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A Closer Look at the Convincing Statistics Behind Automotive Video Ads

Car Dealerships Video Ads

A Closer Look at the Convincing Statistics Behind Automotive Video Ads

As the times continue to change, it becomes more important than ever that your dealership has a strong online presence. To ensure your success, you must focus heavily on automotive video ads. Why is this type of automotive marketing so valuable? Let’s take a look at some dealership marketing statistics you might not know about.

We will also examine how to use automotive ads to boost your return on investment.

95% of Car Buyers Use Digital to Get Information

According to Google, the average user is looking online to get more information first. Whether it’s to find out what trim levels a car is available in or to perform the research needed to find the appropriate color, customers want instant answers without having to talk to anyone.

Twice as Many Consumers Start the Car Search Online

Again, Google states that when a customer is looking to buy a vehicle, the search starts online twice as often as it does at the dealership. Your customers want to be educated and informed before stepping foot in your location. If you don’t provide them with the information they need to make a decision, they will go to your competitor.

While Searching, Customers Visit More Than Four Websites

During the automotive search, a consumer will visit an average of 4.2 websites to get information. This research also shows that your car buyers are using multiple devices to get the information. Knowing this, it becomes more important than ever to use automotive video ads that are set for a variety of platforms.

33% of Research Time is Done from a Mobile Device

According to a study done by J.D. Power, the average car buyer will spend 33% of their research time using a mobile device. Again, if your dealership video ads aren’t optimized for this traffic, you could lose valuable sales.

YouTube Test Drive Video Watch Time Has Grown By 65%

If you aren’t sure that YouTube test drive videos are worth the effort, just look at this research from Google. Over a two year period, the test drive videos hosted on YouTube have grown in popularity by 65%. With this type of automotive video ad, the customer can get a better feel for a vehicle without visiting the dealership. This reduces the time spent on-site and allows users to feel more in control of the process.

Car Buyers Spend about 14 Hours Searching Online

Another study shows that you have plenty of time to reach these customers. The average consumer will spend 14 hours researching their vehicle purchase. To get their attention, you want to optimize the car-shopping experience to reach your audience on all platforms.

5 Ways to Use Automotive Video Ads to Boost Sales

Now that you see the value in automotive ads let’s look at some practical steps you can take to boost car sales.

1. How-To Automotive Video Ads

Posting tutorials is a popular way to gain some attention. Users are searching for practical steps to care for their vehicle. If you provide this valuable information, you become a trusted source in the community. Here are a few topics your service department could talk about in the videos.

  • How to change tires
  • When to bring a car in for a tune-up
  • How to change the windshield wipers
  • Signs the car battery is dying
  • Why should the engine oil be changed

2. Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews continue to be a valuable source of information for car shoppers. When someone is looking to purchase a vehicle, they regularly trust what other users have said. Ask your customers to do a video testimonial that you can post across social media. We also recommend engaging in user-generated content to increase reliability.

3. Automotive Video Tours

Photos of your vehicles are still important, but it’s time to incorporate video as well. You want to focus on high-quality photos for the inventory, but videos help you take the information to new heights. With OEM Video Style Ads, you can leave a lasting impression that causes your customers to visit your physical location.

4. Meet the Staff & See the Dealership

Before your customers want to visit, they want to know who they are dealing with. By providing some behind the scenes videos, you allow these car buyers to meet your staff ahead of time. Maybe you could highlight a specific team member once a week or do an overall glimpse of who’s working at the dealership. Either way, you help your customers know who they will be dealing with before they visit.

Additionally, you can take this a step further and do a video tour of the dealership. Make sure your branding is on-spot before starting this process. Walk the customer through the initial experience of stepping onto the lot. Then, allow them to walk with you in the dealership. You can showcase each department and highlight the amenities that set you apart from your competition.

5. Helpful Car Buying Tips

Your customers want to find valuable information without having to talk to anyone. Across your dealership, you have a lot to offer. By posting informative content, you not only help your customers become more informed, but you will boost your SEO for car dealers.

Consider some of these video ideas.

  • How to get the vehicle ready for trade-in
  • Improving your credit score
  • Difference between a sedan and SUV
  • What kind of car fits each lifestyle
  • Breakdown of different safety features and how to use them
  • Difference between leasing and financing

You can also ask your customers what topics they want to learn more about. It’s a great question to ask on social media if you want to generate a conversation.

Take Your Automotive Video Ads to New Levels

At AimLogic, we have the experience needed to bring new life into your video marketing. We understand the value of incorporating video into your email marketing campaign and accenting your social media pages.

Our automotive marketing firm is different than most. All we focus on is increasing traffic to car dealerships. Because of our intense focus, we already know what works and what doesn’t. You can trust our experts to provide the highest ROI possible.