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8 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Failed Your Car Dealership

Dealership Facebook Ads

8 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Failed Your Car Dealership

With nearly 70 percent of American adults using Facebook, you know this is a platform you must focus on. The trouble is, you might have already gone through a Facebook campaign and didn’t see any results. Before you give up entirely, you must analyze why Facebook Ads failed and what you need to do differently in the future.

We will discuss some common Facebook Ad mistakes. You will know what to avoid in Facebook Ads to ensure maximum success. After all, no one wants to be known as the dealership with the worst Facebook Ads.

You need to know more than the basics of setting up a Facebook Ad. You must know how to optimize your efforts for success. While there are many ways to go astray when running Facebook Ads for automotive marketing, here are the top aspects you should avoid.

Failure #1: You Use Static Creative Excessively

Your customers don’t want to look at boring pictures. Videos are much more engaging and becoming insanely popular. Your audience wants to hear a story, and pictures simply won’t cut it.

Yes, we understand that the cost is higher when curating videos, but it’s well worth the expense. As a car dealership, you must appeal to all of the senses with your social media marketing. Otherwise, your potential clients will move onto the next company.

Consider implementing some innovative features, such as Cinemagraphic Ads and OEM Style Video Ads. Not only will these solutions engage your users, but they both set you apart in the busy digital world.

Failure #2: Poor Targeting

Facebook provides some of the best targeting options on the market. Still, you can mess it up by not choosing appropriate selections. It’s possible that you created targeting that was either too narrow or too wide.

If you desire to attract potential car buyers, you want to fine-tune the targeting. Before you run the next campaign, make sure you have the appropriate selections. For example, if you are pushing a sports car model, it doesn’t make sense to target stay-at-home moms.

Failure #3: Ignored Lookalike Audiences

Facebook offers Lookalike Audiences, which is an innovative solution for your ads. When you are planning who to target, consider this option. You simply start with a Custom Audience, either pulled from the Pixel or fans of your page. Then, Facebook chooses other people with the same qualities. This can be done with similar interests or demographic information.

From here, you can effectively deliver your ad to the audience that’s similar to your current clientele. It’s the perfect way to expand your reach and appeal to those within your specified demographics.

Failure #4: Your Ad Copy is Lacking

You must put thought into your Facebook advertising. You can’t simply write a quick sentence and move on. Plus, you want to refresh the ad copy frequently to keep the content fresh and engaging.

Your audience will begin overlooking the ads if the content is boring or static. In the end, your Facebook page will suffer from a decrease in conversions, which also increases the advertising cost.

Failure #5: Poor Headline

On top of focusing on the content, you need a punchy, eye-catching headline. Whenever you curate content for your website, social media channels or email marketing, your headline must be a top priority.

After all, it’s the first thing most people will notice. If your audience doesn’t like the headline, they won’t read the content. With Facebook, you have limited space to play with, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating compelling and creative headlines.

Failure #6: Missing CTA

What do you expect your audience to do after reading the ad? Of course, you want them to contact you, but did you make that clear?

You can create the best headline, add exceptional videos and include catchy content, but without a Call to Action, your work is pointless. Encourage your audience to take action by clicking the ad or giving you a call.

Failure #7: Neglected Split Testing

A/B testing or split testing should be performed any time you implement ad copy. It ensures you receive the highest ROI and use the ads that perform the best. Run your own testing to determine what ads bring the most business and keep the ones that are worth the cost.

Remember to implement split testing with your audiences, images and CTA for a complete picture. You can put together the copy that works the best with this data.

Failure #8: Forgot the Personal Interaction

Most dealerships are wondering – how many Facebook Ads should I run at once?  The appropriate question should be, how many ads can you manage at once. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin that the personal connection fails in the process.

When someone shows interest in an ad you posted, you need to follow up. Respond to comments promptly, whether they are good or bad.

The more you engage with your potential clients, the more conversions and leads you will see. Customers demand personal interaction from companies today.

Why Facebook Ads Failed & How To Prevent It

When you realize that your Facebook Ads failed, it’s time to learn from your mistakes. After all, it costs money to place these ads, and you don’t want to lose anymore.

Sometimes, it’s more beneficial to hire an automotive marketing expert, such as AimLogic. We have the experience needed to achieve the results you desire. Your in-house team can continue to throw arrows in the dark, hoping to hit a target. In the end, you will only have more money lost and plenty of frustration.

What you need now is a win – to improve sales and morale.

Contact our team of marketing professionals today for a consultation. We can show you some innovative techniques to use with your Facebooks Ads so you don’t have to face any more failure. With our innovative solutions, you will be ahead of the competition and prove yourself as the leader. We will show you how to reach more customers, increase foot traffic and make more sales.

You can have the best year yet. Reach out to us today.