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5 Automotive Video Marketing Tips for Success

automotive video marketing

5 Automotive Video Marketing Tips for Success

Did you know that 60% of people would rather view online videos than television? That number just continues to rise. In fact, mobile video consumption continues to increase by 100-percent each year. It’s estimated that by 2022, 82% of all consumer online traffic will be video content. With the right automotive video marketing strategies in place, your dealership can capitalize on internet traffic and produce more sales.

Not all dealership video marketing is created equal. A quick online search shows plenty of video content with poor quality. You don’t want to become one of these dealers. That’s why we’ve gathered our top five automotive marketing tips with video. Implement these tactics to see a massive ROI.

Tip #1: Professionally Curate the Cars

When it comes to automotive digital advertising, you need to start with your vehicles. Your customers demand information and you must give it to them, or someone else will.

Start by providing high-quality walk-through videos. This should give a quick and to the point overview of the model. Focus on any exciting features that make it stand out. It’s always good to use a professional voiceover unless you have someone at the dealership with a great voice. Do this for every vehicle you offer.

Then, add the videos on your YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you have catchy titles for each. Don’t forget to include them on your Vehicle Details Page for additional traction.

Your curated ads are the perfect complement to OEM style video ads. Together, these create the one-two punch your customer’s desire.

Tip #2: Keep the Video Content Short

Nobody wants to sit and watch an hour-long special on the newest car model. Your consumers are busy and want quick, digestible content. To give your SEO a boost, you want to include automotive video marketing right on your website.

Yes, blog posts are essential, but they are only one part of the puzzle. If you want to attract the car shopper’s attention, you need lots of information. Each shopper is a professional researcher and they will do business with the dealer that supplies the correct data.

Create short videos that answer questions about the vehicle. Some examples might include:

  • Exterior color options
  • Available features
  • Model configuration options

The best part is that Google sees your videos as useful content. The search engine has begun ranking websites with videos higher than others. If you want to gain more local SEO, utilize some innovative video options today.

Tip #3: Post Staff Profiles

One of the biggest struggles in the dealership is finding the right salesperson to work with a customer. One salesperson might have the skills to nail one sale that the other team member would have lost. That’s because each customer has different preferences when it comes to who they work with.

Many dealerships don’t realize how video marketing can alleviate this problem. With video staff profiles, you allow prospective shoppers to receive the connection they desire. By providing them with a snapshot of the different team members, you give them the option to work with who they feel most connected.

Not only that, but these videos help to humanize the salespeople. You make your sales team more approachable and likable, which is a win-win for everyone.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Service Department

When it comes to video advertising, the service department doesn’t get the love it deserves. Marketing is just as important with your service center as it is with the showroom. You can gain a lot of attention by providing videos on vehicle maintenance, seasonal tips, common warning signs and helpful advice. Not only will you drive more consumers to your shop, but they might even shop for a new vehicle while they are there.

You can promote your new service videos through email marketing. It’s likely you won’t have any trouble coming up with quality content. Just ask the top performers in the shop what some of the common questions are that they hear. They’ve probably answered customers so many times that they have the answers memorized.

These service-centered videos help you to alleviate the burden on those team members. They also build trustworthiness and credibility with your discerning customers.

Tip #5: Utilize Mobile Traffic

More than half of all video content is viewed on a mobile device. Among those viewers, 92-percent of them will share videos with others. It’s time to start creating content that gets shared with a new audience. If you don’t create it, someone else will.

Your dealership can’t afford to neglect mobile traffic. First of all, you want to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. Secondly, the video content you create must be tailored toward the mobile platform. Focus heavily on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Keep your videos around 45 seconds long for Facebook, 15 seconds long for Instagram and around ten minutes long for YouTube. You can utilize each of these avenues to connect with a new audience, no matter what part of the car-buying process they are currently in.

Aside from your car model videos, staff and service content, don’t forget to provide practical advice as well. There has been a lot of success producing videos such as:

  • Leasing vs. buying
  • Financing options
  • Car warranty information

You can’t offer too much information. If there is something that a consumer wants to know about, it will make a great video.

Automotive Video Marketing – One Puzzle Piece

When it comes to attracting new car buyers, you have to focus heavily on video content. With that said, it can’t be the only marketing avenue you utilize. Yes, today’s shopper is visual, but you must provide a mixture of content on your website and social media pages. When used correctly, you set yourself apart from the dealership down the road.

AimLogic for Your Automotive Video Marketing

Some car dealerships attempt to handle all of the video marketing needs in-house, but this often backfires. Not only is your team already overwhelmed with the tasks set before them, but there is often a high rate of turnover. You don’t want to burden the sales team with any more than needed.

Instead, it’s wise to choose a firm that specializes in automotive content. At AimLogic, we devote ourselves strictly to working with dealerships like you every day. We immerse ourselves in the latest automotive advertising trends to find out what is working.

When you partner with us, you don’t have to test out solutions. We already know what is going to provide you with the ROI you deserve. We can create a complete advertising package to fulfill your needs. Talk to us today about our innovative solutions, such as cinemagraphic ads and In-The-Market data. You will quickly see what sets us apart from other automotive digital marketers.