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8 Innovative Automotive Email Marketing Strategies That Drive Sales

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8 Innovative Automotive Email Marketing Strategies That Drive Sales

Automotive email marketing doesn’t get enough attention. Either dealers are completely ignoring the impact or they don’t utilize the tools correctly. If you don’t have a high click-through rate or continue to struggle with a high bounce rate, it’s time to change what you are doing with your dealership email marketing.

We’ve put together some tips on email marketing for car dealers to help you pull ahead. Considering email marketing produces an average ROI of 3,800%, it’s time for you to pay attention.

Tip #1: Gather More Customer Emails

To be successful with your email marketing campaign, you must gather more email addresses. After all, who are you going to email if you don’t have this information?

Any professional automotive email marketing provider is going to start you on this step. Think of ways to collect data from every department. Even your service team connects with customers daily. At each point of your dealership, you must be receiving emails.

Then, you must organize these emails accurately to ensure further success.

Tip #2: Segment Your Lists

Once you’ve collected contact information, what do you do with it next? Sure, you could send emails to everyone on that list, but that is only going to backfire. After all, not everyone is interested in minivans or sports cars.

Create segments of your list. This is referred to as attribution. Then, you will be able to reach each customer with information that’s relevant to their situation. This decreases those who opt-out of subscriptions and lowers the bounce rate as well.

Tip #3: Create Personalization

By segmenting the audience, you are already personalizing the emails, but you can take this a step further. You must also add unique information to every correspondence.

This is a strong email marketing tactic that always provides measurable results. Even if you can’t get complex with the personalization, your simple touches will make a world of difference. Start by using the customer’s name in the subject line. You will see a boost in appointments, website traffic and sales.

Tip #4: Create Useful Content

One of the biggest ways to success is to create content your users want to read. Many dealerships only use their email marketing to promote themselves, but that is the wrong approach.

Curate educational content, promotions and do-it-yourself tips that appeal to your audience. Talk to the various departments in your organization to provide variety. One week it can be about financing, while the next week is about oil changes.

Your customers will be thrilled to learn more and appreciate your time by becoming more loyal to you. In the end, it shows that you truly care about their vehicle’s well-being.

Tip #5: Keep Promotions to a Minimum

Because you are delivering useful content, you don’t need to over-promote the dealership. From time to time, you will want to offer a special promotion, but that shouldn’t be the focus of your email marketing.

A general rule of thumb is to send one promotional email per month or less. If all you are sending is coupons and ads, people will unsubscribe. At that point, you’ve lost the chance to make them a customer.

If you do send out a promotion, make sure it is worthwhile.

Tip #6: Get Feedback

It’s time to engage the customer in a conversation. Ask for feedback regarding your campaigns. You don’t simply want to deliver content, but you want to ensure that you take the customer’s thoughts into consideration.

A feedback campaign is something many dealerships won’t implement, but should. It often leads to a major impact on how you operate. It also helps to boost your reputation and provide a better customer experience.

To start, decide what information you want to gather. Then, send out targeted emails to your customer base. Create the survey and politely ask for feedback. You can also offer something such as a free oil change to one respondent.

If you receive negative feedback, work on solving the issues. If the feedback you receive is positive, ask the respondent to leave a review on Google or Facebook for additional traction.

Tip #7: Optimize for Mobile

We know this isn’t necessarily considered a strategy, but it must be discussed. If you aren’t optimizing your email content for mobile, you are missing out. Emails are opened more on mobile than from a desktop and those that are improperly displayed will be normally be deleted within three seconds.

You don’t have time to get this right; it must be done right out of the gate. You don’t want to lose engagement, sales and conversions. Once you’ve spent all of the time to curate content and listen to your customers, you want to ensure they receive the messages you send. The last place you want your message to be is in the trash folder.

If you have already lost readers because of the poor optimization, you must fix this now and look for new audience members.

Tip #8: It’s Time for a Remarketing Campaign

In the world of email marketing, there will always be people that don’t seem to care. When you have clients that no longer open your emails, it’s time to re-engage them.

Some people prefer to get rid of any emails that don’t open your messages within 90 days. This seems a little harsh and might not be the best course of action. Still, you do want to clean up the list every now and then.

Before you do that, attempt to re-engage the contacts. This is your last-ditch effort and won’t hurt. Try to come up with a funny subject line or a welcome-back coupon. If they still don’t respond, it’s time to make room for more readers.

Automotive Email Marketing is Just the Beginning

There are so many ways to create email marketing campaigns for dealerships that grab attention. At AimLogic, we have some innovative ideas to help you succeed. Talk to us about some of our unique offerings, such as OEM Style Video Ads and Cinemagraphic Ads. We also help our dealerships find interested consumers with our In-The-Market Data.

Contact us today and we will find the automotive email marketing solutions that fit your needs.