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Coronavirus and Auto Sales: Using Digital Marketing to Boost Car Sales

coronavirus effect of automotive industry

Coronavirus and Auto Sales: Using Digital Marketing to Boost Car Sales

Wuhan in Hubei Province is known for several things. While it has gained a lot of notoriety as the start of the coronavirus, it’s also part of the Motor City region in China. In fact, Hubei Province produced more than two million vehicles in 2019, making up about ten percent of all of China’s automotive output. So what do coronavirus and auto sales have to do with each other? A lot when you consider the effect on U.S. car dealerships.

Coronavirus and Auto Sales: What’s Happening Now

Looking at the “Big Three” alone, you see that many of the products needed to produce the current lineup are needed from China. In fact, all three of these automakers have a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

Here is how our car industry is suffering from the virus.

1. U.S. to China Exports Declining

China imports more than $10 billion USD worth of vehicles from our automakers. This is more than they receive from German carmakers. Because of the retail climate in the country, automotive demand is done and we will feel the hit.

This means that the United States will have a surplus of vehicles, plus a decline in production. As this occurs, there will be more incentives to implement across the board. These lower prices might be enough to boost car sales from home, with the right amount of digital marketing in play.

2. China to U.S. Exports Declining

In February, Chinese authorities halted production at many of the automotive factories. While the supply being cut off isn’t as much as what we export to China, there will be a volume shortage for popular brands, such as Honda.

3. Auto Part Imports Declining

The greatest impact between coronavirus and auto sales will be felt on the parts side. The United States, Canada and Mexico are all part of NAFTA, which is an agreement to sell auto parts from China. In 2018, nearly $14 billion of auto parts were imported from China.

What will impact dealers is the lack of availability of parts needed in the service departments. We also need to be concerned about the components needed for the assembly of new vehicles.

Using Automotive Digital Marketing to Counteract Coronavirus and Auto Sales

There’s never been a better time to implement new automotive marketing strategies and boost sales. Consumers will want to do all of their shopping from home as the coronavirus threats become more widespread. You can meet them where they are and make it easy to get the vehicle they need.

Here are five ways to boost your car sales through digital marketing.

1. Automotive Marketing Across Multiple Platforms

You must manage your brand across multiple platforms to achieve success. Above all else, your brand must remain consistent no matter what platform you are using. What your Facebook page says should adequately represent the information found on your website and vice versa.

If a customer can’t understand what you are saying and what your dealership stands for, they will shop elsewhere. To make a sale in these difficult times, you must establish trust. That’s why you must focus on the top branding tips to establish your dealership.

2. Manage Social Media Advertising

You probably don’t have a large marketing staff in-house to support all of the management needed. This shortage might cause some of the social media needs to fall by the wayside. Instead, it would pay for you to hire an automotive marketer that can take the burden off of your shoulders.

Make sure you hire a company that believes in promotion, but also creating high-quality content that your users want. After all, no one wants to visit a site that is all about self-promotion. Instead, your team must establish ways to become helpful to the audience being served.

It even helps to incorporate some user-generated content into the mix.

3. Focus on Dealership Email Marketing

If you want to generate leads, email marketing helps you accomplish your marketing goals. Not only will you be able to nurture the leads you have, but you will remain in front of your audience.

In-Market Buyers helps you determine the appropriate audience to send your emails too. After all, if the quality isn’t there, you can’t expect car sales as a result.

4. Revamp Your Website

With coronavirus and auto sales on your mind, it is time to take a hard look at your website’s performance. The dealership site is often the first place customers go to find out more information about your brand. They will judge the dealer based on how the site is performing, what it looks like and the information offered.

If the website’s page speed is slow or the design is outdated, no one will trust your dealership. Have some random customers evaluate your website and offer their honest opinion. You can throw in a free oil change for their time. Then, take this information and use it to make your website better.

5. Dealership Marketing Centers on Content Value

It doesn’t matter what type of automotive marketing solutions you implement; you must provide solid content that interests your audience. Whether you are sharing information on social media or sending out an email newsletter, it’s vital that you curate content that resonates in the mind of your audience.

Sit with your team and discuss topics that your audience wants to know more about. It could be:

  • New car features
  • How to maintain a car
  • Scheduled maintenance schedules
  • What to expect from the dealership
  • Buying vs. leasing
  • Seasonal topics

It helps to sit with a calendar and map out the upcoming content. More importantly, you want others that see the content to share it. When you craft better content than anyone else on the internet, it will be shared and seen by more people.

Whatever new solutions you implement, it’s important that you track all of the results. By watching your KPIs, you will see what works and what doesn’t so you can make future adjustments to your strategy.

Automotive Marketing Battles Coronavirus and Auto Sales Concerns

You don’t have to let the coronavirus fears hurt your dealership sales. With the right automotive marketer by your side, you can achieve car sales success and surpass your competition. At AimLogic, we work solely with dealerships just like yours. Contact us today to discuss your marketing solutions and boost your car sales today.