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5 Automotive Video Ad Marketing Ideas to Boost Car Dealership Sales

Dealership video ads

5 Automotive Video Ad Marketing Ideas to Boost Car Dealership Sales

No one needs to tell you how vital automotive video ad marketing is for your dealership. Still, it’s not easy to keep your content fresh and engaging. Sometimes, you just need some new ideas to bring in more customers. To become the leader in automotive digital marketing, you need to know where to go next.

That’s why we’ve put together five automotive marketing ideas you can implement today. Watch your ROI grow with each one you put into practice.

Pre-Owned Videos

If you want to move your CPO vehicles, it’s time to promote them. Even if you have a growing customer base for new cars, you know how valuable those used vehicles can be for the bottom line. Start with some walkaround videos to give your audience a glimpse of what’s available.

You don’t need to just focus on the features, but make sure you also point out what makes your dealership different. Talk about the inspection process, special financing and warranties. Make sure the people know why they should choose you over the used car dealer down the street.

Post your walkaround videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram stories and LinkedIn. Then, send out an email, making sure your customer base knows where to find the video.

New Model Videos

Of course, you don’t want to neglect your new models. Doing a review on the latest lineup helps you to highlight what’s different from the previous year. You can use this digital marketing opportunity to compare it against other models. This can also be placed on all of your social media channels.

When you are highlighting new cars, trucks and SUVs, the OEM Style Video Ads and Cinemagraphic Ads are always a great addition to incorporate into your strategy.

Employee Showcase

When it comes right down to it, people aren’t going to buy from you because of a car. They will choose your dealership because of the connections. Everyone does business with those they trust and like.

If you can highlight your employees through video, you stand a better chance than your competition. Put a face to the sales team. Highlight things that make them human and watch the sales jump. Create an employee of the week feature and regularly highlight someone from a different department.

Seasonal Help

Keep an ongoing calendar reminding you what people care about at different times of the year. As an example, you could talk about winterizing a car as the temperatures begin to drop. Or, consider doing a series near the holidays highlighting how customers can increase their credit before purchasing a vehicle.

Brainstorm ideas for the entire year and make a record of it. Then, you will always have fresh content to pull from when you can’t come up with a video idea. Make sure you talk to people from every team in the dealership as they will all have different points of view.

Department Specific Content

This brings us to our last video idea – don’t neglect the departments. Sure, you want people to know about all your new models, but you are so much more than that.

Talk about:

  • How to handle an accident
  • Signs the brakes need an inspection
  • Maintaining a credit score
  • Why warranties matter
  • How to retain vehicle resale value

Automotive Video Ad Marketing That Works

There’s no limit to the ways you can be creative with the available social media channels. With 97% of customers beginning their purchase or repair of a car online, you can’t skip this step. You need a professional by your side to handle your automotive digital marketing. At AimLogic, we live and breathe dealership marketing. We are the go-to source if you want innovative and creative solutions. Reach out to us today and let’s boost sales together.