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8 Tips on Using LinkedIn to Sell Cars

linkedin marketing for dealerships

8 Tips on Using LinkedIn to Sell Cars

LinkedIn has been around since 2003 but recently achieved much more success. In fact, millions of posts, articles and videos pass through feeds every day. This content produces tens of thousands of comments per hour, as well as tens of millions of shares and likes. If you aren’t using LinkedIn to sell cars, you are missing the boat. We have some tips about using LinkedIn for auto dealers.

With these eight simple steps, you can begin down the pathway of success.

Step #1: Get Started

Before you can start using LinkedIn to sell cars, you need a profile. Without one, you won’t be able to connect with anyone.

To begin, create a personal page. From here, you will have to wait a specified amount of time between doing this and creating the dealership page. In the meantime, you can plan out a marketing strategy, so you are ready to go once it is time to create your auto dealer account.

Your online reputation is the key to a successful dealership. People want to do business with companies that are trustworthy and likable. If you can create an online profile that helps you remain transparent and accessible, you will naturally do more business.

Plus, having a LinkedIn profile helps new customers find you. You can’t afford to procrastinate any further. Your audience is waiting.

Step #2: Engage With Your Audience

Once you have your personal and business profile set up, it is time to start communicating with potential customers. Put the LinkedIn icon right on your dealership website for easy access. You also want to tell your existing clientele about the profile and ask for a connection. You can send out a notice with your email marketing campaign.

On top of that, LinkedIn will suggest some connections based on the existing contact list. This opens you up to a whole new world of opportunities.

As you share content, your connections will begin seeing you in their News Feed. That means you must start considering LinkedIn content ideas for auto dealers if you want to get ahead.

Step #3: Become a Trusted Resource

If you want your clients to depend on you, you must provide the content that matters. Stay on top of the automotive news so you can be the first to report shareable content. As you start curating information, you will find out what the customers want to know more about.

From here, you can begin discussing the important aspects of your car inventory. Share what’s on sale, the new features, available colors, etc. Basically, you want to share any information that a potential car-buyer would want to know about.

Don’t just think about sales, however. You also want to provide informational content that benefits the lives of your audience. You can talk about car maintenance tips, how to improve a credit score and seasonal tips as well. Don’t forget to talk about some location-based content, such as the best restaurants in the area, or places to visit nearby.

All of this content shows that you care about your clients and are looking to make a connection.

As you curate information, sit with your entire team. You can use a calendar for the year and map out topics that would fit well for your audience. Remember to include the sales, financing, parts and service departments in your strategy.

Step #4: Utilize Sales Navigator

Once you are using LinkedIn to sell cars, you will come across the Sales Navigator. This innovative tool allows professionals to use LinkedIn more efficiently. You can upgrade your social selling ability without much effort.

As you launch the tool, you will notice a handy wizard that walks you through the entire process. Evaluate your current network to determine where the opportunities lie. Import your contacts into the Sales Navigator to see all of the LinkedIn activity on these accounts.

 Step #5: Use High-Quality Media

When utilizing LinkedIn for auto dealers, you don’t want to implement low-resolution media. You will gain far more prospects by taking the time to curate high-quality work. You can stand out even further by incorporating different media than your competitors. Consider implementing OEM Style Video Ads and Cinemagraphic Ads as well.

Step #6: Set an Appropriate Budget

As with any of your automotive digital marketing strategies, you want to set a realistic budget. When you are implementing paid-for advertising with LinkedIn, you have two options. Choose between cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Each one has a specific purpose, so make sure you utilize the avenue that helps you reach your goals.

Step #7: Experiment

You won’t always find the winning solution after one try. Sometimes, you must do some experimenting to find the right fit for your dealership. If you want to increase clicks and sales, you need to play around with your strategy at times.

Remain flexible and track your progress to determine what works best.

Step #8: Measure Your Performance

If you want to know what ad copy is performing the best, it’s imperative to measure your ROI. You can find a variety of parameters within the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. With this data, you can determine the best course of action for your future advertising.

Using LinkedIn to Sell Cars is Only One Step

As with any digital channel, using LinkedIn is only one piece of the advertising puzzle. You must have a comprehensive marketing strategy if you hope to succeed and gain new business. You can attempt to do this on your own, but you likely don’t have the resources you need to make the most substantial impact.

With a professional digital marketer by your side, you get to tap into the expertise you need. At AimLogic, we work with auto dealerships just like you every day. Our skilled team understands the challenges you face and can provide solutions to overcome the hurdles. You don’t have to be a guinea pig with an inexperienced firm. We have the tools you need to succeed right away.

Jump ahead of your competition, whether you use LinkedIn or another platform. Contact us for your consultation today.