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5 Ways to Generate Dealership Referrals to Sell More Cars

Dealership Referrals

5 Ways to Generate Dealership Referrals to Sell More Cars

What makes one car dealership more successful than the next guy? Usually, it’s the ability to maintain a loyal customer base and increase traffic. So how does a dealership achieve this? When it comes to getting referrals and receiving positive word-of-mouth, you must take some valuable steps. Here are five simple ways to generate dealership referrals for your lot.

#1: Get Personal

If you want to sell cars, you must be relatable. The salespeople must allow the customers into their lives. You can implement some automotive digital marketing strategies to make this easier than ever. Showcase your employees with videos about the team members. Let them share their favorite things on camera and have a few laughs.

When your customers see that the team is just a bunch of people like them, it creates a relationship.

Don’t neglect the opportunity to get personal with your email marketing as well. This valuable tool is an excellent way to reach customers and continues to be one of the most effective avenues.

#2: Provide Above & Beyond Customer Experiences

Customer service matters more than ever. 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a good customer experience. You don’t need to have the lowest prices or the best financing terms; you simply need to appeal to what the consumer wants.

Make sure you are always acting professionally and respectful to clients. You also want to increase your responsiveness when someone reaches out to you. Clients will tell others about you simply for the feeling you gave them during the sale.

#3: Start a Referral Program

The referral program benefits both you and your customers. It creates an easy way for people to refer you to others and it allows you a way to track results. Offer something useful such as cash, a free oil change or a fuel card.

#4: Show Your Face in the Community

If you want to reach the customers in your hometown, you need to get out and work with them. Pick some causes that matter to you and get involved. Make sure you document your efforts and share them on social media. Customers like to do business with companies that take a stand for something.

#5: Implement Automotive Digital Marketing

You can no longer neglect to utilize digital marketing techniques for your dealership. Use social media and some innovative strategies to reach new clients. When you produce unique content with OEM Style Video or Cinemagraphic Ads, it will be shared and you will increase engagement.

Generate Dealership Referrals Today

If you are ready to get new customers now, it’s time to start generating those referrals through automotive digital marketing. You need a professional on your side that knows the ins and outs of the industry.

At AimLogic, we do nothing other than automotive marketing. That allows us to focus solely on what’s important to you. When you hire us, it’s like adding a new team member to your group with tunnel vision. All we care about is creating the impression you want on your target audience. Talk to us today about the innovative marketing solutions we currently offer.