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3 Big Reasons Why You Can’t Succeed in Automotive Marketing Without a Winning Strategy

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3 Big Reasons Why You Can’t Succeed in Automotive Marketing Without a Winning Strategy

Every car dealership hopes to succeed in automotive marketing, but very few take the time to create a winning strategy. If you want to stand out among the competition, you can’t be one of these dealers. Instead, you need to carefully craft your dealership marketing strategy with specific goals in mind.

Why You Can’t Succeed in Automotive Marketing

While the list is endless, here are three big reasons you won’t succeed without a comprehensive strategy. Don’t fly blind and expect to sell more cars.

#1: You Don’t Know Your Automotive Customer

When you implement a plan, you know the demographic data of your customer. Of course, the information you glean goes far beyond that of location. It also tells you about the age, interests, income level and other pertinent information you need to market to these car-buyers.

You want to know the following items about your customers.

  • Demographics: Age, gender, household income, household size, education level, professional, location of residence, etc.
  • Personal: Interests, hobbies, vacation preferences, opinion of car dealerships, etc.
  • Purchasing patterns: Last time a car was purchased, how often are cars purchased, typical car-buying process, typical car-buying budget, etc.

Why do you want all of this information? The data revealed to you can show a lot about your customers that you never knew and easily change your marketing efforts. This information provides the baseline for all of your marketing decisions.

You can also utilize a tool, such as In-Market Buyers, to find relevant information that allows you to curate a dealership marketing strategy and reach more of the people that are looking to buy your cars.

#2: You Don’t Understand the Automotive Dealership Competition

When performing marketing analysis, you want to understand what you are up against. After all, you can’t figure out the next step unless you know how to overtake the biggest competitors in the area. This information goes beyond simply knowing who the biggest names are in the area; you must have more data.

You should know the answers to these questions.

  • Who are my biggest competitors?
  • What do my competitors do good?
  • What can my competition do better?
  • Do online reviews praise my competition or complain about them?
  • What have employees (or ex-employees) said on Glassdoor?
  • What does their current marketing strategy seem to be?
  • How do the dealership’s prices compare to yours?
  • What are the dealership’s service options and do you offer the same?
  • How does their online presence compare to yours?

Yes, investigating these answers does require a lot of work, but it will pay off with your automotive marketing plan. Even taking the time to find out what ex-employees are saying can help you make strategic changes that put you ahead of the competition.

For example, if a group of employees has been complaining about frequent bottlenecking among the service department, you can curate a plan to pull ahead. Start by evaluating your own service department to make sure it’s running smoothly. Then, promote the speediness and efficiency of your dealership by highlighting comments from customers.

Anyone that’s fed up with the other service is sure to give you a try, thereby helping you gain some of your competition’s customers.

#3: You Don’t Know Your Dealership

How could this be? It seems illogical that you are able to run a dealership without knowing the ins and outs of it, but it’s a common occurrence. To curate the proper marketing strategy and sell more cars, you need to analyze your dealership the same way you looked at the competition.

Take some blind surveys of your existing and previous customers. Look through the online reviews and read what your previous employees are saying.

Then, you want to sit down and look at your previous marketing efforts. Make a list broken down by what produced results and what didn’t. Break everything down by the budget and ROI. What produced the highest ROI? You also want to analyze how often you are marketing to existing customers and the times you aim at new prospects.

It’s difficult to know where to go next unless you know where you’ve been.

Consider this the roadmap to success. Decide what has been tried and shouldn’t be done again and pull out what is sure to bring continual success.

Once you’ve done this, it’s critical that you look at your online presence. Do you find your dealership site and social media pages to be attractive, informative, optimized and easy to navigate? If not, now is your chance to make changes and update your branding.

Ask customers and employees to anonymously rate your sites. Ask for the following information:

  • What are the pages’ strengths? Weaknesses?
  • Is there information on the pages that is useful?
  • What stands out on the pages?
  • What do customers wish was different?
  • Was it simple to find the information needed to make a decision?

With these insights, you can curate a new marketing strategy that addresses the concerns and propels you ahead of the competition.

Succeed in Automotive Marketing

The perfect plan starts with research. Once you know your customers, your competition and your dealership, nothing can hold you back. It’s not always enjoyable to perform the analysis needed to get this information, but it’s critical to your success.

Be willing to look at your strengths and your weaknesses as you make your way through the investigation. If you respond correctly, the data will only serve to offer you insight into what can be done better. In the end, you will know precisely where to focus your automotive marketing and you will do it with ease.

Sell More Cars with Superior Dealership Marketing

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