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8 Automotive Marketing Strategies to Drive More Car Sales

Automotive Marketing Strategy

8 Automotive Marketing Strategies to Drive More Car Sales

With 86% of car shoppers researching online before heading to the dealership, your automotive marketing strategies must be in place. However, not every dealership knows how to handle automotive digital marketing, which is where we come in. We have our top eight automotive marketing tips to set you in the right direction.

While we recommend that you implement all of these tips as soon as possible, we also understand that it might not be feasible. Even if you start with one of our tips, you will increase your leads and sales exponentially. You could also choose to employ our services to reduce some of the marketing burdens off of your shoulders.

1. Customer Reviews are Number One in Automotive Marketing Strategies

If you want customers to trust you, it’s vital to have positive reviews from other car buyers. Not only will people be reading your Google and Yelp reviews, but they will be looking for user-generated content. Make sure you cover all your bases, from the search engines to Twitter and your own website. With customer success stories and videos, you appeal to more valued customers down the road.

2. Rank at the Top of Search Engines

You can’t neglect your SEO for car dealers strategy. If you don’t know anything about automotive SEO, then you want to hire an agency to take it over for you. Ultimately, you want to rank at the top of Google for the keywords your customers are looking at.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Setup your Google Ads account and structure it correctly.
  • Keep your keywords related to your text.
  • Use ad extensions.
  • Add some negative keywords to help block out the irrelevant searches.
  • Allocate your budget properly.

While the automotive marketing agency you are working with will spend a lot of time focusing on Google rankings, you don’t want to overlook the other search engines as well.

3. Manage the Negative Keyword List

Your ads could easily show up for searches that aren’t related to your services or products. If people click on these ads, you will still have to pay for it. That’s why it’s not always wise to bid on broad keywords. Instead, you want to identify negative keywords for your car dealership marketing success.

Searching the query report to find this information might be time-consuming, but well worth the effort. As an example, let’s say you bid on the keyword “cheap cars.” Instead, your ad starts appearing when customers are looking for “toy cars.” Not only did your ad just waste someone’s time, but you have thrown money away.

4. Adjust Your Budget for Your Automotive Marketing Strategies

There are certain times of the year that it becomes more appealing to purchase a car. Consider the sales happening around Memorial Day or Black Friday. During these times, you want to adjust the budget on your automotive marketing services.

Map out the year in advance. With a calendar, you can determine the appropriate times to scale back your budget and increase it. By planning ahead, you maximize the potential of your automotive marketing strategies.

5. Target the Right Automotive Customers

You can work with the top automotive digital marketing agencies and still not have success. If your efforts aren’t targeting the right people, your money is being wasted. The buyer of a luxury Porsche is going to be quite different than the person looking for a rugged pickup truck.

You need to consider who your prospective buyers are and look for ways to appeal to them specifically. You can break down the marketing audiences to target each group individually. This campaign might require creating multiple marketing plans to appeal to each audience.

6. Create Unique Offers to Draw in Traffic

Why should a customer purchase a car through you instead of your competition? Your automotive marketing strategy must convince potential buyers that you excel over the other dealerships.

Having the best reviews helps, but you also want to have competitive prices. Brainstorm some unique incentives that will appeal to your audience. Maybe you can throw in an additional discount for new car buyers or offer everyone some free oil changes. These incentives can also create a sense of urgency.

7. Don’t Neglect the Phone Calls

You can use Google Ads to generate more calls. These phone leads are often more beneficial than visits to your website. Consider these options:

  • Call-only campaigns: You bid and pay on each call you receive versus visitors to your website.
  • Call extensions: These operate slightly differently; allowing for the option to visit the website or call a specific extension.
  • Mobile bid-adjustments: You can easily bid higher on mobile traffic to help bring in more calls.
  • Call-tracking: Make sure you also track the calls to understand where your budget is best used.

Optimizing your campaigns for calls might require a little more work, but you will appreciate the effort once your phones start ringing with potential sales.

8. Retarget

Remarketing is an essential aspect to driving more sales. Don’t allow your leads to get lost in the mix. Instead, you want to effectively retarget these old leads and turn them into new sales. Send out reminders, follow up with your e-mail marketing or make a few phone calls.

With remarketing, you effectively lower the abandonment rate and close additional deals. You can even create a special offer to reach out to these customers.

Automotive Marketing Strategies To Get Ahead

The key to appealing to more customers is to get creative. With the help of the top automotive marketing companies, you can reach your target audience in a new way. At AimLogic, we only work with automotive companies, giving us the edge you need to pull ahead of your competition.

We offer a variety of services to ensure that you stand out on multiple platforms. Whether you need help retargeting old prospects or you want to add high-quality video to your content, we can help. Talk to our team today about the ways we can help you. Prepare to see your ROI skyrocket as you partner with the best automotive digital marketer.