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Try These Automotive SEO Practices for Generating Leads

Automotive SEO

Try These Automotive SEO Practices for Generating Leads

You put a lot of money into your advertising and know that it’s a good use of your budget, but are you neglecting your automotive SEO practices in the meantime. SEO for the automotive industry is key if you want to succeed and gather a larger consumer base.

We’ve put together some helpful tips for you with your search engine optimization tactics. You can learn a few of the dealer SEO best practices you should be considering.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This term means that you use relevant and targeted keywords to enhance your website visibility organically. If you want to show up in the search results when someone Googles, “car dealership near me,” then you must pay attention to automotive SEO practices.

To get started, you need to have a website with landing pages. From here, you will update the meta data, create some content modifications and perform keyword analysis.

Why You Need to Focus on SEO

The search engines use specific guidelines when ranking a website. By implementing SEO for dealership tactics, you can improve your ranking and the relevance to your customers. The best practices for SEO enable you to create a keyword structure that generates algorithms and improves your website’s visibility.

On-Page Automotive SEO Explained

Search engines don’t see a website as the human eye does. Instead, the search engines map out the site to look at the formatting. You must optimize the content to be readable but also with a clear keyword focus. Images, non-text content and scripts are often ignored by the search engines and deemed irrelevant.

Keyword Research

You must start with the proper keywords for your dealership. Obviously, you aren’t trying to target Chevy customers if you sell Ford. Auto dealers can use the Google Keyword Planner to suggest some options and estimate the search volume.

In addition to finding the right keywords, you also need to do the appropriate work based on the search engine you are targeting. If you want to move up the search rankings, you must have the right SEO marketing strategy in place.

Meta Titles

The meta title is a description of the content, seen by the search engines. You need to optimize every title for your target keywords to create a better user experience. Titles and keywords shouldn’t be duplicated on pages.

You want to keep your meta title to 70 characters or less. Longer titles will be used but might be shortened automatically in the process. Considering the users see your title tag first when searching, this is a vital component to starting your relationship on the best foot.

Meta Descriptions

A meta description provides a summary of what’s on the page. You can create a snippet of text to be displayed under your meta title for each web page. You don’t want to use duplicated content for the descriptions either.

Create compelling descriptions and make sure they include the keywords. You can make these any length, but the search engine will cut off anything over 160 characters.

Heading & ALT Tags

Your heading tag represents the various sections of your website. The search engines use the header tag relevancy to match with the content. H1 is an important tag to have and must contain the keyword.

In addition, you want plenty of H2 and H3 tags, as well. These are used for secondary keywords and other relevant keywords. When you create images on the page, you want descriptions of the images. You can also use the keyword in your ALT tag.

Off-Page Automotive SEO Explained

Search engines analyze your dealership website based on the inbound links coming from referring domains. The trust of these sites, anchor text of the links and content all impact your SEO. If you want to improve the SEO naturally, you should focus on acquiring more inbound links from other sites.

Editorial Links

If you can get your link on a reference site, you will receive extra credit from the search engines. These include sites such as news or other industry-related publications. You can share content about vehicle features, release dates and more if the website owner allows you to create content.

Outreach Links

The direct promotion of content is considered outreach. You can contact other bloggers or website owners and ask them to link to a page. While this is good for SEO, you will have to provide an incentive for the website owner to link to you.

Non-Editorial Links

These links are self-created and don’t have as much value. This category includes business profiles, social media sites and other relevant directories.

Referring Pages

Google is moving away from links as an SEO factor as it creates more algorithms about the analysis of pages. Over time, the sites linking you might become less important, but you don’t want to neglect them for now.

Referring Domains

In addition, the domain strength of your referrer is essential. If you have inbound links from a reputable source, it’s far more valuable than multiple links from a site that Google doesn’t recognize.

Referral Traffic

As you receive traffic from these links, you will also see a natural increase in traffic. Sure, the link is valuable for SEO, but consider the value of placing links on car-related websites. Those people reading the content will come to your site because of genuine interest.

Generate More Leads

SEO is a vital part of your automotive marketing strategy and should never be ignored. On top of that, you must also focus on social media advertising and email campaigns. In general, your solutions must include a little bit of everything to have the most profound effect.

At AimLogic, we utilize innovative marketing strategies for your dealership. We’ve tried all of the latest techniques and tactics to discover what actually works. You don’t have to be the guinea pig for a company that isn’t sure what path to take. We’ve already mapped it all out. If you want to see a larger ROI from your advertising budget, it’s time to contact our professionals for a consultation.