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5 Best Automotive Marketing Campaigns

Automotive Marketing Campaign

5 Best Automotive Marketing Campaigns

To capture the attention of your car-buying audience, you need to stand out. To do this, your automotive marketing campaigns must be top-notch. You must also implement creativity. Let’s face it; there are numerous options on the market. Plus, you are competing hard with every other brand when you target a consumer.

With more than thirty auto manufacturers and various dealerships for your consumer to choose from, how do you plan to stand out? You must focus on your automotive digital marketing. If you want to accomplish this feat, you need to also factor in the video experience of car dealership marketing.

To help you get started with your automotive marketing campaigns, we want to show you a few examples of brands that hit the nail on the head. While there are many to choose from, these five examples provide inspiration for your automotive marketing.

1. Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

In this dealership marketing video, we see Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a split in an unusual predicament. In fact, he is standing on the two mirrors of trucks moving down the road side-by-side. As they move further apart, his split becomes more intensified.

What We Like: Not only is this video visually stunning, but it holds your attention the entire time. Customers can’t possibly look away. In addition, the clients are learning something about Volvo Trucks in the process, which will be memorable in the future. With nearly 100 million views, this is one of the more successful automotive dealer marketing campaigns ever created. Moreover, it’s not something that is easily forgotten.

Practical Marketing Tips for You:

Your automotive marketing strategies must capture the attention of your audience. However, they must also teach something valuable. Add creativity and uniqueness to your ad spot to teach a new fact.

2. Ford Canada | Try More

The part of this video that you can’t see is what made it one of the top automotive marketing campaigns. When Ford Canada wanted to showcase the new vehicles, they didn’t just highlight them. Instead, they decided to host various live events in conjunction with the help of their automotive digital marketing agency.

What We Like:

This campaign was meant to accent the live events. During these hosted engagements, customers were encouraged to try things they had never done before. Some of the activities included axe throwing, bull riding, MMA fighting, and of course, test driving a Ford vehicle.

Practical Marketing Tips for You:

Sometimes your automotive marketing solutions need to include more than just a video campaign. Consider adding in live events. In addition, you could implement something else engaging that captures the attention of your audience.

3. CarMax Caring Tree (Automotive Marketing Campaign)

Not only does this CarMax video capture your attention, but it also won marketing awards. In this spot, CarMax partners with Cradles to Crayons. This non-profit works with homeless and low-income families. They set up an interactive tree with iPads that made it simple to select gifts for kids in need. Then, the participants shared donations with their social media following, which resulted in over eight million impressions.

What We Like:

With this type of dealership marketing, consumers get the chance to see the charitable side of an organization. While this is important year-round, customers are especially interested during the holidays. Consequently, it helped CarMax to appear caring and generous, even though they didn’t have to give the donations.

Practical Marketing Tips for You:

With all of your automotive marketing campaigns, you should be willing to incorporate some sense of giving or charity. During the holidays, especially, you want your consumers to know what you are doing to help others. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate your charitable work into a publicity spot, make sure you get with one of the qualified automotive digital marketing agencies out there.

4. Sound of Tomorrow Mazda

With a little help from an automotive marketing agency, Mazda was able to promote a unique partnership with Tomorrowland. This large musical festival helped the brand connect to a new audience. Plus, the company’s advertising was spot on. Not only was the huge record player a hit, but customers also had the chance to win tickets by guessing the song name.

What We Like:

It’s enjoyable to see an ad spot that incorporates something current with the brand. Watching the same old cars drive around on the street can be boring, but customers take notice when something like this is offered. Consequently, customers also were intrigued by the chance to win something unique.

Practical Marketing Tips for You:

It helps if some of your automotive marketing campaigns offer a special reward to customers. Certainly, you want to be a part of the hip and happening events in your area. You can partner with local events to curate engaging videos that promote both companies.

5. Toyota Prius c Welcome to the Game of Life

Who doesn’t remember the Game of Life? This video was meant to be targeted to a particular audience that would reminisce about the childhood memories spent with their favorite game. It conjures up feelings of nostalgia and causes people to pay attention.

What We Like:

Certainly, it’s enjoyable to see the car dealership marketing strategies that call out a specific group of people. Likewise, it’s clear who this ad is targeting and it is personalized.

Practical Marketing Tips for You:

Don’t be afraid to use your car dealer marketing to target a particular demographic. Get unique with your spot and stand out from the crowd.

Tips to Succeed with Automotive Marketing Campaigns

As you look at the various automotive marketing services, you realize that you want video included. But, how do you get started? It doesn’t take much effort. For instance, here are a few tips to remember.

  • First, know what your audience wants.
  • Hire professional automotive marketing companies if you need help.
  • Most importantly, stay on brand.
  • Move beyond your inventory.
  • Always include a call-to-action.
  • Use video to promote your automotive social media pages.
  • Track the results and test new campaigns.

Take Your Automotive Marketing Campaigns to New Heights

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We have the experience needed to help you sell more cars. Most importantly, we take the time to listen to your needs. After all, if you don’t sell more cars, we haven’t succeeded. Contact us today and let us show you some innovative campaigns you can run.