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3 Types of Interactive Content That Car Dealerships Can Use

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3 Types of Interactive Content That Car Dealerships Can Use

Consumers don’t like to wait. However, in today’s technological world, they don’t have to. Car buyers can seek out the information that provides answers while pursuing their busy lifestyles. As life gets more hectic, these car buyers are only continuing to look for more technology aspects that keep them connected. That’s why dealerships must consider the types of interactive content that is being offered.

With traditional marketing methods, the consumer can’t engage with the brand. Instead, interactive dealership content ensures that customers get involved. It’s not simply about putting some pictures and words on a screen; you have to offer more.

With so much competition in the marketplace, you have to find ways to stand out. It’s vital that you continuously stay on top of the trends and find unique ways to connect with your audience. While you might think that other dealerships are your top competitor, the reality is, you are actually just competing for your customer’s time.

With the right interactive content, you can stand out and engage with your audience.

Why Interactive Content Works For Automotive 

Most likely, your customers aren’t sitting in front of their computers waiting for you to sell them something. Truthfully, they are hoping you don’t try to sell to them; they don’t want to be bothered. However, by providing interactive content, you give them a reason to stay connected.

Plus, your message gains more traction and has time to resonate with your audience. That’s the principle behind interactive content for car dealerships. Shoppers notice an immediate benefit to engaging and interacting with your brand. They receive a payoff that makes the time investment worth their energy. Because they are intrigued by what you have to offer, they stick around for more.

Just as you don’t spend time doing activities without a return on investment, neither do your customers. When you provide valuable content, you help to build a relationship with your clients and invite them into the process.

Interactive content helps you both now and in the long term.

Interactive Content Ideas for Your Car Dealership

You have lots of options to create an interactive experience for your customers. You should already be focused on establishing a strong online presence by enhancing your social media pages and optimizing your site for SEO. However, if you want to gain even more traction, you must implement some new tools.

Add a Calculator Tool

It isn’t just dealerships that use an online calculator these days. Anytime that clients need to estimate a payment or figure out finances, it’s helpful to provide them with a calculator tool.

Along with your calculator, you want to post helpful information about financing, lease agreements and interest rates. You can also enhance your content by talking about improving credit score.

When you invite your customers to determine their monthly payments on their own, they have more confidence in the purchase before ever visiting your dealership.

Use Online Surveys 

We know how important the customer experience is. If your customers are happy, you will receive future business. One great way to create more fun and get feedback is to post an online survey.

Thankfully, creating surveys on your social pages isn’t difficult. Whether you choose to use serious or fun surveys, as long as the content is relevant, your shoppers will take the time to engage with you and will share their valuable opinions.

Here are a few tips when creating online surveys for a car dealership.

  • Introduce your goal with a starter sentence.
  • Keep the survey focused and short.
  • Pre-test the questionnaire with a few employees or customers.
  • If you use a scale, keep the numbers the same throughout the survey.

There are many ways to use an online survey to gain more information. Consider these options.

  • Market Research – Product: Ask your customers what they think about a new vehicle or product.
  • Market Research – Service: Ask your customers what they think about a new service you plan to offer.
  • Customer Service: Ask your customers what they think about a recent experience.
  • Referral: Ask how likely the customer is to refer a family member or friend.
  • Website Feedback: Ask customers what their feedback is regarding your website.
  • App Feedback: Ask the customer for feedback about your mobile app.

Engage with Interactive Infographics

Car buyers love to engage with visuals. That’s why 75% of shoppers will watch videos before making a purchase. To further appeal to their attention, add content that includes scroll-over information, video and animation.

The more data you present that is interactive, the more time the customer spends with you. You keep them interested and engaged, to the point that they want to know more about what your dealership offers.

Here are a few ideas you could consider.

  • Eye-catching product comparisons
  • Preparing your car for a particular season
  • Top 10 cars in a particular segment and why
  • Car buying tips
  • Finance and leasing terms or help
  • Detailed breakdown of automotive safety features

If there is something that you want your customers to know, consider creating a graphic instead of writing out the information. Chances are, you will notice a lot more engagement.

Implementing Interactive Content With Dealership Marketing

Wherever you decide to add more interactive content, you want to remember that it must be about more than the images and the words used. Instead, you must focus on the overall customer experience. Today’s car buyer is looking for a better marketplace experience. If you can find ways to deliver that, you will pull ahead of your competition.

Create a social media plan that invites your customers to participate in the car buying process. By asking them to join in the journey, you earn their trust and build loyalty among your customer base.

Automotive Dealership Marketing Done Right

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to hiring an automotive marketing consultant. However, few companies have the experience with dealerships like AimLogic does. Our team only works with car dealerships, so we understand the unique challenges you face every day.

Our team has created innovative tools and solutions to help you drive more sales. Talk to us today about the ways we can increase your ROI.