Big Data + Data Science = Highest Conversions

Our in-house Data Scientist utilizes our data driven platform to create custom profiles targeting the right customer with the right offer when it matters most – when they are actively looking to purchase their next vehicle!

Know. Engage. Power. Insights.

Know Your Best Customers

Engage When It Matters Most

As a big data platform, our internal data scientist has developed analytics that provide dealers with a clear understanding of their best customers via customer profiles.

Our Platform processes millions of data touchpoints to create customer profiles based on garage data, credit and financial attributes, demographics, life events and behavioral.

Dealers leverage this information to identify the ideal customer, which make/models have the best conversion per each individual, and which off-brands have the strongest conversion rates for their dealerships.  Target the right customers with the right message to ensure you have the highest sales conversion.

Leverage the power of AimLogic’s data science to identify and predict active in-market buyers, targeting the right customers based on make, model to create campaigns success and drive revenue to your dealership.

Have precision in how you market for your next sales, avoid the pitfalls of marketing to the masses, without having visibility as to who is ready to buy.  With LogicTargeting we empower dealers with the information to know who is active, ready to buy within the next 30-120 days.

is Power

LogicTargeting offers more than just customer match back information.  Be empowered with the knowledge you gain to better understand your customers.  Having access to your brands customer hot list can enable your sales team to engage in a more consultative and advisory manner during the sales process, which will create a more positive customer experience.