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4 Reasons to Focus on SEO for Car Dealers

SEO for Automotive Dealers

4 Reasons to Focus on SEO for Car Dealers

While no two car buyers are exactly the same, there is one thing you can count on. Most car shoppers are using the Internet for research. According to Google, twice as many car shoppers are starting the process online compared to visiting a dealership. Why is this important? The statistic alone proves that you must focus on SEO for car dealers if you want to show up in the search results.

To have a comprehensive automotive digital marketing strategy, you must consider car dealership SEO in the mix. We will explain why automotive SEO is vital to your car dealership marketing and give you some essential tips to boost your sales.

What is SEO for Car Dealers?

Automotive SEO is otherwise known as automotive search engine optimization. This automotive marketing strategy utilizes both on-page and off-page optimization to ensure your site shows up in the search results. With the right optimization, your pages will bring in more traffic, create more conversions and ultimately lead to an increase in car sales.

Why You Must Implement Car Dealer SEO

The majority of people aren’t going to spend hours looking at all of the websites on a given topic. Instead, they will pick the top two or three results and browse the information. If you don’t show up at the top of the results, you can’t connect with your target audience.

Aside from the connection, we have four reasons to implement SEO for car dealers today.

1. Gain a Competitive Edge

When you hire an automotive marketing agency, you do so because you want to beat your competition to the sale. In the same respect, if your site shows up at the top of the search engines, you generate more clicks and steal business from your competitors.

If you implement automotive SEO, you show that you are serious about getting more business.

2. Increase Targeted Leads

Gaining access to In-Market Buyers is essential if you want to make a sale. Another way to reach potential car shoppers is to focus your keyword efforts. You don’t want to target broad keywords, such as “car dealership.” That isn’t going to provide the results you are looking for. Instead, you want to research highly targeted keywords that are going to bring the audience you are looking for.

Long-tail keywords provide a great way to reach potential car buyers. For example, you want to use keywords, such as Honda Odyssey for sale in [your city] as a way to reach local buyers.

While there will be fewer searches for these types of keywords, you will see a much higher conversion rate as a result of the targeting.

3. Gain Greater Authority

If you have a high-ranking website, people naturally see your company as reputable. You quickly become authoritative and respected. As you rank higher, you gain more authority and will have an easier time selling cars.

4. Increase Car Dealership Awareness

If no one knows that your dealership exists, it doesn’t matter how great your service or prices are. It’s impossible to attract customers if people don’t know where you are. Part of the goal behind automotive SEO is to ensure your relevant audience can find you.

As more people become aware of your dealership, the higher the chances become that you will sell cars. Word of mouth is vital, but SEO for car dealers can’t be overlooked.

5 Tips Around SEO for Car Dealers

As with all of your automotive marketing strategies, SEO practices can be complicated and hard to keep up with. Here are our top five tips for automotive SEO to give you the edge you need.

1. Carefully Select Your Keywords

Users will search for a word or term to find what they are looking for online. You want to show up in the relevant searches, which means you must focus on the keywords you target.

Start with some keyword research to determine what your customers are looking for. Then, write original content that is based on these top keywords.

Consider everything your dealership offers from service to car models and various locations. Focus on each of these keywords and phrases, but do it in a natural way. Just make sure you avoid keyword stuffing, which will cause Google to penalize your site instead.

2. Produce High-Quality Content

While you want to appeal to the search engines, it’s more important that you attract customers. People want to read valuable information, so you must provide substance.

Write down some ideas about the content your readers would want to know about. You can talk about the car models, servicing tips and financing options. Then, partner with one of the top automotive digital marketing agencies to ensure this information gets the publicity it deserves.

3. Optimize Everything

You want to focus on your keywords and relevant phrases, but your automotive SEO goes beyond that. Make sure you optimize the photos, URLs, meta descriptions and title tags as well. The more pages you optimize, the better your chances are of ranking higher.

4. Monitor Your SEO for Car Dealers

Anytime you implement automotive SEO, you want to have a system set up to monitor the results. It’s vital to know whether your efforts are increasing website traffic and adding more conversions. If you are using regular automotive marketing services, the company you partner with might offer software to track this for you.

5. Start a Google My Business Account

With Google My Business, your car dealership can appear in local search results. The best part is, it’s not difficult to set up your account. After your profile is active, make sure it remains up-to-date. You can also use the platform to answer customer questions and add event details.

Sell More Vehicles with Automotive SEO

With the help of car dealership SEO, you can reach more customers. In addition, it might be time to consider hiring one of the top automotive marketing companies. At AimLogic, we only focus on automotive marketing. Because of our experience, you can count on us to know what works best for your car dealership. Contact us today to see how we can boost your car sales.