If you expect to exceed your sales goals, you can’t rely solely on the traffic you receive from your offline advertising. Offline advertising is still effective, but in the digital age, it’s no longer enough. Consumers have a wealth of tools and information at their fingertips. That means you have to find new ways to grab their attention before they use those tools to make their way to your competition. The best way to do just that in the digital age is by generating engagements. However, before you can do that you have to cut through all the advertising clutter that inundates buyers. You can begin by finding unique ways to promote your vehicles and services. There are several ways to do this digitally that will increase the likelihood that your information will cross paths with a large number of potential buyers leading them to your website and dealership before they end up somewhere else.

How to Get Customers to Engage With Your Dealership

The first step in getting customers to engage with your dealership is by targeting your ads and your content based on each specific demographic and behavior for every one of your prospects. You need to have an exact persona of each type of buyer, such as: average age, income, gender, popular trends, etc. This will help you understand their vehicle buying journey so you can create ads and content geared towards their specific wants and needs. This also means that because you will be driving them to the right content and web pages, they will be more likely to engage with your dealership and they will build trust organically.

Three Easy Steps for Creating Customer Engagements

There are three simple ways to create customer engagements and you can do this by being where your potential buyers are. 1. Get Potential Buyers to Your Website You can start by creating valuable content and posting it on your website and other high-quality websites or properties that link back to yours. Content that’s optimized for the search engines, but is also attention worthy of your potential buyers. Here are some ideas you can implement right away.

  • “How-To” content such as how to select the appropriate size car for a family of four.
  • Create content that answers the most frequently asked questions such as “The Top 5 Ways to Get the Highest Valuation on Your Trade,” etc. Make sure you include a link to the page on your website that answers the question and/or the solution to the problem.
  • Post vehicle reviews and comparisons.
  • Use videos and video marketing.
  • Create compelling email campaigns.
  • Infographics. People are visual and love infographics. Infographics are easy to read and digest, they keep people on your website longer, and they are easily shareable. You could do an infographic on make and model information, maintenance and car care tips, steps for buying a vehicle, vehicle comparisons, or even how to save money on gas.
  • Social media. Having social media pages is a great way to actively engage with potential buyers. You can run contests, giveaways, answer questions, offer how to content and videos, and build excitement about your model year blowout parties, etc. Creating valuable content in a variety of formats helps build trust in your dealership and is the foundation of building a positive relationship that will ultimately lead potential buyers to your website and your lot versus the competition.

2. How to Keep Potential Buyers From Researching Your Competitors If you want your potential buyers to stay on your website and spend more time there, you should make sure your website is user-friendly and intuitive. Your website should be easy to navigate, as well as have easy to find and use tools that are properly placed within your sales funnel in a way that quickly and easily guides potential buyers to a final purchase decision. Your website should also include tools that convert them from website visitors into showroom visitors. Tools such as:

  • An intuitive payment calculator. One that matches your visitor’s payment budget with your website inventory.
  • A virtual showroom. This will provide your visitors with a variety of options such as texting capabilities, phone, live chat, audio, videos, and co-browsing features. It will also help them interact with you as if they were physically on your lot. And, it will assist you in creating a good rapport with them. Most people prefer doing business with someone they feel a connection with.
  • Co-browsing features. This will allow you to escort your visitors to key areas of interest on your site much like you would if they were on your lot. And, it will also allow you to monitor their activity in real-time while they’re there.
  • Fully integrated texting capabilities. These should be integrated with your CRM, opt-out management, and other tools.
  • Loan pre-qualification tools. This online application will initiate the ability to capture an active buyer interest and convert into a real-time lead for follow up. In addition, your customer will be reinforced with information that will inform them of their loan qualification capability and instill a sense of commitment that they intend to visit your dealership to make a purchase and reduce the time necessary for loan processing.
  • Instant retargeting. Retargeting is one of the best ways to stay first and foremost on every potential buyer’s mind so they don’t forget where they’ve been and what they saw.

3. Why You Should Challenge Your Process by Asking Questions Your initial communication with each new customer should automatically answer the following questions:

Why should I buy this brand?

Why should I buy from this dealership?

What is your vehicle of interest?

Who is this vehicle for?

How will you be using this vehicle?

What features are most important to you?

As a result, when customers interact with your brand either online or in person, they will be further down the sales funnel. Then all you will have to do is close the deal.

What’s Next?

Make sure you are truly listening to what your buyer is saying or alluding to when communicating with you. This will help you determine how close you are to a deal and/or what else you need to do to get them to commit so you don’t risk losing them to your competition. Always do your best to make your offering so unbeatable that your buyer has no choice but to visit your lot first. Source http://smallbusiness.chron.com/clever-ways-break-through-advertising-clutter-36660.html http://robertwiesman.com/11-lead-generating-marketing-ideas-for-car-sales-professionals/ https://www.autoraptor.com/5-clever-car-sales-lead-generation-ideas/