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Automotive Marketing Video Campaigns: Ideal For Dealerships

OEM Video Ads for Automotive Franchise Dealerships

Automotive Marketing Video Campaigns: Ideal For Dealerships

There’s no question that automotive marketing video campaigns continue to rise. In fact, eMarketer estimates that digital ad spending in the country will account for more than 54% of total media ad spending in 2019. So, what does this mean for your automotive dealership and the way you currently market? Video campaigns need to take precedence if you want to stay on top of the competition.

Thankfully, video ads become more scalable by the day. This allows you to reach your target audience in higher efficiencies. Targeting a specific audience has never been easier. You can aim your advertising at shoppers undergoing a life-changing event such as having a baby or target them based on location.

Still, creating a successful video campaign becomes more complicated than just running a pre-roll ad. Here are some elements to consider when determining your video marketing strategy.

1. Video Teaches Customers about Your Products and Services

In a study performed by wyzowl back in 2017, statistics show that 95% of people admit to watching an explainer video about a service or product they are interested in.

This proves that if you aren’t utilizing short, concise explainer videos for your car inventory, you are missing out. Not only can you promote each car with these videos, but you can break it down further. Explain how much cargo room there is in one video and show the unique features in another ad.

All your dealership videos must be brief and to the point.

2. Target Life Stages

Use the power of video advertising to speak to the customer encountering a new life stage. Reach out to those that are having a new baby or embarking on a move. Provide a specific vehicle that meets the needs they have and show them the unique qualities it contains.

In this way, you provide a solution to what’s perceived to be a problem.

3. Embrace Multiple Formats

By utilizing both interactive and mobile video advertising, you reach a broader market of potential customers.

Standard pre-roll video ads are still a favorite when analyzing completion metrics, but not all customers like to be forced into viewing. You face a large number of people that will skip the ad altogether.

Instead of solely relying on this avenue, consider using an opt-in format. Then, your potential audience chooses when and if they want to interact.

Want to take it a step further?

Add in relevant, interactive cues such as a find a dealer map or “click to learn more.”

4. Finish Strong

Most car-buyers start deciding on a vehicle by heading online. They search third-party sites, read reviews and check on pricing. Then, they turn to family and friends to hear their opinions.

Very often, the dealer site is the final place a customer goes before they make a final decision. Interactive video at this stage is key to securing your sale.

Provide interactive videos that allow a potential buyer to see your dealership, experience the vehicle and earn credibility.

Then, you can gather data from the video unit and use it for remarketing. This allows you to further target that audience with a specific vehicle, offer or service that caught their attention.

Take Your Automotive Marketing Video Campaigns to the Next Level

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With our proven steps to capitalize on engaging video campaigns, you can expect a low cost per acquisition. We have the tools to implement a strategy that suits your needs.