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5 Digital Marketing Automotive Solutions to Reach Your Customer

Digital Marketing Automotive

5 Digital Marketing Automotive Solutions to Reach Your Customer

Consumers don’t shop for cars the same way they once did. That requires dealerships to rethink how they reach these customers. Tailoring your digital marketing automotive solutions to your consumer is what you must do.

How do you stand out with all the noise in the marketplace? Here’s a breakdown of how to reach the car-buyer with innovative digital marketing strategies.

#1 – Be Where Your Customers Are

At the core of a marketing strategy is to reach the consumer. To do this, you must be where they are. If you aren’t seen, you won’t sell.

With 86% of shoppers doing online research before visiting a dealership, you need to change your methods. With this in mind, let’s figure out how to get in front of these people.

They are going to use a variety of sources to find the information they need. These include:

  • Aggregate sites
  • Search engine
  • Local dealer website
  • Manufacturer website
  • Social media

You must place yourself in as many locations as possible. That’s not enough – when you get there, you must stand out.

If you impress a shopper during the research phase, where do you think they will go to buy the vehicle?

#2 – Operate Multiple Channels

Any good digital marketing automotive strategy utilizes multiple avenues. Your shoppers are browsing numerous channels and you want to reach them more than once.

With today’s technologically driven world, shoppers become tougher to pin down. You could choose to look at this as a problem or take advantage of all the opportunities open to you.

Typically, automotive digital marketing needs to occur across multiple devices to have an impact.

People don’t spend all of their time on one device. In fact, 44% of millennial car buyers claim to use multiple devices while researching. That statistic was determined back in 2014, so we can only imagine it is much larger now.

In fact, people using multiple devices will switch on average three times every day, even while completing a single task.

Whether they are going from the smartphone to a tablet or laptop, it comes down to what’s convenient for them. After all, it’s not easy to look at cars from a computer while waiting to buy groceries at the store.

If you acknowledge the fluidity of the shopping process, you can make better decisions. You must create digital marketing automotive solutions that work on multiple platforms.

#3 – Deliver Appropriate Content

Once you understand how to reach your shopper, it’s time to integrate some marketing strategies. Sending out the wrong message will only turn away the prospects. It can also hurt the reputation of your dealership.

All of your content should be focused on your shopper’s goals. Prepare it for multi-channel, multi-device marketing.

Desktops are great for visualization tasks. Customers have a bigger screen and can dive deeper into the details. For instance, on desktop-focused marketing, you want to include:

  • Customization of vehicles
  • Videos from the OEM website
  • Vehicle spec comparisons
  • Warranty information

With mobile devices, you want content that’s easy to browse. In addition, the contact information must be easy to access. Consider implementing these aspects to your mobile advertising solutions:

  • Share with friends and family
  • Contact a salesperson
  • Booking a test drive
  • Finding information about local dealers

In the end, your customers will likely take action from a mobile device. 14% of the shoppers submit the first lead from their mobile phone and more than 20% call the dealership.

#4 – Keep Your Website Updated

The modern shopper doesn’t like the traditional sales process. There’s been a massive shift in how car buying occurs and you must keep up.

Today’s customers want convenience, low prices and less contact. Knowing this, you can adjust your marketing efforts to increase sales. If your shopper can get the information they need without a lot of work, you will be at the top of their list.

Most customers don’t want to think about what car to purchase in front of a salesperson. It’s much more private to browse inventory and calculate payments from home. Making sure all of your tools are up to date on the website allows them to do that.

When it comes to price, remember that doesn’t always mean coming in the lowest. Instead, focus on providing convenience, experience, features and the best vehicles to offer an all-around value.

With the proper website configuration, your shoppers will be able to find all the answers to their questions without feeling hassled. Let them work out the pricing and features on their own in this no-pressure environment.

Among the most helpful pages on your website, always make sure these are up to date:

  • Vehicle details – use photos, videos and detailed specifics
  • Specials – shoppers want to know what deals they can get
  • Contact – while many people will use the internet to find you, it’s vital that your information is up to date for those who want to reach out

#5 – Think Beyond Your Website

Once you are sure that the website is ready for traffic, you want to branch out. With so many avenues out there to reach your customers, you must get creative.

The right automotive marketing strategy reaches your customers in an engaging, fresh way.

For example, you could utilize OEM Style Video Ads. Create a cohesive plan that spans Instagram, Facebook, your website and YouTube. No matter where your customer is shopping, they would have access to the information they need to make a decision. What’s great about this method is that you aren’t just providing information; you are reaching out in a way that engrosses their attention.

Digital Marketing Automotive Solutions With AimLogic

When it comes to your dealership marketing strategies, there is no one size fits all solution. You must work with a marketer that understands your unique needs. At AimLogic, we know the difficulties today’s automotive dealership faces.

We have worked with countless other dealers to find solutions that work. Between our OEM Style Video Ads, Cinemagraphic Ads and In-The-Market Data, you have all the tools needed to succeed. When you are ready to take your sales to the next level, you want a winning team on your side.

Reach out to us today and let us create an automotive digital marketing plan that fits your needs.