Creative: A niche company provides fast results, but they don’t always offer the newest approaches. With a creative digital marketing agency, you gain the latest ideas and innovations, but sometimes it takes longer to implement.

Local or Global Reach: If you have a small-town dealership, reaching the world does you no good. You want someone that reaches your target consumers.

Analyzing each of those areas helps to point you in the right direction regarding the right advertising agency for you.

Step #5: Evaluate Auto Industry Experience

There’s a delicate balance when researching auto industry experience. For example, the traditional agency that’s been around for many years might have plenty of previous business to back them up, but they lack the enthusiasm to try out new ideas.

On the other hand, the newer automotive digital marketing agency has the creative vision and the drive but may lack experience. You want to find a mix of both when deciding who to hire.

You want your marketing team to have experience with large dealerships. They should know how to implement digital marketing strategies and produce documented results. This group needs to have strong communication skills and be willing to troubleshoot problems along the way.

The creative ideas offered by your automotive marketer should be new and innovative, but you don’t want to sacrifice experience to get this.

Step #6: Look Over Their Website

If you start interviewing dentists, what’s one of the first things you look at? Hopefully, it’s their teeth. A dentist that has terrible teeth shouldn’t touch your mouth. The same is true with automotive digital marketing. If you need someone to work on your website or provide digital advertising, you want to look at their site first.

If they aren’t using state-of-the-art technology and their efforts don’t draw you in immediately, their marketing campaigns will be the same.

Don’t forget to look beyond their website. Above all, look at their social media sites and their online reputation as well.

Step #7: Research the Unique Packages

Every digital marketing company has different options and offers unique products. Once you know what your needs are and who you want to use, it’s time to determine what strategy is best for you. Your dealership isn’t the same as every other one, which is why you require a customized advertising package.

It must focus on you more than it does your budget. For example, you want to make sure it covers all of these vital issues:

  • Establishes or creates an improved brand image
  • Marketing strategies benefit your bottom line by increasing engagement on your website, social media and/or blog
  • Creates a platform that allows you to track the marketing campaign progress

AimLogic is the Premier Automotive Marketing Agency

When you set out to find an automotive marketing agency, you must take your time. Don’t make any impulse decisions and do your research. While there are countless digital marketing teams that promise you the moon and the stars, only a handful actually deliver.

After you do your research, you’ll quickly see what makes AimLogic stand out from the competition. We have the experience you require, but never sacrifice growing and adding new innovations. Because of this, our creative digital marketing solutions set you apart in the marketplace.

With 60% of the car-buying process happening online, you can’t afford to neglect this service for your dealership.

Think of what our OEM Style Video Ads, Cinemagraphic Ads and In-the-Market Data will do to your bottom line. As a result, we provide our customers with a custom digital marketing strategy that suits their needs. It’s time you joined with our expert team to reach the next level.

We look forward to hearing from you today.