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How to Create a Facebook Event Page to Increase Sales: Car Dealership Ideas

auto dealer facebook event pages

How to Create a Facebook Event Page to Increase Sales: Car Dealership Ideas

Creating a Facebook event is one of the best car dealership ideas you can implement for your business. With 700 million people using the platform each month to post an event and 35 million people viewing an event every day, this is an avenue you don’t want to neglect.

Many dealerships get nervous about implementing a tool that they haven’t used before, but there’s no need to worry. This platform is simple to use and will only take a few minutes of your day.

We will explain the reasons why you need to use Facebook events to boost your car sales. We will also look at some car dealership Facebook ideas and show you how to create your event with ease.

Let’s dive right in so you can enjoy the benefits today.

Benefits of Using Facebook Events

Unlike some marketing methods, creating a Facebook event is simple to do. It won’t require the help of a professional and it only takes seconds to complete.

With this sales event platform, you make your next promotion visible to your followers and their friends. You can invite people to the event or assign some of your followers as hosts. The hosts can then share the event on their personal timelines and invite others to participate.

This is one of the car salesman Facebook ideas that other dealerships don’t want you to know about, mainly because of the profitability. Instead of spending a huge budget with your other digital advertising solutions, you are creating awareness for free. If you want to give it a bigger boost, you can quickly add a little budget to reach more people.

Now that you understand the benefits, let’s dive deeper into how to get started with a Facebook event.

Creating Facebook Events

When you look at the best car dealership Facebook pages, you will notice events. Let’s learn how to set them up for yourself so that you can remain competitive.

  1. Log onto your business page and select “Event.”
  2. Next, you want to upload a video or photo for your event. For photos, the aspect ratio must be 1:9:1 or 1200×628 pixels. If you prefer to upload a video, it can be between thirty seconds and five minutes long. Don’t use a lot of text in your image.
  3. Name your event. There is a character limit of 64, so don’t get carried away. In fact, Facebook says most users prefer a shorter name because it’s easier to view from a mobile device.
  4. Add the location of your event.
  5. Add a description of the event. Make sure you answer who, what, where and why in your description. You can also use hashtags in this area.
  6. Select the appropriate category. There are eight available categories to choose from.
  7. Select the frequency. Your audience wants to know what to expect. If the event happens weekly or just once, be sure to mark that.
  8. Add co-hosts. By tagging some other people as co-host, you extend the reach of your event. Ask some of the team members at the dealership to join on as co-hosts so that their friends and families can also see the event. The more co-hosts you add, the further your reach will go.
  9. Input your schedule so people know what to expect at the event.
  10. Make sure you incorporate a link where people can go to learn more.
  11. Double-check everything before you publish the Facebook event.

Now it’s time to optimize your event.

Facebook Event Promotion & Optimization

For your Facebook event to become successful, you can’t just let it sit there and fend for itself. Instead, you want to promote the event and optimize it for more exposure. Here are a few optimization tips to keep in mind.

  • Promote the event on your Facebook business page.
  • Share tips and updates leading up to the event.
  • Keep the attendees excited by uploading teaser videos and photos.

As with all of your car dealership ideas, you must promote the event so more people can see it. Invite friends, share the information through messenger and use the “Share as Post” feature on the Event page. Your staff can do the same to promote the event to their friends and family, which only further increases exposure.

If you want to add a little budget to your marketing efforts, consider boosting the event post. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact. With even a small budget, you can get more people to attend your event. As with any Facebook advertising, we recommend starting out with a minimal budget to see how it goes. From there, you can always increase your spending limit.

Unlike many other social media marketing plans, this one is painless to set up and requires very little upkeep. You don’t need to have any marketing experience to get started. You could even turn over the management to someone on your staff.

Succeed with Your Car Dealership Ideas

Facebook events are an area you don’t want to neglect. Not only does it help you promote all of your dealership sales events, but it will enable you to boost sales. With some simple steps, you have all the tools you need to create more awareness for your business.

Facebook events are simple to create and you can save money versus other marketing methods. Of course, we always recommend taking a multi-channel approach with your dealership marketing strategy. That’s why you should consider hiring a professional.

At AimLogic, our only focus is to bring car dealerships more business. All of our tools and strategies are customized to deal with the automotive sector. Unlike the larger advertising companies, we haven’t spread ourselves too thin, attempting to figure out what works for every industry.

Because of our automotive dedication, we already know what works and what doesn’t. We have put forth the time to figure out the best solutions to market your car dealership, so no trial and error is occurring. Contact us for an evaluation and we will show you how we can make your car sales skyrocket.