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5 Automotive Digital Marketing Tips to Test Drive

Automotive Digital Marketing Tips

5 Automotive Digital Marketing Tips to Test Drive

Are you able to keep up with the current automotive marketing trends? The industry is changing at alarming rates, making it difficult for even the top automotive digital marketing agencies to keep up. With new technology, autonomous gear and the future of electric cars, you have a lot to think about. That’s why we wanted to offer a few automotive digital marketing tips to try. It’s time to produce more car sales with minimal effort.

We have five unique car dealership marketing ideas to bring in more customers.

Why You Need Automotive Digital Marketing

Owners are keeping cars longer and buying less often. This isn’t good news for your dealership and requires that you stay on top of the automotive digital marketing game. After all, you don’t want to lose a precious sale when that consumer is ready to buy.

In addition, nearly 60% of car buyers are now doing research online. With fewer customers heading to the dealership, you must stand out. Our automotive digital marketing agency has put together a few ways for you to get more traffic.

Consider these top five automotive digital marketing tips.

Tip #1: Automotive Marketing Through Quizzes

In the scheme of automotive marketing, you must know what the customer wants. Consequently, the more you know, the better you can target your automotive marketing strategies. This also leads to creating a personalized shopping experience, which turns into more sales.

However, getting data from your customers isn’t always an easy task.

Consider partnering with a local company to create a fun and exciting quiz. Work with a local insurance company to quiz customers on road safety or create a maintenance questionnaire that tests knowledge on recommended schedules.

In the end, this type of car dealer marketing is fun for the consumer and helps you learn more about your audience.

Tip #2: Launch an Ugly Car Contest

Do you want to boost your automotive social media pages? Consider running an ugly car contest. Not only will you interact with new customers, but you can generate more leads and boost your online reputation.

Partner with local media as well to promote your contest. Let customers post pictures of their ugly car or broken-down truck. Then, allow your followers to vote for the winner. You can give the chosen participant a cash prize. Just make sure that everyone who enters fills out their information so that you can follow up with your dealership marketing email campaign.

Tip #3: Voice Search Optimization for Automotive Digital Marketing

This isn’t one event to consider, but something you must currently include in your SEO for car dealers strategy. A third of Americans are using voice search to find local results. To show up in these results, you must have optimization for conversational queries.

A good place to start is by looking at your long-tail keywords. You also want to keep your Google My Business information up to date.

Furthermore, you must pay attention to your customer reviews. These ratings are going to determine click-through rates and affect your reputation. If you want the search engines to rank you higher, you must pay close attention to your SEO and automotive dealer marketing.

Tip #4: Create Videos Establishing Authority

Whatever car dealership marketing strategies you intend to use, you must focus on building authority. By creating some how-to videos for your audience, you educate consumers and show your knowledge.

By helping your clients, you also show that you are different from the competition. Customers will notice that you aren’t simply trying to make a sale but also help.

Teach your audience about oil changes, how to decipher the Check Engine light or signs that the brakes are going bad. Every video you make establishes a deeper connection between you and your audience. To take it a step further, consider adding a special offer with each video. If a customer watches all the way through, they will be pleasantly surprised to see a discount on their next service.

Put your videos on your website and your social media pages for maximum exposure.

Tip #5: Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

We all know that video is king, but it’s time for you to try something different. Instead of simply offering walkarounds and virtual test drives, why not show some of what happens behind the scenes? These videos gain a lot of popularity on social media channels and YouTube.

Let people take a look at what’s happening in the dealership. Allow them to feel like they are a part of the action. You might also consider live streaming to boost communications and excitement. Customers would rather watch a video any day over reading a boring blog, so make that happen for them.

If you aren’t sure how to do a behind the scenes video, look at hiring an automotive marketing agency for help. Plus, you want to follow these automotive digital marketing tips.

  • Plan out the video in advance.
  • Schedule the post and build hype with your audience.
  • Offer a giveaway to the customers that join you live.
  • Make it fun and playful, but also offer plenty of information.
  • Make it easy to share with others.

Professionals are Ready to Offer More Automotive Digital Marketing Tips

You don’t have to come up with all of your automotive marketing solutions on your own. We know you have enough on your plate right now. By hiring one of the top automotive marketing companies, you gain access to the experience and knowledge that we have. When you work with AimLogic, you know everything we offer is tried and true. There’s no experimentation going on at our offices. Our automotive marketing services have been proven and they bring results.

We can offer Conquest Retargeting Ads if you need help talking to old leads. If you prefer, you can talk to us about our unique video content that helps your pages stand out from the competition. Whatever you choose, you know that you can rely on our professional support to bring the results you need. Schedule your consultation with us today.