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Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy: 5 Ideas to Implement Today

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Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy: 5 Ideas to Implement Today

The automotive industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It continues to grow and change, thanks to the latest technology, autonomous gear and electric cars. To keep up with the changes, your dealership must implement a new automotive digital marketing strategy.

With 59% of car buyers doing their research online, you need to be where the action is if you want to make a sale. It’s time to get more aggressive and innovative with your marketing plan. To help you, we’ve combined some of our top ideas to get you started.

Here are a few simple tips that can help you reach the next level of success.

#1: Start a Quiz

The more you know about your shoppers, the better equipped you are to reach them. This information also allows you to create personalized products to tailor their shopping experience better. Overall, the more data you have and understand, the more likely you are to make a sale.

Still, acquiring this marketing data doesn’t always come easily. That’s why you should use your digital marketing accounts to run a quiz.

Ask your customers and fans questions, such as:

  • What Type of Driver are You?
  • What’s Your Dream Car?
  • Is There a Car Technology You Can’t Live Without?

What you will find is that the response to these short, fun quizzes becomes overwhelming. In the end, you receive invaluable information about your consumers. With the data you collect, you have the guidance about what car to put on sale next.

#2: Start an Ugly Car Contest

Watch your social media account blow up when you ask for pictures of the ugliest cars. Your customers will begin submitting photos with the chance to win whatever prize you designate. With each submission, just make sure you collect the contact information to use later in email correspondence.

$3: Promote Gift Cards

Everyone loves gift cards, especially around the holidays. You can send out an email blast letting customers know that you now offer gift cards for service. With each purchase, you can offer some sort of discount. For example, if the customers buy $100 worth of gift cards, they get a $25 discount on an oil change.

What you will find is that customers will buy the gift cards for themselves, as a pre-paid maintenance plan and purchase some as gifts for others. In the end, your service department will be booming with additional work.

#4: Establish Authority with How-To Videos

As part of your automotive digital marketing strategy, you want to ensure that you provide plenty of quality information for your consumers. As you establish yourself as an authority in the area, more consumers will trust you and turn to you when it comes time to buy.

Curate content that your customers are looking for. You can post these videos on YouTube, but make sure you also announce the series on your social media accounts and through email marketing.

Consider topics such as:

  • How to Check Your Brakes
  • Knowing When to Change the Oil
  • What to Look for in a Used Car
  • What Does the Check Engine Light Mean

#5: Behind the Scenes

Everyone enjoys seeing what’s happening behind the scenes at a car dealership. You can curate content and post it to all of your social media channels for instant success.

Make sure you include plugs to the new car inventory or your customer testimonials. You want something to bridge the gap between fun and actionable.

Along with this behind the scenes content, don’t forget to also implement your OEM Style Video Ads. The best automotive marketing for dealerships comes from using a variety of tools together to create success.

You may even consider live streaming some of the content. Your customers will get a kick out of watching the dealership live and it’s a great way to promote new sales or events.

The best way to market your live videos is to create a buzz beforehand. Let your audience know what time you will be going live and what they can expect. You might even find yourself with some new customers at the dealership, hoping to get a cameo during the taping.

Take Your Automotive Digital Marketing Strategy to New Heights

Anytime you implement something new, it can be scary and confusing. None of us like to push our boundaries and step into unchartered territory. That’s why it helps to have a qualified automotive marketer by your side.

With the expertise provided by AimLogic, you don’t have to wonder what’s going to happen. Our strategies have already been tried and proven. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let us show you how to increase your ROI with these proven techniques.

Contact our team today for a complete consultation. We will show you what tools work best to bring about the results you desire. Together, we can help you become the dealership everyone wants to visit.