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3 Steps to Integrate Video Into Your Auto Dealer Marketing Strategy

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3 Steps to Integrate Video Into Your Auto Dealer Marketing Strategy

Video marketing continues to be a powerful automotive retail tool. While most dealerships understand this, few know how to get started when it comes time to implement a video marketing strategy. While the path is different for various dealerships, it’s essential to have a digital marketing expert by your side to walk with you. No matter what avenue you take, three steps help you to integrate video into your auto dealer marketing strategy.

Don’t overlook these vital steps.

Step #1 – Know Your Target End

One reason that dealers fail to see the power behind video is that they’ve already spent significant amounts of money and time with video producers only to see minimal results. They didn’t receive a ROI and get frustrated with the process.

Chances are, these dealers purchased video content from multiple providers. Then, the ads were used during different campaigns on other platforms. This refers to the single purpose video strategy and it simply isn’t useful.

By understanding the end goal, you know you must view the video campaign as multipurpose. With this end in sight, you build a strategy that leverages video content and data across multiple campaigns and touch points.

Not only is this more cost-effective but simpler as well. Get your video content in front of the shopper you desire at precisely the right moment.

Step #2 – Create Professional Content

You must have content for every stage of a shopper’s path. Consumers turn to the internet to research every step of the car-buying process.

They don’t want to reach out to you because they don’t want to deal with the emails and phone calls afterward. Still, the average consumer has a lot of unanswered questions. If you don’t give them the answer, someone else will. Provide this to them through a video.

You have to reach your customer where they are. If someone is wondering which car is best for them, you need to have model test drive videos ready. For the, can I afford it question, you should have financial FAQ videos on hand, and so on.

Step 3: Create a Video Marketing Strategy That Works

You can’t simply pick up a camera and start aimlessly taping content. That’s not going to work. Your dealership must identify the strategy before starting. Consider the information you want a potential buyer to have.

It’s not even about the quality of the filming. Don’t worry about how professional or high-tech it is. In fact, many dealerships simply use a mobile phone camera to shoot the walkarounds. You do want to make sure the videos are short and to the point.

Make sure your content contains accurate and original facts. Give your clients the same feeling you would want them to experience in the dealership.

Then, put your strategy into action and enhance the shopper’s experience further. Create video emails that follow up from the lead generation data you gather.

With the correct implementation in place, you will know any time a lead or current customer watches one of your videos. That data gets sent to you in real time through your CRM. If you can follow up with them at that precise moment, you are talking to them while the lead is already warmed.

In the same respect, if a customer is watching a video about car service, you might want to follow up with a service reminder.

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