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Facebook Ads for Automotive Marketing

Facebook Ads for Automotive -Aimlogic

Facebook Ads for Automotive Marketing

Consumers increasingly spend more time online researching and evaluating vehicles and less time visiting dealerships. Potential buyers contemplate more vehicles than ever before and generally have their mind made up before they visit an automobile dealership. This trend has automotive marketers re-evaluating how to effectively influence buyers and limit consideration of multiple brands.


Facebook is a robust social media platform that affects the day-to-day lives of virtually everyone in the country. With Facebook advertising businesses, can get in front of their target market. Facebook claims 89% accuracy with their ability to target consumers. Also, Facebook gives you the ability to generate quality leads, sell to your local community or beyond, connect with existing customers, create offers and incentives, and track your results.
Automotive businesses specifically have seen a positive impact from Facebook advertising. Facebook conducted a study with comScore to analyze automotive marketing campaigns. The results of the study were impactful.


Facebook and comScore analyzed 5 major automotive marketing campaigns on Facebook between May and August of 2013. ComScore looked at the ability of specific campaigns during the designated timeframe to increase incremental vehicle consideration in terms of site visits and search results.


Not only did the study show Facebook ads drive more buyers to consider the brands and models advertised, but it also decreased consideration of competitor brands and models. Here are the key statistics:

Brand Site Traffic

37% increase in visits
38% increase in page views

Model Pages

50% increase in visits
46% increase in page views

Automotive Specific Site Traffic

17% increase in brand page visits
19% increase in brand page views
9% increase in number of visits per person

Brand Search Activity

11% increase in searches
10% increase in searches per person

Competitive Search Activity

3% decrease in searches
14% decrease in model searches

These results indicate Facebook ads should be part of your automotive marketing campaign. Not only can you can reach and influence buyers, but you can also decrease consideration of competitors.

Using Facebook Ads to Achieve Specific Goals

Showcase Inventory-Use Facebook’s carousel format to showcase up to 10 images or videos in a single ad with its own link to your website.
Highlight Specific Models-Use Facebook video ads or stories to increase visibility and generate interest in a specific vehicle model.
Expand Your Reach-Target consumers who show interest in similar brands or models by engaging them in Facebook ads.
Targeted Offers-Many dealerships have service and parts departments. Make sure your local community is aware of your services by marketing specific offers and incentives to bring in traffic to your fixed operations.
Seasonal Events-Boost visibility and generate interest in your seasonal marketing efforts by creating events and encouraging engagement.

Final Thoughts about Facebook Ads

In conclusion, Facebook is an effective form of advertising for automotive marketers. Furthermore, with a reach of 70% among active buyer households, the ability to effectively target based on true identity, buying intent, and impactful photo and video content across all types of devices, Facebook ads have a considerable impact on buyer decisions.

To sum it up, it is more important than ever to reach in-market buyers and limit competitive consideration in order to drive traffic into your dealership. Automotive marketers would be wise to consider Facebook ads as an integral part of any marketing campaign.

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