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5 Brilliant Car Dealership Marketing Strategies to Gain More Traffic

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5 Brilliant Car Dealership Marketing Strategies to Gain More Traffic

Every car dealership wants to gain more traffic and sales. Making that happen is more difficult than many would expect. From focusing on your Facebook ads to running radio spots, it might already feel like you are doing more than your fair share of advertising. If you don’t see results, something has to change. We’ve put together five car dealership marketing strategies that will help you gain more attention.

Why are Car Dealer Marketing Strategies Needed?

Depending on your area, you might have a few competitors or many. Either way, you can’t simply wait for customers to walk through your doors. You must implement automotive marketing strategies that draw attention to your dealership.

Automotive marketing is essential to gaining more attention and, eventually, driving more sales. Depending on the car dealership marketing strategies you implement, you should be able to gain more clients online, through referrals and at events.

Follow these five dealership marketing tips to get started.

1. Implement Video Marketing

With only one out of three car buyers certain of the vehicle they want to purchase, you have a tough job ahead of you. It’s your duty to give potential clients the information. With this information, they can make an informed purchase. When using video marketing, you stand out from the competition and offer insightful information.

In addition, video ads gain more attention on social media platforms. You can use professional videos to discuss the latest car offers, the features of a vehicle and so much more.

On top of that, videos help you to build trust with clients. If your audience feels that you are trustworthy, friendly and authentic, they are more likely to do business with you.

If you don’t know much about video marketing, you want to hire an automotive marketing agency. Bringing a professional videographer to the team might also be beneficial if the budget allows.

2. Launch Events That Make the News

Being involved in the community is a great way to stay connected to customers all around you. Invest in events for your local area and show that you care about doing good. You could implement a yearly car show, encouraging owners to bring their antique, classic or other specialty vehicles to the lot.

If you want more practical events, there are plenty of options available to you. Consider sponsoring a themed event that brings in families.

Here are a few creative ideas to consider.

  • Back to school picnic
  • Christmas in July party
  • Fall festival
  • Bike safety expo
  • Fundraiser for a local charity

It doesn’t matter what event you hold, you need plenty of branded merchandise on hand to get your name out there. Just imagine what happens when customers walk around their homes with your branded cups, t-shirts and stickers. It causes them to remember you when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle.

3. Build Trust with Online Reviews

You want to create a smooth buying experience for your audience. The first place your customer will look at is at your online reviews to ensure you are providing high-quality customer care. One major focus of your automotive digital marketing strategy must include keeping the current customers happy.

When you have happy customers, they will refer more people to you. In addition, they will rave about the experience online, making it easy for others to trust you. Even if you do everything right, there will be times that you encounter a negative review. When this happens, act quickly to provide damage control. Respond promptly and let the customers know that you care.

We also recommend the benefits of user-generated content, which helps customers get involved.

4. Focus Car Dealership Marketing on Local Search Engine Optimization

Seo for car dealers must be part of your marketing strategy. Through search traffic, you can attract more customers. However, you must implement the best automotive marketing solutions to rank higher. When people head to Google and type, “Car dealership near me,” you want to show up at the top of the results.

Your car dealership marketing strategies for SEO must involve using the right keywords to attract new customers. Optimize your site to implement these keywords and you will increase the chance of ranking higher.

If you aren’t sure how to do this on your own, you should consider hiring one of the top automotive marketing companies. Together, you can optimize your website content, update your Google My Business profile and correctly use keywords.

5. Build Meaningful Partnerships

To build more trust, you need to work with your community. By establishing partnerships with local companies, you establish your name deeper into the local area. These partnerships can vary, but often include some sort of cross-promotion.

For example, you might consider partnering with a local car wash to promote one another. Your customers can get a coupon for a car wash, while their clients can receive a flyer about some of the latest car sales.

As long as you are promoting one another, you shouldn’t have to pay for the promotion. You might also consider hosting a co-sponsored event to gain more traction. With these brand partnerships, you will see more doors open to you.

Car Dealership Marketing Strategies for Today

Automotive marketing trends continue to evolve and change. It can be difficult to stay on top of the trends and pull ahead of the competition. However, you don’t have to add this task to your to-do list. Instead, let an automotive digital marketing agency help.

AimLogic is one of the top automotive digital marketing agencies. We only focus on working with car dealerships, such as yours, to provide top-notch automotive marketing services. Whether you want to put more focus on your automotive social media channels or you need ideas to implement more video, we have the tools to help. Let us show you some new automotive dealer marketing solutions that will bring in more foot traffic, increase sales and boost your ROI.

Call today for your consultation and let us show you how to implement the best car dealership marketing strategies to get results.