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Latest Automotive Digital Marketing Trends for Auto Dealers

Automotive Digital Marketing Trends

Latest Automotive Digital Marketing Trends for Auto Dealers

Automotive digital marketing continues to evolve, making it challenging to keep up with the latest trends. At AimLogic, we make sure to keep our eyes open, so we always know what’s coming next with marketing in automotive dealerships. To help keep you competitive, we’ve put together some of the latest trends you want to know about.

Trend #1: Focusing on Micro-Moments

Google released the micro-moments concept and it has gained traction ever since. They define this as “intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the entire consumer journey.”

Every moment of the customer’s journey involves decision making. All of these marketing opportunities must be capitalized on, whether the customer is using a phone, tablet or smartwatch. Even OEMs have recently mandated that automotive digital marketing includes micro-moment strategies.

Trend #2: Traditional Automotive Marketing Budgets Decrease

Google states that 92% of car buyers now research online before buying. That causes most automotive marketing solutions to fall by the wayside. It doesn’t make sense any longer to dump money into conventional ads.

Digital media strategies are much more critical. You must utilize YouTube and Facebook, along with other platforms to remain competitive. Any smart marketer is moving to the digital sphere, so you need to stand out. That’s where the OEM Style Video Ads and Cinemagraphic Ads come into play.

Trend #3: Improving Reviews

There aren’t enough words to tell you how vital reviews are to your dealership. Your online reputation is the key to getting new business. You don’t want to wait another minute to start improving or building your online reviews.

Two and three-star dealers will lose sales to those that have a better reputation. Proactively managing your reviews and improving your status must be put high on your priority list. Otherwise, all digital marketing efforts won’t gain the traction needed.

Trend #4: Personalizing Communication

Adding a name to an email isn’t personalization. If you want to close the sale, you need to kick things up a notch. Some industries report a 30% increase in closing rates when they add personalization.

In fact, your customers have come to expect these communications. If you don’t provide what they want, the customer experience drops and you fail to connect. With dynamic interaction, you will start to see higher engagement out of the follow-up emails. As another perk, you will see increased sales team productivity.

Automotive Digital Marketing Done Right

Your dealership can’t put off digital marketing for another minute. It’s time to take all of these trends seriously and implement a solid game plan. If you don’t, you will find yourself falling behind the competition.

Evaluate your digital marketing initiatives and determine where you need to make changes. Once you create a dealership marketing plan, you also want to benchmark the success with qualified metrics. Auto dealers must be able to track the ROI to know how each strategy is working.

When you are ready to take your advertising strategy to new heights, you want to contact AimLogic. We are prepared to help you achieve your sales goals. Enjoy some innovative solutions that help you stand out.