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Car Dealer Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

Car Dealer Markering

Car Dealer Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

At the start of 2020, we all thought we knew where the future of car sales was heading and then the coronavirus pandemic changed our country. Since then, everyone has had to reevaluate the role of car dealer marketing in 2020. What are the trends we will see and where are the sales headed? Let’s take a closer look at what to expect and how to respond.

Car Sales will Decline

There’s simply no way around it. Car sales (used and new) are going to decline in 2020. In fact, before the pandemic, eMarketer predicted that sales were going to drop by 0.3% already. Imagine what those numbers are going to look like once this virus dissipates.

These numbers only prove that your dealership has to engage in more digital marketing. You can’t sit by idly, hoping that you will sell cars; you must be proactive.

Automotive Digital Marketing Focus Will Shift Online

Think With Google posted a study stating that 95% of car buyers will use digital avenues as a source of information. If you aren’t on the various platforms available, your competition will make the sale.

Now is the time to get serious about your digital marketing efforts, unless you want to be left behind.

Automotive Marketing Trends to Consider in 2020

As you begin to curate your automotive marketing strategy for 2020, you need to consider these trends.

  • Voice Search
  • Messaging Apps
  • AR/VR Technology
  • Google E-A-T Guidelines
  • Artificial Intelligence

Let’s look at each of these in-depth to see how you can alter your marketing plan.

Voice Search Optimization

Back in 2016, Google Home was introduced and twenty percent of the online queries were done by voice. Now, over 100 million people use voice search each month, and that number only continues to rise.

If your car dealership hasn’t worked on a voice search strategy, you are missing out on valuable traffic. You must analyze your website, paid search ads and blog to determine if it is ready for voice search. Otherwise, it might not meet the Needs Met rating from Google, which negatively impacts your SERP ranking.

To keep up with the changes, you want to:

  • Focus on long-tail keywords: These should match simple speech patterns. For example, instead of optimizing for “Chevy dealership Chicago,” try “best Chevy dealership near me.”
  • Answer the top questions: Optimize your online content to answer the questions most consumers have. You can use online tools such as Answer the Public to find out what the common questions are.

Car Dealer Marketing Communication Through Messaging Apps

As you craft your digital marketing strategy, make sure you incorporate messaging apps. Whether you use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you must communicate with your customers in innovative ways.

These apps continue to grow in popularity because:

  • They provide a better user experience.
  • The platforms allow for more flexibility
  • You can improve your relationships

The messaging apps and chatbots aren’t just useful for communicating with your audience but also for scheduling a service appointment. Give your customers the flexibility they crave in 2020.

Implement AR/VR Technology with Automotive Digital Marketing

If you want to keep up with the 2020 automotive marketing trends, it’s time to launch AR and VR technology options. Here are a few ways you can connect with your customers through technology.

  • Virtual tours: Give your audience a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s interior before scheduling a test drive.
  • 3D models: When you use AR, you can allow them to visualize how the car will look parked outside their garage.
  • Virtual techs: Allows customers to gain access to virtual technicians that can help with service questions and concerns.
  • Enhanced user experience: Integrate AR on the website, social media ads and blog to create a unique experience.

With each new technology you launch, you will see an increase in sales and conversions.

Follow E-A-T Guidelines 

In 2019, Google released some new updates. As you plan your 2020 car dealer marketing strategies, you want to focus on following these guidelines.

The E-A-T Guidelines stand for:

  • Expertise: Content that reveals expert knowledge for readers.
  • Authoritativeness: Content that shows you are an authority in your industry.
  • Trustworthiness: Content that is shared on a secure site.

It’s simple to show your expertise by sharing information on your vehicles and services. Make sure your content contains statistics and facts from other leaders. Then, showcase your authority by publishing content on other high-ranking sites.

To ensure your site is considered trustworthy, you want to provide relevant content on a secure site.

Follow these simple steps to ensure success.

  • Write engaging headlines that summarize what the content is about.
  • Include facts that are easily verified.
  • Write error-free pieces that are grammatically correct.
  • Make sure your users are gaining valuable knowledge from reading your content.

Personalize Car Dealer Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence, you can quickly boost your car sales simply by incorporating more personalization. The average consumer craves personalization, so you can’t go wrong with this step.

Consider these valuable tips:

  • Never cross the line: Use AI to share an appropriate amount of personalization without becoming creepy.
  • Make a good first impression: Balance your insights with tailored information that the customer is craving. Offer vehicle trim preferences or color options. You can easily blow the first impression if you aren’t careful.
  • Include automation: Deliver information about new vehicle offers and exclusive deals through messaging apps, email and on your website.
  • Track the results: You don’t want to assume that your AI efforts are working. Instead, track the results based on your key performance indicators (KPI) and return on investment (ROI).

Boost Car Dealer Marketing Efforts in 2020

You can take your dealership to new heights and boost your sales, no matter what the statistics show. During 2020, it’s time to invest in your dealership’s social media presence and focus on new advertising channels.

Stay ahead of the competition with our guidelines listed above and some innovative additions, such as OEM Style Video Ads and Conquest Retargeting Ads. While your competition is pulling back on advertising efforts, you can continue to grow.

The professional team at AimLogic is ready to help you break through the barriers to achieve more car sales in 2020.