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5 Challenges an Automotive Digital Marketing Agency Tackles

Automotive Digital Marketing

5 Challenges an Automotive Digital Marketing Agency Tackles

The digital market continues to evolve, as well as consumers. An automotive digital marketing agency helps dealerships face industry challenges by analyzing data and finding optimal solutions.

Auto dealers have a lot to think about. From minimizing turnover to handling customer complaints, there’s a lot the dealership faces daily. Adding in the difficulty of getting car buyers through the door is one obstacle many organizations aren’t prepared to deal with.

That’s why most dealerships turn to an automotive digital marketer to handle this aspect of the business. Still, the road ahead isn’t always easy.

Here are five challenges that the dealership and marketing agency face together. With the right team in place, it’s not challenging to achieve success.

Challenge #1: Consumers Have Changed

It’s no wonder why Ford and GM both cut back on their inventory. Sales have slowed as an overall decline of new vehicle purchases has occurred. The reason for this decline might be related to factors you haven’t thought about.

Car buying behavior is often related to income, geographical location, financial situation and age. All of these factors must be accounted for to determine why a dealership is experiencing a cutback.

Recent studies indicate that teens aren’t getting their driver’s licenses at the same rate they used to. This is just one way a gap is created for car sales.

In addition, cities around the country are becoming less car-friendly. Car-free lifestyles have become more commonplace in urban areas, creating obstacles for dealerships in the area.

By looking at the insights in your local area, it’s easier to see where the opportunities are and seize them.

Challenge #2: Keeping Up With Technology

With the growth rate of technology these days, it’s easy to miss out on sales because your dealership can’t keep up with the times. Just take a look at electric cars. They continue to accelerate in sales, despite the slowdown of other car types.

Do you have these on your lot right now? If so, it’s likely you are reaping the benefits. Again, this isn’t the case for every market. Your digital advertising agency needs to look at what’s happening near you and guide you into the best automotive marketing strategy.

By gaining regional insight, your automotive digital marketing agency helps you to capture sales based on local consumer interests.

Challenge #3: Car Buyer Shopping Methods Have Changed

Most of the challenges that automotive marketing companies have these days is finding how to connect with buyers. It wasn’t that long ago that all marketing was done in broadcast or print. Now, a comprehensive strategy includes digital marketing.

The only way to generate quality leads is to get on the Internet. The constant shift in technology changes how people buy cars. Because the Internet continually evolves, it’s a full-time job coming up with new solutions that connect the customers to the dealership.

With help from a qualified digital marketer, the dealership begins executing a marketing solution customized to their needs. It always takes into account how consumers look for a new vehicle. The strategy must be multi-faceted to create a personalized shopping experience.

Challenge #4: Proving ROI on Marketing Investment

It’s vital to prove the return on investment from any marketing endeavor, but most dealerships never get this. Either the dealership becomes too busy to figure out how much business they have received, or the automotive marketing company doesn’t follow through.

To determine if a marketing campaign brought the results you expected, you must analyze how much business was closed as a result.

Working with a top-notch agency is key to getting the answers you need. With the proper partnership, your dealership gains the leverage it needs to reach consumers effectively. While you are busy dealing with the day-to-day operations, your marketing team ensures you receive the highest ROI possible.

It’s like having another set of eyes making sure nothing is going unnoticed.

Challenge #5: High Employee Turnover

Putting someone in charge of automotive marketing inside the dealership is a risky move, considering the high rate of turnover.

No one needs to tell you that the auto industry faces one of the highest turnover rates in the country.

Not only is it wise to take this responsibility out of the hands of your employees, but a strong marketing agency knows how to help retain your employees.

When your marketing team and sales reps have access to the right tools, they sell more. The more they sell, the higher the satisfaction rate soars, allowing you to retain employees. When the sales increase, you have more incentives to offer and everyone walks away a winner.

How would it change your dealership to offer your employees a big bonus?

A solid strategy includes training your employees to answer customer questions. It also involves adding some bonuses and incentives to reward their efforts. That’s how successful dealerships maintain a lower turnover rate.

With an intense focus and help from a qualified ad agency, your dealership can overcome this challenge and more, no matter what the rest of the industry does.

AimLogic is the Premier Automotive Digital Marketing Agency

At AimLogic, we understand the challenges that await us and we look forward to succeeding. Our tried and true methods of gaining more business continue to prove themselves day after day.

If your automotive marketing results have become stagnant, it’s time to get someone else to take a look. We provide innovative solutions that other companies don’t offer.

Our In-the-Market data provides access to consumers looking to buy in the next 30-120 days. We then utilize a multi-channel marketing approach to reach those potential customers.

With our Cinemagraphic Ads, we increase your click-through-rate compared to still images. This tool has proven to be a hot item on social media and through email campaigns.

Another innovative tool is the OEM Style Video Ads. Increase your presence in the digital space and stand out from your competition. We all know the consumer prefers video, so let’s give it to them.

It’s time to kick your auto marketing efforts up a notch. Contact AimLogic to work out a customized plan that helps you achieve your goals.