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2020 Automotive Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

Dealership Marketing Trends

2020 Automotive Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

The times continue to change, especially when it comes to marketing tactics. If you aren’t following the automotive marketing trends occurring in 2020, you are missing out. The biggest shift for 2020 is how consumers are shopping. In fact, Think with Google states that 92% of auto shoppers are researching online first.

To connect with the tech-savvy consumer, it’s time to adjust your automotive marketing strategies to keep up with current trends. We will touch on the car dealer marketing solutions you need to implement this year.

Integrate AR/VR Technology (Top Automotive Marketing Trend)

By 2025, the AR and VR market size will reach $571 billion. Your dealership needs to implement this technology now if you hope to remain competitive. Here are a few simple ways to incorporate new technology.

  • Vehicle customization: Allow your clients to see the changes made to the vehicle on-screen. You can illustrate different colors, features and more.
  • 3D modeling: With AR, it’s simple to customize the experience so your customers can see the model in their own driveway.
  • Enhanced user-experience: By integrating new tech on your website, banner ads and blog, you keep the customers happy.
  • Virtual tours: let your customer see a 360-degree view of the vehicle, inside and out. Before they even visit the showroom, they will have a feel for what the vehicle offers.
  • Virtual service technicians: Customers can get basic questions and support for their service needs.

With some simple tech additions to your automotive marketing, you can boost sales and increase the conversion rate.

Voice Search Optimization

SEO for car dealers has always been important. However, new changes to voice searching force you to up your game. Half of all searches this year will be done by smart speakers and voice.

If your car dealership marketing doesn’t include voice optimized searches, you are missing valuable traffic. With a typical search, users type the query that includes many words. With voice searching, users are speaking conversationally instead. They might even ask a direct question.

Consequently, to optimize your content, consider adding the following.

  • Solutions: Your online content should answer common questions related to your industry. Consider what people might ask about your dealership and the cars you sell.
  • Long Tail Keywords: Your keywords must now match informal speech patterns. As an example, you wouldn’t want to use the keyword “Chevy dealership Dallas Texas” anymore. Instead, you should focus on the alternative, “best Chevy dealership near me.”

In addition, make sure you use a reputable keyword tool to find the results geared toward your dealership.

Automotive Marketing with Messaging Apps

In 2019, WhatsApp was the top messaging app, with Facebook Messenger close behind. Whichever one you choose to use, make sure your automotive social media tactics incorporate messaging. While email marketing continues to be valuable, it’s easier to communicate through a messaging app.

Why are messaging apps so popular for automotive dealers? Here are a few reasons.

  • Better Relationships: With a messaging app, your service and sales team can nurture relationships.
  • Improved User Experience: It’s faster and easier to talk through an app than email. Customers get their questions and concerns dealt with quicker.
  • More flexibility: With a chatbot, you can talk to your customers after hours without using your staff. You can even schedule service appointments while the shop is closed.

Messaging apps are one of the top automotive marketing trends to try now. It doesn’t take much effort to get started and it’s simple to learn.

Google E-A-T Compliance

In 2019, Google released new E-A-T guidelines. This updated algorithm ensures that the users’ needs are met. As a result, you must follow the new rules to be compliant.

  • Expertise: Your content needs to bring expert knowledge to your readers.
  • Authoritativeness: The content must reveal you as an authority in your industry.
  • Trustworthiness: Your site must be secure to prove trust.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to prove yourself as an authority in the automotive industry. You can share a lot of knowledge about new car models, service and financing. First, share your content on your website. Secondly, make sure you allow customer testimonials on the page.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to ensure you remain compliant.

  • If I were a user, would I come back to this page?
  • Do my headlines summarize the content in an engaging way?
  • Is this content shareable?
  • Are other sites referencing the articles?
  • Can I verify the facts I list in my content?
  • Is my writing error-free?
  • What valuable information do my users gain by visiting my site?

If you can’t provide your users with high-quality material, your automotive digital marketing efforts go to waste. However, some people have trouble with this area. If writing informative content isn’t something you feel comfortable with, you might do better hiring an automotive marketing agency to take the reins.

Personalized Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

With some simple dealership marketing upgrades, you can significantly boost sales this year. Consider implementing new artificial intelligence tactics to create a personalized experience. However, you don’t want to cross the line into creepy with too much personalization. Most automotive marketing companies agree that the right amount of personalization helps the user feel known.

With the right lead insights, you can provide tailored information. For example, consider personalization features such as the vehicle color, pricing and trim preferences. Additionally, automation allows you to provide exclusive sales to the right customer.

As with any automotive marketing services, it’s critical that you track the results to ensure an increasing ROI. Above all, you don’t want to be in the dark about what performance you receive.

Automotive Marketing Trends Boost Your Car Sales

When you integrate these top automotive dealer marketing trends, you are sure to boost sales. From enhancing your search traffic to providing a better customer experience, increased sales are in your future.

If these car dealership marketing strategies overwhelm you, it might be time to hire a professional. The top automotive digital marketing agencies are equipped to handle all of your needs. For example, AimLogic is an automotive digital marketing agency specializing in dealerships just like yours.

We offer unique automotive marketing solutions that increase the bottom line. Additionally, we have video marketing tactics that help your automotive social media pages stand out. Likewise, we can provide simple solutions to retarget prospects.

In short, there’s no reason to neglect these needs one more minute. Contact us today for your consultation.