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5 Effective Ways to Build Your Dealership’s Presence on Social Media

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5 Effective Ways to Build Your Dealership’s Presence on Social Media

If a customer interacts with a car dealership 24 times, 19 of those will be through digital means. This vital statistic proves that social media and digital automotive marketing cannot be ignored. Your modern customer has turned to social media for every step of the car buying process. If you want to succeed, you must build your dealership’s presence on social media.

The proper execution of your automotive marketing strategies will help you build a reputation and increase car sales. Failing in this department could have disastrous effects on the bottom line. To get ahead, you must have a strategic social media plan that you can stick to.

In this article, we will highlight the five ways to take your online presence to the extreme.

#1: Build Your Automotive Social Media Strategy

Where does the car-buying process begin for most people? The majority of today’s buyers are starting their search online. They will turn to the internet and to social media platforms to find out what others have to say.

If you get your dealership’s social media pages to rank, you will be seen as the most influential option. You will beat out other dealerships when customers are looking at where to shop.

Creating this stellar social media presence doesn’t come easily. It requires a well-thought-out strategy and hard work. Sit with your team to outline your dealership goals. Determine what steps you can take to improve the presence of your company.

Your team might need to meet regularly to re-evaluate the goals and progress. If you don’t have the expertise or skills to create the initial plan, it helps to talk to an automotive marketer who can offer valuable insight instead.

#2: Going Beyond the Dealership Website

Your dealership website is no longer enough to connect you with the customers. Because of this, many auto dealers, just like you, are searching for ways to elevate the social media channels to their advantage. The key is to look at your social media pages as an extension of your website.

You want the branding and overall message to remain the same, but you need to appeal to the users on these platforms. You can’t simply throw a post on every now and then and expect to see results. Instead, you want to purposefully and creatively come up with content that converts.

The more active your presence is on social media, the more people you will connect with. As you engage with this audience, you will be able to build relationships and establish yourself as the leader. Use the platform to have fun, entertain and inform your potential clients.

#3: Build Your Dealership’s Presence by Building Trust

Today’s car buyers want to trust you before they sign on the dotted line. To figure out who is dependable, they will look to social media reviews and comments. In the auto industry, you must be responsive, courteous and willing to help in order to succeed.

Think about the information your car buyers want to know. Post about the financing terms, features and other special data on each vehicle. Be their go-to source of information and they won’t turn anywhere else. Then, follow up by promptly answering questions and responding to concerns.

As you quickly handle each comment, you show the customers how much you care and you build trust. If you receive positive feedback, share it on your page and thank the person. If you get a complaint, don’t ignore it. Instead, respond with sincerity and talk about ways you plan to change that experience.

No one is expecting your dealership to be perfect. Customers want to know that you care. That’s the number one thing to portray.

#4: Avoid Social Media Mistakes

Car shoppers are looking for advice on social media. Your pages can quickly become an area of rich information or can be a detriment to your dealership. If you implement a poorly-planned digital marketing strategy, you will fail.

Start by avoiding spamming messages that overload your followers with unnecessary information. Also, make sure that the majority of what you are sharing is valuable. No one wants to hear about your promotions every day but would rather know about the particulars of the vehicles.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s perfectly acceptable to share the occasional deal and promotion, but doing it all of the time will only turn your customers away.

#5: Reach Car-Buying Millennials with Automotive Marketing

Millennials make up forty percent of the car-buying market. Eighty percent of millennials use social media more than once a day, but they are more likely to divide their time across several platforms. This information proves that you need to be sharing your message in multiple places in order to be seen.

Start by offering credible content about buying cars and the financing process on your social media pages. Then, use some innovative tactics, such as OEM Style Video Ads to gain more attention. You can also add in some walk-around videos or virtual test drives. The more relevant content you post, the higher your chances are of building trust and engaging with your customers.

Plus, every person that is impressed by the content is tempted to share it with their circle, further expanding your reach with ease. In no time, your efforts will become like second nature and you will see an ROI that’s unlike any other strategy you’ve implemented.

Build Your Dealership’s Presence to Sell More Cars

What’s the purpose behind any auto dealer? Your main goal is to sell more cars, but you can’t do this without first building your presence on social media platforms. If you aren’t sure what step to take next, you should consult with AimLogic. Our team of professionals focuses solely on automotive marketing, so we know the pathway to success.

When you want to build your dealership’s presence, you can’t take any chances. One wrong move can change the entire direction of your brand’s reputation and can drastically affect how many cars you sell. Contact our team today to discuss your options. From Conquest Retargeting Ads to In-Market Buyers, you have a world of solutions at your fingertips with our company.