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How to Effectively Use Facebook Custom Audience for your Automotive Marketing Campaign

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How to Effectively Use Facebook Custom Audience for your Automotive Marketing Campaign

If you want to craft a message that will be heard by the masses, you must know how to create the appropriate Facebook Custom Audience. As you choose a target audience for car buyers, you must know how to research, define and connect with the group. We will look closer at creating the appropriate campaign, so you don’t have to worry about your Facebook Ads failing.

Four Types of Facebook Custom Audiences

If you aren’t familiar with the Facebook Custom Audience, you will want to know the four types available.

  • Phone numbers or email addresses from your database
  • People visiting specific pages of your website
  • People interacting with posts on your page
  • Those who take action with the Facebook app

For this particular post, we will focus on how to pull spreadsheets of people from the database to advertise on Facebook. This type of Facebook dynamic ad for automotive will give your dealership the edge and help you curate an effective solution.

Facebook Custom Audience Benefits

Using the Facebook Custom Audience brings several benefits to dealerships.

  • Determine your specific audience.
  • It allows you to create a compelling message filled with relevant content.
  • You can measure the campaign’s effectiveness with ease.
  • See maximum ROI from your Facebook advertising budget.

To gain the most benefit from this marketing tool, you want to use your dealership’s CRM data.

Utilize the List

If you want to learn how to promote car sales on Facebook, you must start with your customer list. By utilizing custom audiences, you can effectively nurture the relationships with your customers and leads on Facebook. The key is to send the appropriate message out at precisely the right moment.

To do this, you need to have the audience ready to go.

Use your CRM data and select a group. You want to choose people that have needs, interests or desires that match the Facebook Ad you plan to run.

As an example, you could take your customer list and create a Custom Audience on Facebook based on recent purchases. Then, reach out to that group and ask them to leave your dealership an online rating. You could also create a custom audience of qualified leads and showcase a blog post about your dealership’s values or what makes you different from the competition.

If you sell trucks, it makes sense to set up a custom audience for the average truck buyer. You will want to choose people that like to be outdoors, work in an industrial job and currently own a truck. With the demographic targeting tool, it’s not hard to reach out to the truck-buying leads from your CRM.

What’s vital is that you test out your efforts. Facebook has some of the most powerful filters and tends to create the largest ROI, but there will still be times when you have to make adjustments. Regularly monitor the efforts to ensure you are working toward your goal, and be willing to make changes where necessary.

Create the Ad

Once you have your Custom Audience defined, it’s time to create an ad that reaches your audience and causes them to take action. Whether you are looking to target customers that recently made a purchase, or you want to reach those who are thinking about buying, the Facebook Custom Audiences gives you the recipients, but you have to curate the ad.

Think about the purpose of targeting. If you want reviews, you need to create copy that reflects your desires. If you want to entice truck owners, show them the features of the latest lineup. On the other hand, if you are promoting your service center, you want to target those due for an oil change by offering a special or discount.

You can also reach out to customers who purchased a vehicle six months ago. This is the perfect time to send informative content, such as “How to Care for Your Car.” These ads show that you care and continue to help you keep a connection.

Measure Performance

To measure the effectiveness of your Facebook strategy, you must watch the results. Consider tracking the following aspects.

  • Cost per click
  • Click-through rates
  • Reach
  • Conversions

Your cost per click determines how many clicks you get within your set budget. For example, if you set a budget of $500 and you receive 500 clicks, that equals $1 per click. From our experience, when you target a small group of people, you will pay more per click. However, this isn’t some generic audience, but rather completely customized. Knowing who you are targeting makes the conversion much more valuable.

Of course, reach is also vital. If your $500 allows Facebook to show your ad often, but it’s not getting clicks, you might need to change the content. With a high frequency and low click-through-rate, you can guarantee that the copy isn’t quite right yet.

After all, conversions are the end goal. You want people to click, but you also want them to take action. You can track the ads with UTM tags and measure the conversions with Google Analytics to see if your audience follows through.

Succeed with Facebook Custom Audiences

There is a stage throughout every part of the sales funnel that allows for a chance to utilize these audiences. You can increase brand awareness, turn visitors into buyers and build loyalty for your dealership.

At AimLogic, we know how to achieve social media marketing success. We live and breathe automotive marketing, so we understand the unique challenges that you are facing. Don’t hire just any marketer, but choose a company that knows how to increase foot traffic at your dealership.

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