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Automotive Digital Media Transforms the Car Buying Experience

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Automotive Digital Media Transforms the Car Buying Experience

No one denies that automotive digital media continues to evolve quickly. Most dealerships struggle to keep up with changes. On the other hand, smart establishments know the value of using an experienced automotive marketing agency. With consumers holding onto cars longer and buying less frequently, you need every advantage you can get.

We outline four critical ways that digital media transforms the car buying experience. With our tips, you gain an advantage.

1. Researching Cars

More people turn to the Internet to do research. So, your dealership needs to be prepared. At the beginning of the search, many buyers aren’t convinced of a particular make or model. However, by the time they walk into the dealership, their mind is already made up and it’s too late.

That’s why video research is vital. Especially if you want your vehicles to be considered by today’s savvy shopper. Views of test drive videos, options and features continue to skyrocket on YouTube.

You must utilize innovative solutions such as OEM Style Video Ads and Cinemagraphic Ads. With these products, it’s easier to stand out on digital media platforms.

2. High-Tech Customer Experience

These dealership digital services continue to enhance the customer experience. It’s relevant and personal. Certainly, it’s what today’s shopper wants. Therefore, adding video highlighting 360-views of the interior, walkarounds, test drives and other features helps your car buyer to visualize themselves in the vehicle.

BMW recently ran a video campaign titled, #BMWSTORIES. Their campaign highlighted personal stories from real customers. In addition, the real-life journeys were emotional and profoundly connecting. Most importantly, some of the videos received more than 10 million views. This only proves that people desire more video content as long as it’s executed properly.

3. Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality changes the industry entirely. Automotive dealerships are wasting no time hopping on-board with this exciting technology.

By utilizing VR tech and apps, showrooms become part of virtual reality quickly. Many brands, including BMW and Audi, already incorporate this into many of their showrooms.

Today’s shoppers prefer visiting locations that offer interactive experiences. It shows dominance in the field and gives you an edge over your competition. Consequently, you must implement a VR demo station where customers can take test drives. As a result, you’ll become the talk of the town.

4. Digital Advertising Isn’t Going Away

This isn’t a fad that you should ignore. Automotive social advertising continues to grow. It’s quickly becoming the number one avenue for many dealerships.

In 2017, digital spending topped all other media for the first time in history, according to Automotive News. Since then, it only continues to reach higher while other platforms suffer.

To stay ahead in this market, you must excel on the social media platforms. It’s become the most essential tool for any business industry, especially automotive dealerships.

Get innovative with your social media ads. Doing so gives you a high chance of success. Above all, think outside the box and take some risks. After all, if you don’t stand out, people won’t take notice.

Post plenty of content that answers your customer’s questions. Likewise, create videos related to fuel economy, pricing, options and trim levels. The more a consumer can find out about a car, the easier they make a decision.

Automotive Digital Media Done Right

Automotive digital media is now a necessity. It’s no longer a luxury that you can opt-out of. In short, dealerships must commit to adding these strategies into their business.

Transform your current efforts. Utilize actionable, profitable solutions with a qualified dealership marketing agency working on your side. Our social solutions help you connect with potential customers fast and efficiently.

Reach out to us for your free demo. We’ll show you what can be accomplished in a short amount of time.